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  1. The late Allan Downes said, I think somewhere on this forum, that he had stopped glazing his models and no one had ever noticed. Mind you looking at his stunning creations, makes you awestruck anyway.
  2. Hi Yorkmodelmaking have a great range
  3. Yes indeed ! I fear I've got to rebuild the platform itself because of the same problem. Luckily most things are still not stuck down which is a definite boon now. Thanks for the comments , much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for all the advice in the above! having been trying out a few signal placings-just old out of scale manual ones! And a couple of pics to show approx positions. I've got a couple of 2 aspect colour sigs and hope to eventually motorise the remainder in time. A rough shot through the road bridge. In the first pic you can just see the Up Home peeking above the water tank. The signal on the right controls exit from the goods yard to the goods loop. And beyond it, the Down (advance) starter. Then to the left is the Down starter on platform 2- the only one in Off position. NB Have had a bit of trouble with the posting of pics etc so hope its all understandable.
  5. Gosh I seized on the changes , seeing that the problems would be gone and rushed off to try them out on the layout. Armed with cutout templates of the Peco Code 75 points, I would surely bend the world, or at least my little station of Uffton, to my will. But I quickly came up against the iron rule of radii: so far and no further. I wanted to use the longest points and have smooth curves with a little transition built-in. But it's not to be! The necessary right angle to come round the next baseboard with two running lines just couldn't be moved enough to swop the points around. Which is, I suppose, why I had so much trouble when laying out the first time. I am so appreciative of all the work put in on this topic. Really I wish I'd tried out the ideas here before getting everything stuck down. However it's all great fun and continual learning is one of the reason's railway modelling is a fascinating hobby. I'm going to try to run trains through the layout as it stands, using a WTT I'm working on. I've got quite a few old Hornby semaphore signals so should be able to see if one can produce realistic running. I haven't yet worked out where the HOME signals would be. Looking at the UP line, am I right in saying it can't be No 1 as there's no room to fit in a clearing point? So would have to be another signal in the rear of No 1? Or move No 1 further back? ( A very knowledgeable person put a document "Absolute Block Regs TS3" onto here and I'm trying understand what it says so I can be on the same wave length in discussions.) Where can one get the symbols used on the diagrams?
  6. In someways I wish I could have adopted that approach but decided to go fictional. Started by copying designs fron the Peter Denny books and found that the plans can't be copied slavishly so have to modify them. However I guess the most difficult area is getting the geometry to fit. Using Peco 75 is pretty good mostly but avoiding too sharp bends is difficult.
  7. Yes indeed! From my reply to Nick C , you'll have gathered I'm pleased to be able to take out the extra signals! So far planned (and written a set of instructions to allow) only pick-up goods to run in the "wrong" way. Cheers Edward
  8. Thanks for your comments! Just getting some time to absorb everything. I worried about the over signalling and of course it's a lot easier to cut down on them! The shunt spur I put in as a refuge for an engine which could shunt empty coaching stock from Pt 1 to 2. But perhaps it should have been off the Down line! My layout fairly firmly set down now and I feel daunted at the thought of major changes to track. ...But of course may be necessary! Very good news that I can & WILL dispense with the extra signals. Edward
  9. Something wierd how AnyRail exports designs as pdf. Have tried the jpeg route and hope that works better. Have also added the jpeg to the original post. ( Wow. talk about getting imbrangled!)
  10. I would be really pleased if I could get some views on the attached signalling diagram for my layout. It's Anyrail system so I've attached a pdf. I hope studying all the information on this forum has paid off and there is at least some resemblance to a railway-like approach! The layout is heavily influenced by Minories and the ideas of Peter Denny. First some background: Set in a fictitious town sometime in the late BR period, its origins lie in the M & GN Joint Railway. Mainly steam and with a few diesels appearing. 2 track with Up Line running from left to right towards the south: Peterborough etc. The Down Line runs into the large terminus of Langbury (5 platform faces etc) and also to the single track (former Midland R line) leading to more northern places eg Grantham. Traffic : busy!! Up Goods through traffic will pass via either Platform , Down goods through Platform 2 or Goods Arrival. But Pick-up or local Goods will need to run into Goods Arrival for access to the Goods yards & factory sidings. For the Up trains my plan would be to run them in on the Down Line. Is this a possible or reasonable solution ? Would there need to be some sort of token? Or would it be better to keep to the Up Line and live with the reversing and shunting necessary? This has to be balanced against the extra signals needed in the first case? Ground signals: I'll concentrate on the semaphore ones for the time being I think & assume they exist where needed. Signals 11, 14 & 15 are there in case of trains running the “wrong” way? Note: length of the arms on the bracket signals are because only one example available on AnyRail There must be a way to open the pdf and make it readable on the post , but haven't found it yet? Thanks in advance .
  11. The one that gets me is plugging into the wrong socket at the front panel. Also the wrong cable as well!
  12. Thanks to everyone for the information. I 'll certainly persue them further!! What a marvellous place is RMweb !
  13. Wondering if anyone may know the name of a book which I borrowed from a local library in the early 50s. It was filled with black and white line drawings of how to do things, and I found it fascinating as a 14 year old. I remember that the author described his own layout. It was set on an island and had a number of towns to get it a raison d'etre. Also was particularly strong on card building. I tried using some of these ideas to "improve" my Hornby Dublo stations etc. Not much to go on I realise but it might trigger a memory!
  14. I can help here as live just outside Deeping. Have a power cab nce.
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