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  1. This time KESR are appealing for donations to raise £100k! ☹️ Kent Online: and East Sussex Railway launches fundraiser to survive after coronavirus pandemic. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/historic-railway-needs-100k-to-survive-243406/
  2. I am not so sure, as people have been denied some of these luxuries, so they have more money in their pocket to spend on other ways to pass the extra time they have on their hands. Demand for things will spike as lockdowns ease which will fuel inflation, driving up new prices, which drives the pre-loved market. I suspect another factor driving prices are low interest rates, supported by the manufacturers drive to feed the collectors market with limited or special editions. Leading some to purchase models for the perceived return on investment: Hornby Clans, Bachmann SECR C class,
  3. I have used Halfords self etch primer for both brass and WM engine and coach kits - works well for me and is much better than their regular primer, which is fine for plastics. Cant comment on the Phoenix product as I haven't used it. Saying it's "useless" seems a bit strong to me. Disclaimer: I am not an expert just a satisfied user. I suspect others will offer a better understanding of the scientific merits of the products on the market. Steve
  4. Compulsive viewing again Mike, well done. Just one question, how long did it take that steamroller to get up to Monkey Beck? Steve
  5. Hello Everyone, Not sure if this has been asked before, but does anyone know which is the oldest loco (not multiple units) still in revenue generating/earning service? I am not thinking of preserved locos that still run on the mainline, but those that are owned by the current rail operating companies. Any thoughts? Steve
  6. SuperD, I believe there is a picture of one at Dent station in the early fifties in The Scenic Settle and Carlisle by Donald Binns. It is the only picture I have seen of that type of loco on the line. Steve
  7. Hereford Models have posted 8x 14T National Benzole weathered tanks today: http://herefordmodels.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=369_370_576&products_id=14666. According to Bachmann the next release will be RRP at £27.95, with Hereford doing these for £8.95 each, seems like it might qualify for this thread? Happy hunting!
  8. Hi Mike, just watched episode 10, very interesting. I especially like the camera work panning and following the locos. Will be even better once you have the gimbal to help steady the camera. Great stuff - thank you. Steve
  9. MDF is pretty hard to push pins into, I would pre drill holes for the pins.
  10. I have a spare Airfix tender drive unit if you want it, £5 including postage?
  11. I have found myself in similar predicaments in the past. I suspect DJH will sell you a replacement valve gear etch, but it might not be that cheap. As previously mentioned, Tony Wright is the "A2meister" (amongst other things) and can probably offer some sage advise if you PM him.
  12. Ross, The other thread I referenced mentions something about the distance been the axles being "adjusted" by DJH, which might cause some compatibility issues with other suppliers components. It is probably worth a quick read: Stephen
  13. Some suggestions here about the chassis, including PDK:
  14. I do the same with my DCC concepts RR with some locos. They don't all need it but I have never figured out why some do and others don't. Although I suspect it is due to weight distribution?
  15. @thesignalengineer - these look great, could you tell us a little bit more about your painting and lining techniques - esp on the crimson and cream coaches. Thanks Steve
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