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  1. Metcalfe produce pairs of railway workers cottages broadly based on those found on the Settle & Carlisle.
  2. Thank you everyone for your replies, I need to make this as simple as possible, electrics are not my thing (obviously!). Will take a look at each of these options to determine the best solution. Steve
  3. My layout comprises two circuits (up and down mainlines) and a separate branch entering a station on the up side, each with their own controller. There are sidings on the up and down sides and a turntable on the down side. Potential movements: Down trains could cross the up line and into the branch platform/sidings Up trains could cross the down line to sidings or run into the branch platform Branch trains would need to run across both the up and down lines to the sidings and turntable I would like to complete these movements on one controller, so in the final example I would like the branch controller to run the train through the complete sequence. If it were just two controllers I presume I could use a DPDT switch to provide power to the relevant sections. But need some guidance on how to introduce the third controller. Any guidance would be gratefully received. Many thanks Steve
  4. Hornby's Sir William Stanier was a good example of short term speculation, but the bubble soon burst when the 2nd production run came to the market.
  5. The only time I have made a meaningful profit on a model is when I have managed to buy something secondhand (usually at auction, including eBay) and to sell it on, usually on eBay. The only potential exception is my two Hornby Clans, which cost me less than £100 each but eBay sellers now ask £200+. Certainly won't be retiring on the proceeds!
  6. Thanks David, I am just working out all the switches and wiring needed for my own layout and I am trying to keep in rally simple, but it is going to be expensive! :-|
  7. Thanks Malc, I will take a look
  8. Brian, Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question, based on your thoughts I think I will need DPDT switches on each slip to enable the two DC controllers to operate through the point work. I think a point operated DPDT switch is a bit behind my rudimentary knowledge of electrics! The Roco points are difficult to come by, but I have been impressed with them. Gaugemaster used to have the whole range but they have limited stocks, Conrad Electronics have also been a good source for them. The slips are not cheap, but I have been impressed. They have code 83 rail but the blades are not sprung so require sprung or stall motors. I am pairing them with Conrad point motors which operate like a stall motor. Thanks again, Stephen
  9. Thank you to everyone that has replied and shared their insights, I should apologise and explain I am using Roco Geoline double and single slips - which are pre wired for the frog switching. Brian Lambert recommends a 4DPT switch to allow two controllers to provide power to the diamond, and in this case the D/S and S/S. Track diagram below:
  10. Hello Everyone, I am about to start working my layout and I have a run of three double slips that cross up/down lines which run on separate controllers. I have reviewed Brian Lambert's advice on wiring but it does not seem to cover the possibility of two power supplies to the slips. Although he does cover this when is comes to a diamond crossing, using a 4PDT switch. So, should I also use 4PDT switches to control the power feeds to the slips and rely on the point motor switches to control power to the frogs? Many thanks SJP
  11. Based on some of the comments in the recent Hornby "documentaries" could this be their next big thing?
  12. Got my 5082 for Christmas, have to agree it is an absolutely stunning model. Very happy. Steve
  13. sjp23480

    Roy Jackson

    Aha! Okay thanks Andy.
  14. Keith, I built a couple of these in the dim and distant. I think they are all door options, you are not supposed to use all of them. You can use the sliding doors to represent them as built, the shutters provide a modern option. You could leave the runners for the sliding doors on the building to give the impression the doors have been updated? Steve
  15. sjp23480

    Roy Jackson

    There is a picture of Retford at AIMREC in Ashford?
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