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  1. What a fascinating series of posts, as good as a pre-prandial snifter on this Sunday in covid lock down sort of! Luckily I came late to railway modelling so was able to jump straight in via Hornby Select and peco point changers. Then after a couple of years was confident enough to progress to NCE powercab. Also became obsessed with one cable round the boards so all points now moved by Cobalts , some 50+. With these you have to get polarity the right way round or the loco just stops dead! A friend of mine said to me that he uses switches because he likes pulling them. Well tha
  2. Edward

    Little Muddle

    A complete joy to watch and view your amazing work!
  3. My cheap multimeter has a buzzer built in to check continuity. I use this to check every dropper as I go along as can't rely on my soldering! Comforting noise & means you dont have to look at the meter. Works for a person ignorant of electricity & never quite sure what it all means! ( To think I used to interview electrical engineers )
  4. Great modelling. Excellent scratch built buildings. Intrigued as to what is the factory at about 7.19 . Talk about dark, satanic mills! Great see your trains travel at realistic speeds!
  5. At the moment the electrics are disconnected but I will investigate later and come back with more info. Thanks so much for your answers Cheers Edward
  6. I have 5 sections to my layout and I found that when they are switched on one after the other, my meter reading drops from about 13.8 to about 11.5. ( My meter set to AC volts) I wonder in light of the discussions above, do the vary ing readings have any usefulness?
  7. I've only got 7 Dapol semaphore signals at present. I use the Train Tech black box thingy to operate their servos. And with more Alpha Switches red and green to move the arms. Works well (except for one pesky Home signal that insists on going the opposite way . Will only come off to the red button not the green one. Have rewired it again & again. I nearly fixed it once: went the correct way. Then on next press of Alpha switch , it just made a noise, didn't move. Next press it happily reverted to Red to pull signal off. Unbelievable !)
  8. Also using the Dcc point motors (about 50) now. I started numbering by area ie station 1 , station 2 etc leaving a gap in the numbers in case of future changes. Very clever I thought till I moved to control using the Alpha switches. Of course these work in batches/sequence of 6 and you can't change the individual numbers in the sequence. So I found annoyingly unused gaps . Could have gone under the boards yet again and reprogrammed the Cobalts but just couln't face it! Mind you I give the system full marks especially the " one wire" approach. Sorry got rather off topic. I have
  9. Just an idea, if you need a bit more detail you could consider posting your question on the signalling forum. I did a few months back and got amazing informative advice.
  10. Beginning to understand what it means. At the moment I have as follows: Cab No 2 : The Powercab Cab No 3 ; The second powercab working as a ProCab. Acts as a sort of a slave. Cab No 4 : 2 AEUs wired in series so counting as one. Runs the points control board using Alpha Switches D. Cab No 5: 1 AEU which similarly runs the Dapol signals. If I'd understood this from the start I could have combined 4 & 5 and saved one number. However hindsight is always perfect! Looking at what the NCE makes available, the SB5 booster would double the cab slots available. May
  11. Yes thanks . I can see an upgrade on the horizon.! Also the comment about 6 wires explains why one lead between UTP & a Cab is a 6 and another is a 4. Couldn't understand it at all! So think I've got it for now. Cheers Edward
  12. Got into quite a muddle today over setting up an AEU (DCC Concepts)to control Dapol signals. I found a solution which worked eventually but purely by trial & error. But as I can see a few more of these Cabs being needed in the future. I'd like to have a guide to what is correct. I have a powercab ( Cab No 2) plugged into the ptp panel and 6 wire lead to the 2nd panel (UTP type). This has a 2nd powercab working as a ProCab (Cab No 3) plus an AEU (Cab No 4) which runs the points. Now I've added a second AEU which is Cab No 5 to operate the signals. It wouldn't work at either 10 or
  13. Reliable and very versatile with all the terminals.
  14. May I just say what a marvellous thread this is! I have read through over the past few weeks and found it a calming influence over all the cares of the world. I was greatly impressed by the video that showed how the locos were moved by the automatic system in sequence. Anyway looking foward to the next postings! Best regards Edward
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