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  1. I have the reverse problem. Several of my Hornby models have small details are stuck on but not properly aligned. Must have been produced on Monday morning, or the QC team had rung in sick! I see Hafixs also do a glue remover - can anyone share their experience with this product on RTR models. THanks Steve
  2. Taking advantage of this thread to ask a quick question. When it comes to 1950s/60s - what tank wagons prevailed and which manufacturers produce these wagons in 4mm/OO scale. I have built a fair few Airfix/Dapol B tanks and have a couple of the Heljan version - but understood these came into use in the early 1960s. I really like some of the private owner tank wagons produced by Bachmann, but I understood these to be from pre grouping era. Grateful for any insights. Thanks Steve
  3. Jeff, The contrast between the land either side of the railway boundary fence is fascinating, especially noticeable in the second shot. Something you rarely see modeled, will you be replicating it? Steve
  4. Just came across this film about keeping carriages slick and span! Very interesting insight into the carriage cleaning processes (A, B and C). Health warning: do not watch if you are easily offended by gender stereotypes or flagrant disregard for modern day health and safety laws! Enjoy! Steve
  5. Jeff, Not sure if you have seen these prints on the Network Rail website - given your penchant for viaducts I thought they might interest you: https://nr.printstoreonline.com/dmcs-search.html?find=settle Steve
  6. Thank you everyone for your comments and perspectives on varying levels of completion. My immediate aspiration is to get the track down, the electrics done and something running. Like James (and unlike Jeff) the scenery comes later, but I have the ideas in my head for the various features in the locality: station, cottages, viaduct, numerous culverts, cattle pens, stockaded turntable, and the like. I suspect I will plump for "ready to plant" buildings in the first instance to keep things moving, graduating to more bespoke structures later. For instance, I have just
  7. I always understood that you are viewing the moon through more of the atmosphere and that it magnifies the moon.
  8. I designed a small quayside layout for OO to fit onto an IKEA BROR (below). Measuring 850mm x 550mm and 110mm tall it provides a good operating height. My idea is to have two boards of 750mm x 500mm which can then be stored on the two shelves, which then lift out and clip together on the top. So a total operating surface of 1500mm by 500mm. The plan is also below for reference. The boards would be stored with the scenic side facing the wall and the back scene boards could be finished to made the unit look quite furniture like. Never did get to build it, but could this be a vi
  9. Thanks [email protected] Thanks for encouragement - it is very much appreciated, I must admit your Gill Head project gave me a much needed kick up the you know what! My reality check was when I came to motorise the turntables, wire the storage roads and build the control panel, which I did in the first lockdown. But, I was left sitting looking at all the wire feeling totally lost and thinking I would never finish it. So, I shut the garage door and walked away. As the weather began to get a bit warmer I ventured back and realised I had lost all interest in it. What
  10. Thanks Roy, Unfortunately not, I realised that I had bitten off more than I could chew and the storage board arrangements were hopelessly optimistic in terms of their operation. I decided not to invest more time in the project and abandoned it a couple of years ago. Having rekindled my modelling mojo, I spent the last lock down recovering all the track, re-configuring the boards and planning a more manageable set up. The new set up is of Garsdale station only, with extensive, accessible storage facilities. I copy the new plan below. Tracklaying of the storage roa
  11. Hi Burtos, Where possible, I would minimise the number of points where the tracks cross the boards. Where they do cross, its best if the tracks lay at 90 degress the board join. Depending on the method of construction, any board more than 4x3 can be difficult to handle (heavy and awkward) without damaging fixtures and fittings on the boards. I would consider 4 boards each measuring 4'x3', splitting the layout at four points along is length, and rearranging the tracks around the board joins to ensure they sit at 90 degrees to the board joins. Stephen
  12. This looks really optimistic: I would say these will be low level storage roads, not a fiddleyard as you will struggle to marshal trains without a good deal of headroom. Visibility may also be an issue, so you may need to deploy cameras to enable you to "see" whats going on in the further corners of the storage roads. A helix sounds great in practice, if your plan is for 4mm/OO gauge, and each square represents a 1 foot - the radius of your helix looks to be approximately 18-20" - this will likely be a challenge for your locos to negotiate - a quick search
  13. Well worth the wait Mike, I really enjoyed the latest installment - totally inspirational. Only another 4 hours to go, although they can't be particularly busy I wouldn't have thought! Steve
  14. @barrymx5 and @Neil Phillips- thank you for your replies. It doesn't appear to be the NEM coupling mount. I do suspect the front pony is part of the problem, so I have removed the spring and washer on the front pony and added some weight to try to keep the pony on the track. I hope this will allow more of the weight of the loco to bear on the drivers. Also looked to add some weight to the engine, but there is no space for any extra ballast. Seems like the engine is less liable to slipping on my test track but need to try it on the layout. Ste
  15. I did a quick search but couldn't see anything, does anyone have any problems with haulage power of the OxfordRail Adams radial? I have been given two to look at, neither can manage even a slight incline on their own, let alone hauling a coach/wagon or two. I have coma across some comments about their lack of capacity, particularly over uneven track but this seems a bit extreme and not a problem that afflicts the Hornby version. Can anyone offer any counsel? Thanks Steve
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