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  1. The one that gets me is plugging into the wrong socket at the front panel. Also the wrong cable as well!
  2. Thanks to everyone for the information. I 'll certainly persue them further!! What a marvellous place is RMweb !
  3. Wondering if anyone may know the name of a book which I borrowed from a local library in the early 50s. It was filled with black and white line drawings of how to do things, and I found it fascinating as a 14 year old. I remember that the author described his own layout. It was set on an island and had a number of towns to get it a raison d'etre. Also was particularly strong on card building. I tried using some of these ideas to "improve" my Hornby Dublo stations etc. Not much to go on I realise but it might trigger a memory!
  4. I can help here as live just outside Deeping. Have a power cab nce.
  5. Interesting to see the problem raised again. As the OP I'm very pleased to report that the layout now has over 50 Cobalt IP motors and after following the advice given above, no issues with polarity. 15 of the motors are controlled by the Alpha switches via the Cobalt Encoder Units and the rest by the Powercab using direct accy key and some macros. Only a track bus is used which feeds each motor terminals 1 & 2. The frog wire from each point frog goes to the Terminal 3. Recently I have fitted centre off passing micro switches to the fiddle yard points; just to make life easier but these are in addition to the accy button! I'm aware that there could be a potential problem in not having a circuit breaker but not sure how to proceed on that so have "parked" it for now.
  6. Superb modelling, an inspiration to all! Thanks so much for sharing your pics with us! I can't wait for the next posting
  7. Thanks to Newbryford and WI Morrison for clarifying everything ! So nice to have the unexpected movement explained. I couldn't have worked it out obviously. Just hope the OP hasn't been confused by my errors!
  8. Just one point to add: It's vital to switch OFF the power before moving the switch back to RUN. Below I've set out the sequence which was given some years ago on this very forum. Interestingly I was programming a set of 8 Cobalts on our new club layout yesterday. I did No 1 and on testing it, found 3 or 4 of the other points were moving at the same time. At first I thought that possibly these newly purchased motors had been preset to 1! But checking I found that some of the switches were at SET. Luckily easily fixed as I programmed all the motors. Obviously my careless installation "Connect DCC input Put switch to SET On NCE Powercab proceed as follows: Press “SELECT ACCY - ADDRESS NO *– ENTER 1 REPEAT : SELECT ACCY - ADDRESS NO – ENTER 1 Disconnect DCC power Put Switch to RUN (or Normal) Re-connect DCC power and check movement using PowerCab Accy button." (* Number of point as chosen in the range of 1-2044 but of course not 197,198 & 199) To change direction, SELECT ACCY - 197– ENTER 1 SELECT ACCY - 197– ENTER 1 To turn off self centering use 198 To turn on self centering use 199
  9. Hi as a user of Cobalts but not having had the problem you describe, could I suggest that you contact DCC Concepts direct? They are very helpful in my experience. ( I had a problem with an AEU - Alpha Encoder Unit and they tested it and promptly replaced it).
  10. Rereading the post above, things have moved on at last. Got track done for 2/3rds of the boards, have started platforms for the terminus (Langbury) and the 1st through station and this week finished making the 3 remaining boards plus the lift out section across the doorway. In fact managed to fit hinges today so no longer a "lift out "! Spent a lot of time thinking about the problem of fiddle yards. Their only possible location is on some narrow boards 12" wide but quite long. So what I am doing is to have an UP and DOWN yard with a single track connecting both sides so one , me, can run roundy roundy if needed. It works out 3 sidings each yard with at least one taking 6 coaches I hope. It's just the problem of getting round the right angles without the curves being too tight. I think I've solved the turning the loco problem: going to use the Peco Loco Lift . Bought one at the weekend and it works a treat. Thinking about the timetable now and have worked out first 4 moves by moving stock around & they seemed to make sense. The very first was 6.00 AM UP "workmans" train from Langbury to Uffton consisting of 2 Non Corridor Coaches. Haha what fun! Main thing now is to complete the remaining track work which by the way is Peco code 75 but I feel that should be straight forward more or less. I think the real challenge will be the signalling. More thought required here. Not at all certain I can build signals that work . My big moan at the moment is my locos. I've got a pack of 10 or so all quite new and haven't been run hardly at all, (but all properly run-in)but 2 or 3 will start consistently, the rest are just a headache. This is all on the same pieces of track! So not sure if this just me or do others get the same problems? Don't want to end on a negative though so want to say what an engrossing hobby ours is! Never a dull moment.
  11. Thanks very much for your comments. It all needs some thinking about! Certainly the switch idea is definitely pursuing. With regard to the max number, I assume you mean the cabs themselves not accessories. I think it's 8-10 but luckily I got the 2 Alpha Encoder Units one address only as they are linked to together.
  12. Have built a panel to control some 15 cobalt IP point motors, using the pushbutton Alpha Switches and the linked encoder units within a NCE PowerCab system. Everything works ok but at start up, the lead from the panel has to be plugged in after the NCE system has powered up. I'm wondering if there is a way round this? It's a little annoying especially as I have to build another panel on the same lines. Bothered about the wear and tear on the panel sockets as well! I spoke to Digitrains, my supplier and they confirmed they have to be started in phase.
  13. Wow, managed to catch up at last! What a fascinating account. Well done and I look forward to future updates.
  14. What a fascinating discussion; learned a lot and hope I remember at least some of it. Not sure though if I will find the courage to post a suggested set of signals for a fictional layout!
  15. Been v busy over the weekend being the Club annual show in Stamford so haven't answered the latest posts. A lot to mull over in the next day or so and "inwardly digest". Yes I think it might be a stray wire strand causing intermittent shorts. Moral is take more care when soldering!
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