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  1. Every time I have “pre-ordered” from a large retailer it has invariably been with no deposit taken and full,funds taken at time of dispatch, a completely different scenario with no risk of money going with no goods, but with LLC I felt it was fairly secure as I had already had a Class 15 from Steve, how wrong was I......in for a penny in for nearly £500
  2. Got both emails this morning....oops.....embarrassing
  3. And of course at Southend Airport the runway end is just 35 metres from the rail line.....
  4. Or....just a local small airfield, with light planes and older buildings, might be easier to fit in and still have the same effect.
  5. As did I, after a recent BH post on here regarding a TTS sound Kettle, quite a saving and very fast post.
  6. Rails selling the Heljan 128 (7mm) for £225......
  7. Sure was, long time ago now, luckily I found an as new in box model for just £80 on another forum......that was a bargain.
  8. Doesn't appear to be much room for a sound decoder and speaker in there.......... Thanks for the interesting info regarding the plates and the very nice comparison between the etches, very useful.
  9. It sure is.......but I just don’t need them......at all......
  10. Ian......love the sounds with Thomas, did you write the “narration” to the chip,yourself or is it commercially available? As I am going to run a Thomas “commemorative blue metal flake” version on my new layout for the kiddlywinks.
  11. I may well be in a similar position to Halsey, about to start building a new smaller layout but due to failing health and dexterity issues I can no longer “model engineer” as I used to so I took the plunge and investigated some alternative way, I decided after much deliberation to build the layout using the Trix ready ballasted sectional track (which actually looks really very good) and to keep wiring to a minimum follow the Trix/Marklin general instructions for DCC and just power the track and take all power for the motorised points from the track (beneath the ballast) so the only wiring is to a few well placed feeds to the main track, all the points are fully live and self isolating, it basically just needs assembling like an old fashioned “train set” would, sure it isn’t the cheapest way to model but it’ll be reliable and will work, after all it’s only money!
  12. Some have been that price for a few weeks, but you reminded me and this time I did “pull the trigger”
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