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  1. Over the past few days I’ve been having the links from email notifications going to a blank page, seems to happen intermittently but when it does it stays that way for a long time. Not having any email notification issues from three other sites I frequently use.
  2. Accurascale let us down on this detail, unfortunately they are only two speed…..no intermittent wipe available
  3. We had the bonnet on Minis fly open numerous times but we found they were quite useful, they stopped all the mud accumulating quite so much on the screen and we could easily peer through the large gap underneath……. but that was while humping around Lydden rallycourse circuit
  4. Because it was a stolen vehicle, and really not fair on the owners (if they get the vehicle back).
  5. Looks like a cross between a Rabid Dalek and a Tesla.
  6. I thought that’s what it said on the sign…
  7. Brilliant, although if those pallets have low level nuclear waste I’d be shaking with fear as well
  8. It does seem crazy when ordering from anywhere else in the world that incurs import duty is just a matter of pay and then pay the charges upon receipt of goods, one wonders if there is not an element of “serves you right” involved. So sorry you have decided….or been virtually forced to abandon your plans in 7mm, it’s just us playing trains after all.
  9. Brave man venturing out today down here.
  10. Err….that was the point Eventually there will be no signals…at all….and no drivers….mind you there my not be any passengers by then as well! We’ll all be bubbling along in silent plastic bubbles from door to door while we sleep/doze/read or just contemplate whatever happened to the “good old days”
  11. And the first time I used a Pendelino that’s exactly the impression I got…..oh…aircraft fuselage. The bridges will gradually wear away and rubber signals would be fine
  12. Looks to be for sure.
  13. That really does show just how narrow the necessary body angles made the interior.
  14. I had no idea they had such a sense of humour……
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