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  1. No problem, I seem to remember way back when I tried starting an account meant they wanted your credit/bank card details to keep on record, which is what put me off TBH……I have an “account” with both RoS and Hattons and they require nothing more than your address and details on record. If they have changed I might take another look.
  2. Exactly…..had he like the second coach just blindly followed the coach in front Maybe it’s that Wild West stage coach mentality, keep together so the Red Skins don’t attack!
  3. Shocking driving from the second coach really……at least the third coach waited!
  4. Shocking driving from the second coach really……at least the third coach waited!
  5. Do you not have to have an account with them now? And I never said they were a bad retailer….at all.
  6. In theory But £16.72 plus £6.72…….still looks cheaper to me, what did I miss? The modelbahn shoppe place I think you have to have an account with them I believe, I had seen their low prices before but when trying to order it all seemed a bit long winded and just not easy. Gaugemaster was OOS that’s why I put in the item that was in stock. Anyway I am still using mine presently, about half way through them now…..I think I bought them about two years ago in preparation for my layout.
  7. It may have been there (or not) but it’s one of the things that once you see it you cannot un-see it
  8. eBay and the cheapest found within a few minutes https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384381678892?epid=2254465337&hash=item597eeef52c:g:P-gAAOSw8N9haLSR
  9. The thought process was more likely……”whoops we can really see that capacitor, oh well we are Hornby they’ll still buy as many as we can make”.
  10. How about….”damn that’s sloppy design engineering” ? Seriously though, in a lit coach that cap is unforgivable really.
  11. Ohhh, bit worried about that central overhang, looks for sure it’s low enough to bash my dummy point motors on some points.
  12. I bought years ago the Hornby LE blue metallic Thomas edition, and last year I fitted a sound chip (with the voices and music) as my Grand children were coming to stay, they absolutely loved the music and sang along every time, they were more used to the modern version of the music but equally enjoyed the traditional version.
  13. Probably not, waiting for his local MP to make an appearance.
  14. Did you forget the beard with breakfast eggy bits in amongst the hairs and a anorak last seen in a episode of Minder?
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