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  1. Trump was found still sitting in the passenger seat.......
  2. I was thinking more of the strength during its working life, mazak isn’t exactly known for its structural integrity after a few years, as plenty have found out quite recently.
  3. Braver than me Richard, not sure I’d want to thin down a Mazak chassis (assuming it is of course) quite that much. Sounds lovely though.
  4. Will they honour my payment though?
  5. The display case arrived yesterday, and over the next few days I will be painting the wooden base, it’s an Expo Loco display case, and fitting a piece of track some grass/flock and a fence with a 2mm photo background in the case (against the rear clear back)......that’s the plan anyway......must be quick I’m in a for a new knee next Tuesday, so not sure if I’ll finish before then but should be fine for Christmas.
  6. boxbrownie

    Dapol 08

    Oh thank you.........I like to think I am an honest and law abiding chap, if I say something it’s my word and that’s worth more to me than money. As I stated in another thread about my woes with this Railcar, it had been back twice already as it had sound faults straight from the box, I had a quite patronising email back telling me I was probably using a type of controller which could cause this issue (which I am not, I had already told them I was using an ECoS in a previous email) and after the second return I was told there was not fault found, this time I decided to investigate myself (rather than send it back again) and I found that pig’s dinner, a dog’s dinner would be too neat, of a wiring solution. I have since sent two emails to the same chap I was in contact with and got no replies, and tried twice ringing directly and the phone was not picked up, I don’t rant or get angry over things like this, just thoroughly disappointed that a company based in the U.K. which I have supported for a long time treats complaints in such a way. Anyhoo that’s me over and out......
  7. boxbrownie

    Dapol 08

    Because it was ordered directly from Dapol as I am a Dapol club member (won’t be renewing that now), apart from that I believe the sound fitted Railcar was only available direct from Dapol.
  8. boxbrownie

    Dapol 08

    Shot down for expressing an opinion, surely not?
  9. boxbrownie

    Dapol 08

    Nothing to do with sensationalism Andy, reviews need to be balanced, almost every review I recall in the “cons” list it says “nothing of note” and that would be fine but there are enough posts here to show not everything is rosey in the world of model railways. Doesn't stop me subscribing to four mags every month though
  10. boxbrownie

    Dapol 08

    TBH I am not so sure the magazines will be interested, most seem to be advertising organs of the manufacturers, when was the last time you read a review that actually criticised a product?
  11. That one on eBay turned up this week, seems good......maybe the finesse in the finishing is not quite as good as I remembered, but it’s solid and works well.
  12. I have to agree, they always look like they would need a team of fireman just to handle one! Brass...or I have used nickel silver wire in the past with a sliver of off cut etch soldered to an end for the shovel type.
  13. I know for a fact railcom decoders can be used without railcom enabled, I found this out a while ago when assigning a new Loco on the ECoS, TBH the only thing I find railcom useful for is when a new sound Loco is put on the roster and railcom assigns all the function buttons correctly, although this might only be the case if the original sound programmer has enabled that particular part of railcom? As previously mentioned I’d check and maybe red lash with the latest software, just to be sure.
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