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  1. Thanks Mike that's very kind of you. I followed your helix challenges very closely. My storage entry/exit roads run behind the scenic sections and have at least 35' for the gradient which I have roughly calculated at 1:90. The gradients are mostly straight, so avoiding some of the resistance issues associated with curved gradients. I have tested some engines with a 9 coach train and most seem to cope okay. There are poorer performers, most notably my Bachmann Jubilees. Their lack of tractive effort is well documented so they will have to put on some weight before being pressed into service! Thanks again for your offer, I may well be in touch. Steve
  2. Mike, I did starts thread a few years back, but progress has been painfully slow. I have 32'x9' and aim to recreate both Dent and Garsdale on a circuit with extensive storage underneath the scenic boards. The storage roads are built and I am currently doing the wiring, of which there is a lot! I will start posting again once I have some meaningful progress to report. Steve
  3. Mike, Great idea to recreate the working timetable, fascinated that there were so few up trains in the 0600-0659 window. As I am also in the process of building my own S&C themed layout, at a snails pace, your video series will be invaluable in helping me recreate some of the services. Thank you! Lookin gforward to the next installment. Steve
  4. Mike, Took a look his morning, looked good to me. Keep 'em coming. Steve
  5. Took a look at mine, but I have bolted the bogies to the coach floor, so I must have destroyed the original fixture getting them off? Per 97XX, I suspect you will need to revise a new way to secure the bogies if you do any to remove them.
  6. In my Mainline MK1 coaches the pins are glued into the bogies, suggest you remove the body and take a closer look. It would be a shame to damage something for the sake of a quick check.
  7. I would have a think about the viewing side, I don't do exhibitions but according to other RMWebbers they have "lost" some items of rolling stock at shows. Stationary items of stock so close to the audience may prove to be a temptation. Most people want to see movement on show layouts and I suspect most of the movement will be around the turntable, coal stage and ash plant? So, I would be tempted to make that the viewing side. Just a thought, Steve
  8. or you can use an earth terminal block, pretty cheap from Screwfix or similar:
  9. I am glad I didn't list this in the Bargain Hunters thread, just imagine the uproar! That said I am glad I flagged it and that a couple of you managed to pick up some items that you felt were reasonable value for money. I regularly visit The Saleroom and must say the markups on this auction were significantly higher than others I have seen. Was the auctioneer compensating for the absence of in-person bids, given all auctions are limited to online bids? As others have stated, figure out what you are prepared to pay (including commission, postage, etc) and stick to it. As has been stated many times before, an item is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, value is so subjective. Steve
  10. Great thanks, will take a closer look. Steve
  11. I agree, and did consider the type of solution you describe but was at a loss as to where to source a sprung roller? Steve
  12. I have a couple of Peco turntables that will be located in a hidden storage facility with limited access. I have been scouring the forums to find a reliable and affordable mechanism for aligning the entry/exit roads. Installing commercially available drive systems with indexing being cost prohibitive. I have the Expo drives, based on the Clearbox motor. Noisy and robust, not terribly refined but reasonably affordable! One issue is the amount of free play in the deck which causes it to bounce out of alignment during use. I have devised what I hope will be a reliable latching system using a length of phosphor bronze strip (PBS) and some lengths of plastic strip. A suitable length of the PBS needs to be folded in half and then bolted to the girder underneath the TT deck, with the V of the fold aligned under the track and protruding beyond the bridge. The plastic strip should be very thin, I don't know the exact spec but this mine may be 5 Thou and sanded down on one edge. Cut into short strips, two strips are stuck to the side of the TT well in parallel below each entry/exit road. As the PBS passes over the first strip and the second latches it in place. With adjustment it is possible to get enough resistance to hold the deck in place but not to stop the motor from turning the deck. Quite difficult to explain, but I hope The pictures will make this clear. Would love to hear how others have tackled this problem just in case there is a better solution. Thanks, Steve
  13. I came across the following auction by Warrington & Northwich which includes a large number of modern image RTR items fitted with P4 wheel sets. Not much good to me but thought it might interest others: https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/warrington/catalogue-id-warrin10487. I suspect there might be some bargains to be had. Auction starts at 4pm on Wednesday 13tht Steve
  14. Would anyone have a spare EE2 Comet Gresley coach ends available, this kit includes a standard and a brake end. I can order from Wizard Models, but thought I would check here first. Many thanks Steve
  15. Aha! Apologies, I think PJ has it covered, failing that I can recommend Brian's site to you. He also hangs out here and will chime in as required. Steve
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