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  1. All email difficulties now seem to be resolved. It should now be possible to contact Andrew via [email protected] as well as the email address on the Wizard Models website. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  2. I have pointed this out to the ISP and asked them to modify the redirect to point it to the correct email account. This hadn't been done when I made my last post #190. I have just sent another test email and hope not to see it come back as undeliverable this time.
  3. It should redirect, but it still doesn't. Please hang fire on emails, or email [email protected]
  4. Hi all I can confirm there was a problem in the email redirect, caused by a misunderstanding which I believe has now been ironed out. This is partly my fault, so apologies for that. The email address [email protected] should now redirect to Major Clanger, who is the new owner of Comet Models. All I can say is please try again if you have any emails which have bounced back... Tim
  5. To be fair Pete, it was me who was supposed to be finding it. No luck yet, Horse, but to tell the truth, I haven't finished looking.
  6. Not a fan of the patented Capt. Edmund Blackadder method then?
  7. Will the wibbling involve wearing a pair of underpants on your head and shoving two pencils up your nose?
  8. Forgot contact details: E-mail remains as [email protected] Telephone: 01652 635885 Mail: Comet Models, c/o Wizard Models, PO Box 70, Barton-on-Humber, DN18 5XY
  9. Mary + Tim Brewin would like to thank all Comet Models customers during the last four year for their support and loyalty to Comet. Following negotiations with Wizard Models, the business will be transferred over the course of this weekend, and will be resumed on Monday under the ownership of Wizard Models. During the course of the day, the Comet Models email address will be redirected to Wizard Models, and new contact details will be placed on the website. For those of you who use more traditional methods, the postal address and telephone number are printed at the end of this email. Today is a sad day in one way, but also a good day, as it will enable the Comet Models name to continue under the management of someone who knows the industry very well, and in addition to his already thriving businesses. Mary + Tim would like to conclude by wishing Andrew Hartshorne every success at the helm of Comet Models, and by thanking everyone who has sent messages of support, sympathy or other kindness following the sad loss of Geoff earlier this year. Good luck Andrew!
  10. For those who are interested, the memorial fund in Dad's name will be closed and counted next week. As the sale of Comet progresses, I will now start posting on RMWeb with my own ID, TimBrewin, and any postings relevant to the memorial fund, and research carried out with the proceeds, will be made with that ID rather than Artisan100.
  11. He did say that, but I haven't found the notes he left for it yet...
  12. Is "interesting" a synonym for "chaotic"?
  13. Following our previous statement, Mary and Tim Brewin are pleased to announce that negotiations to sell Comet Models have been successfully concluded. Comet Models has a long tradition of quality and detail, and it was important for us to ensure that the new owner is in a position to continue the Comet Models range in these traditions. Therefore, we are happy to announce that Comet Models has been sold to Andrew Hartshorne of Wizard Models, another company with a reputation for quality and detail. The transfer is planned to take place over the weekend of the 5th - 7th December inclusive, and Andrew hopes to open for trade on Monday December 8th. From December 8th onwards, all orders for Comet products should be directed to Wizard Models (contact details below), and payments from this date forwards should be made payable to Wizard Models. Mary and Tim would like to conclude by wishing Andrew every success with Comet Models in the future, and by thanking every Comet customer over the years for their support, loyalty and (particularly in the last few weeks and months) kindness. Wizard Models PO Box 70 Barton upon Humber DN18 5XY Telephone: 01652 635885 E-mail: [email protected]
  14. Mary and Tim Brewin would again like to thank all customers of Comet Models, who will have been affected by the current situation – either through delays in order fulfilment, or by non-availability of products – for their patience at this time. Mary and Tim also wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to all those who have sent messages of sympathy, support and condolence following the sad loss of Geoff. Whilst both Mary and Tim remain shocked and saddened following the speed of Geoff’s illness and decline, they recognise that it is important for the Comet Models name to continue “after Geoff”. Therefore, it is no secret that the business is for sale. It is understandable and expected that this has caused considerable uncertainty and disquiet among customers around the future of the business, and the products in the range. It has also been heartening to receive messages of appreciation for the quality and availability of the product range. It is now time to dispel some of that disquiet – we would like to make it known that a prospective purchaser for the business has been found, and negotiations are underway, and agreement to purchase exists in principle and subject to contract. It is hoped by both parties that negotiations will be concluded swiftly, to enable a speedy announcement of the formal transfer to be made to both the public and the trade. For Mary and Tim, and no doubt many others in the modelling fraternity, it is good to know that the Comet Models name will continue as a legacy both to Geoff, but also to Malcolm Bowers and Steve Woof, and as testament to the unstinting efforts of the three surviving founders, Jeff and Ann Ayers and Alan Buckenham. We would like to conclude by thanking all Comet Models customers past and present for their support and loyalty, and would like to wish the business every success in the future under new ownership.
  15. I just want to add my thanks to the work that both Phils have been doing on my behalf. Thank you both, Mallard60022 and 96701. Tim Brewin
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