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  1. Maybe he has a lifetime subscription to the Perth And Kinross Courier?
  2. Nothing at all...really.....you want a 3 ton plastic elephant playing an Oboe.....they probably have one
  3. Nah you’ll be fine, just don’t try and respray an entire full size Range Rover with cellulose in the booth.....I made almost exactly the same but used a large plastic storage box as the booth. I tend to spray (well do really) exclusively acrylic paint.
  4. Well apart from the fact that the tester will talk to the applicant in English during the test I don’t believe so.
  5. Pure stupidity..........we tell our drivers it’s a 8 ton tractor vs 400 tons of anvil.....and your sitting in a plastic cab.
  6. That 66 sounds really rather good, very good indeed.
  7. Absolutely, every driver on the farm gets a very serious lesson in appropriate action at each crossing, and to THINK exactly what they are driving and or towing before they proceed........but as with all things familiarity breeds over confidence, so far so good thankfully.
  8. Well considering you know who Percy Edwards is I am very surprised you know what a Beatbox is
  9. Pretty sure that’s correct, if you think about it......you have to lift to hook onto an eye on the truck/coach, the hook should point downwards to stop it slipping out. Does that make sense?
  10. Now that could be interpreted somewhat differently!
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