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  1. That’s really nice......but......
  2. Exactly, which is why I registered my interest straight away Although I don’t believe Companies the size and reputation of Rails and Accurascale would put the “intention” of a project like the 89 forward without at least a very good idea of the viability and probable demand.
  3. Sorry if I offended you, not my intention. I don’t see that the thread deviated too much, my comment about the Radial issue was to try and warn any bargain hunters that maybe those Locos need further reading before purchase, that was my intention. And I find “some people seem to just be of the "rules don't apply to me" brigade and are too selfish to comply“ quite offensive also.
  4. As above, very early days as yet........it’s one of the risks of announcing early on in the project. And a risk I am happy they took Also I guess the announcement was more a declaration of intent than a set in stone project as yet.
  5. That’s not the part of town I ever go to........
  6. I think the lock down has taken your senses.......this kit has screws I can hardly see in it.
  7. Bloomin’ell......oddly I found a white metal kit of a “Little Ben” in the loft boxes yesterday, complete except for transfers and paint (quoting the box), it was bought over 50 years ago (probably) in a fit of teenage confidence and never opened in a fit of teenage regret
  8. Bo11ocks to that.......I just run
  9. Now that is a completely different sort of hump......
  10. A brilliant description of the old MFI stuff........as to the windscreen.......definitely plead the fifth.
  11. OK....let’s clear this up....the windscreen didn’t break (on this occasion) , good old toughened glass! So it was a case of just slipping it back in with some string and rubber grease........the windscreen....you dirty bar stewards, the windscreen!
  12. The Hornby version I have has solid “suspension” on the rear bogie in as much as it runs in contact with the chassis all the time in a sort of friction bearing, this is obviously not working as the rear bogie lifts the rear main drivers away from the track by minutiae, not enough to measure (I’ve tried engineers blue paper) but enough to lose traction.
  13. Pretty sure that’s just a normal LPG leak, gas laying across the road the van almost got through but for some reason the car ignited the “cloud” and the poor old van coped a dose of flash.......I wonder if they were smoking in the car as when it goes out of shot somebody jumps from the rear door.....so it must have flashed over inside as well (if not first), I guess the “auto recirculating” on the AC wasn’t as good as it should be
  14. I have found the IKEA flat pack stuff to be brilliant, very well built even before I get my hands on it...... As to the Mini windscreen.......my Mini Windscreen was pushed out once by a girlfriend........let’s just say she didn’t actually realise she did it
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