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  1. Hello, I have been having some issues with the plastic wheels that came with my Hornby MK2 coaches, they speed track dirt and make the train harder to pull which Is a problem on my layout as I have a gradient. Does anyone know where I can get suitable metal replacements for the coaches? Thanks.
  2. Hello, today I have been running my Hornby Virgin Pendolino and it has been running jerky and it regularly wheel slips. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? My track is clean and there is no broken wires inside the body.
  3. Hi, i have a few old coaches in BR blue livery and i want to paint them into Network Rail yellow. However i do not know what i would need to complete the job. Would i need a airbrush? Could i paint the windows without having to use filler? Thanks.
  4. Hello, i have recently got a Model Rail limited edition Virgin Trains class 90002. However when i put the loco on the track it would not run so i am looking for a replacement chassis. I have a full 8 car mk3 rake, which the original class 90 motor cannot pull, so i am looking for a new class 90 chassis with a motor like the ones that are in the Virgin charter relief pack. Does anyone know where i can by the chassis for it.
  5. I was told that a locos run better on DCC because theres more volts in the track? Am not to sure on what controller to use because i know some have a limit on how many locomotives they can store.
  6. Hi, i have recently noticed that my trains on my layout are jerky and rough when i run them, and also i want to add sound to my locos but i have no idea how to convert from DC to DCC. I bought my dc layout about 4 years ago, how would i convert it to DCC?
  7. Hi, i will be getting my Hornby class 90 re motored and i need to get a Heljan class 35 chassis. Does anyone know where i can get them? Thanks.
  8. Hello, after a few years of buying layouts i have been wanting to make a layout with 4 tracks and OHLE and a big station, so i have been wanting to build my own layout but i have a few questions. How do i do the wiring? Is there anywhere where i can get help on how to do this. Where do i get good OHLE? I have a Heljan class 86 and i have seen that its pantograph is too big for the Dapol gantry's so will i have to build my own? Thanks.
  9. Hello, i have just been thinking is there anywhere i can go to get my Hornby one anglia 90 re-motered and get it detailing. I am scared of doing it my self in case i wreck it.
  10. Hello, i have been using my Heljan class 86 today, when i put it back in the box the main handrail that goes under all the windows snapped. How could i find another one? Is there a shop that sells spares?
  11. I dont think it will be oil becuase i dont oil my trains so i think it will be a new moter. If it has oil on it then i have to replace all the traction tyres and it will take ages.
  12. Hi i have a new Hornby class 90 which has the latest motor and has been working fine with 7 mk3 coaches but recently it has started to wheel slip and it has been slowing down on gradients. I would like to fit a new motor to it so it is more powerful and it can travel with 8 or 9 mk3s with a dvt at full speed without slowing down on the gradients. I would like to fit a new motor like the one used in a Hornby hst but how would i fit a new motor into it? I have never done it before and i have not seen anything on how its done? What is the best motor to used so it can go fast and not wheel slip? Is there a company/model shop that fits new motors for you? And if so whats there name and location? Thanks
  13. Hi i was wondering if it would be possible to convert a East Coast mk3 to a greater anglia or NXEA coach by removing the logos. If so how would i do this? Thanks.
  14. Hi went to London yesterday and I noticed that the first class carriage near the buffet had a missing window and a disabled Toilet. I was wondering how I could recrete this on a Hornby mk3. What would I need to use as I don't know where to start?
  15. I have a old intercity class 90 and a lot on mk3 coaches I want it to pull. I want to replace the ring field motor with a new pole motor.. Were can I get chassis with the motor so all I have to do is fit the body.
  16. I was but I have removed them due to that reason I need to find a suitable replacement. The Hornby axles don't fit into the Lima bogies and the 2 types of Hornby mk3 bogie don't fit the coach.
  17. Hi my mk3 Lima coaches had rough wheels that sounded as they where derailed when they we not. I replaced these with Hornby mk3 wheels but they didn't fit the bogies properly. I have tried replacing the bogies with the new Hornby mk3 bogies and the old ones and still it won't work. Cam anyone help me get these coaches to work.
  18. So should I take it back to the shop and swap it.
  19. Hi when I run my anglia class 86 at speed it shakes the body and looks bad. How can I stop it doing this. It's a Heljan class 86.
  20. Does anyone know were to get Hornby mk3 bogies. I would need 4 of them .
  21. Hi. I have just bought 2 lima mk3 coaches and when i ran them on the layout they were making a derailed rough noise even tho they were on the rails. I have tryed to replace them but no other wheels will work. How can i get new wheels for them that work.
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