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  1. Looks nice, I would explore their options for better roofing. My cabin had normal felt, but 8 years on and it started to deteriorate where the felt is folded over at the bottom of the roof. It now needs replacing. Steve
  2. So sorry to hear this news, condolences to Gordon's family.
  3. Totally flabbergasted at this news. :-( I never met Gordon but followed Eastwood Town for many years and always felt a connection as we are both golfers. Golf and model railways seem to be uncommon bedfellows? Wishing Gordon and his family well during this very difficult time. Steve
  4. Looks like R868 to me, I have 1972/3 (19th ed) and 1974/5 (20th ed) catalogues - and it appears in both in the same guise: as No.245 - dark green, magnadhesion and opening smokebox door. I must say, going through the old catalogues made me feel quite nostalgic! Only thing I have left from those days is a Dock Authority shunter that I can't bring myself to part with - even though it doesn't like Peco Code 75 bullhead rail! For all the advances and high fidelity of modern RTR, these old models had lots of charm and something of a long lost innocence. Steve
  5. Tony, Just an idea, but you could try an auction house that use www.the-saleroom.com to reach a wider audience. They often feature model railway lots and can fetch good prices - possibly better than you might get with a trader? I presume they will take care of the pictures and listings? There are a few auctioneers in the surrounding area (including Bourne, Stamford and Grantham) Steve
  6. C'mon Cymru!

    1. Metr0Land


      Poor first half from Wales. Let's hope the break does them some good.

    2. Hroth


      Doesn't seem to have had any effect... 4 - nil to the Danes at full time.


    3. sjp23480
  7. Richard, As someone once said: "Perfection is the enemy of progress". I would crack on with some of the bigger stuff, make some meaningful progress and not let this become a distraction. Its too easy to sweat the small stuff. You can still use the building you have in hand and redo it later - at least you will have some return on your investment. Don't ask me how I know this! Steve
  8. I've been rumbled, it is looking the wrong way but I am not sure it would have been any more panoramic in the other direction! The trick will be to introduce some perspective in the foreground:
  9. Jonny, You are more than welcome. RMWeb is a close knit community of modelers who help one another out. I have asked many questions and am consistently impressed by the depth and breadth of the knowledge of the community. I think I have become a better modeler as a result of the generosity of this community. Good luck with your build and keep us updated on your progress - its always fascinating to see how others do it! :-) Steve
  10. Hi Jeff, This may have been covered previously, but whats your plan for the white space in the viaduct arches? Steve
  11. Hi Jonny, I am not sure you have room for a helix? It is helpful to have the measurements and Chimer has already provided an option. The poem is Grays Elegy: written in a country churchyard - one of my favourite poems, if a little morbid at times! :-) Good luck with the build, Steve
  12. Hi Jonny, I am not sure how much space you have but you are working in OO gauge. Have you considered building the layout on two levels? Upper level: running around the room (per your plan) to include a station and some modest storage space for passenger and express freight services. This could include the OHLE you specified. Lower level: the location for the depot/industrial sidings/port? I would not to include the OHLE on the lower level - this would be unusual in this setting. This would introduce some operational interest (shunting/marshalling) while the passenger services chased their tails on the top level. Junction: it would be a squeeze, but you may be able to include a small junction to run a single line down to the lower level. If there isn't room, the two levels do not need to be connected. The upper level can be roundy roundy and the lower level can be end to end shunting space. I hope this helps. Steve
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