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  1. Well what do you know, here they are again.........getting a lot of airtime now they are threatened
  2. Saw one in Cornwall today......well actually it was caught on the lunchtime news about the short platform fiasco..... But the little devil sneaked in for a “photobomb” at the end of the piece
  3. It is odd, if they need help positioning the plates just use a couple of small holes on the body and lugs on the plates......better still just use a layover template at that stage of assembly!
  4. Far too misty today at sea anyways..........cannot see more than half a mile presently offshore.
  5. Fantastic job, I am further amazed each time I read your thread! Weighbridge just like my Son in Law's.....only his is always muddy!
  6. Let’s just hope Trump doesn’t hear about all the Warships on their way from China!
  7. Is the coach on the right the Laundry Coach? I can see the tumble dryer ducting underneath.........
  8. Well it’s a Tram that proceeds past once the ambulance has cleared the track.......
  9. Simple fix......make each cable longer than the cable below so it reaches the lower cable and clip them together. No ladder then.
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