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  1. Any chance of a link to the other thread, as I am interested in the “shuffle” but have no idea where the other thread is?
  2. Good luck with Dapol, after twice failing to repair it they just ignored my correspondence regarding my streamlined Railcar sound faults (even though I had sent them photographic evidence of the poor factory installation) I recently sent the Zimo chip to a supplier for a reblow (in case it was the sound file at fault) and it turns out it was the chip which was damaged so I paid for the Zimo replacement service, Dapol are useless, total waste of time. Please do update us.
  3. Unfortunately not, different dyes used in the process fade at varying rates (or even change colour shift) , Kodachrome was always considered the most stable, but a decently archive processed Ektachrome could give it a run for your money. I actually think the old chemical colour processes were easier to keep track of regarding accuracy, nowadays with digital there are infinite variables to consider and even if your output is perfect there is no guarantee the end user viewing your images is using anything like a calibrated display/print out to view on.
  4. Could be that the chamber is flexible enough to be acting as a flat mode radiator speaker giving more base.
  5. Indeed, I have used several of your square versions but down to the last one now, just received the small oblong ones yesterday (with the 5 for 4 offer) just in case I;l need smaller installs, but a few of the round ones I think will be handy to have.
  6. Those round 27mm are really rather good......I should order a few......soon
  7. Do you know who provided the recordings for each decoder, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Hornby just asked for the original Loksound files to be converted for the TTS decoder it has to be cheaper than a new set of files. Then again maybe Hornby didn’t have to penny pinch back then?
  8. The earlier Hornby sound fitted versions used a Loksound decoder rather than the TTS, I managed to upgrade the speaker and fit a stay alive (on cab floor) quite easily, the sound with a decent speaker is really rather good, certainly from the 08 sounds I have heard online I wouldn’t bother changing, it’s has that lovely gronk clunking.
  9. She doesn’t import Bat soup by any chance?
  10. Such a shame it didn’t give a warning just before it went bang
  11. Those new Amazon drones have to start somewhere.___
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