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  1. My understanding was they were “new” tyres, but just a little over spec........and also I always was told the HST125 was actually originally designed to run at 150 mph but trackage (and budget) only allowed for 125 mph in service. I have been in the cab of several when they easily reached over 125 mph regularly.
  2. Never let the facts stand in the way of a good Brexit moan I thought we were over all that now.
  3. Agree completely, the frequency range of speakers needs to be carefully matched to its intended purpose/installation (just as you would at home), but it’s really down to the originator of the file to make sure the sounds are at reasonable levels to each other, thankfully most of the sounds can be individually adjusted for level if the file author gives the CVs along with the instructions, which some do.
  4. I think a lot of people get to hung up on the volume a Loco will make, in context if your viewing a real Loco from the distances we normally view a model going around our tracks in the real world it would actually be quite quiet, if your standing on a platform then that’s a different story. I have to admit all of my sound Locos are well down the volume settings, the exception being the odd steamer.
  5. Great, thanks for the clarification Richard.
  6. Richard with those two (Em1&2) are they wired direct or have you loaded them as I understood from your previous posts they need a small speaker with them to balance the load?
  7. Yes but I like the cinema room as well......it was either a full around the room 7mm layout or a roundy roundy 4mm in one part and the cinema in the other half of the room......oh these compromises we make
  8. Haha.....mine is called the playroom also, but I get my own back when Mrs BB wants to watch a film as the “cinema room” is in the same space
  9. Lovely detail the numbered plough......little things like this make a model.
  10. Quite right, years of LNER has made me forget the GWR got it all wrong
  11. I think you will find in the rule book under No.1..........your fine
  12. Now we know why you didn’t give us a groan button Andy......
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