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  1. As has been pointed out to Heljan previously there exists a standard drop test for packaging which is 1 metre on to a concrete floor, it's a good starting point. But I doubt that Heljan do this as it seems they would rather just suck it and see what happens. That policy must cost them a fortune and really puts customers off.
  2. I suspect that the delay to the sound fitted 122s is because of the lighting issue due to the Dapol decoder configuration being different to the Zimo.
  3. As above, I want to make the fan work on a class 33 with DCC which on DC has the fan control on the main board. Earlier models had the fan PCB in the roof - that's what I want. Norman
  4. Newer Heljan Diesels have the fan control module incorporated into the main DC board which is redundant when fitting DCC. Using a Zimo MX699KS in a class 33 and hooking the fan to the 5 volt supply produces a fan that runs fast and makes a considerable noise. So I've dimmed it down to reduce the speed to an acceptable level but it it is still too noisy. The Heljan analogue board with a voltage regulator and a potentiometer produces a far better result with good fairly quite running. Are the separate fan control boards available i.e. the ones that Heljan fitted in the roof in earlier models? Is there another way with a DIY solution to achieve the better result?
  5. I tried the Dapol Imperium 3 unfortunately the Dapol information sheet contains no clues as to what is adjustable and I was so disappointed that I fitted a Zimo MX644C and it worked perfectly. Norman
  6. Choose Zimo for sure, MX696 has sufficient functions.
  7. My Dapol bubble car runs smoothly on analogue DC and on DCC and is a excellent model. I'm just waiting for the release of the class 121 now, they should be available pretty soon.
  8. Charlie There is nothing fundamentally wrong with 2 x 1k resistors - it just means that the LEDs are very slightly dimmed.
  9. Hi Mike Sorry but that's not correct. I have removed the Heljan PCB when fitting a Zimo decoder and the LED lights work perfectly as they are protected by surface mount resistors locally. I am still wondering why the two banks of very small resistors are fitted. They are only about 2 ohms each and they have no effect upon the function outputs I think they must be something to do with radio and TV interference suppression.
  10. No the lights are all LEDs already. I think only the very early Heljan diesels used bulbs.
  11. To fit a decoder you need to remove the Heljan PCB. Do you need to add resistors for the lighting?
  12. Eureka a light bulb moment OK I have set my Zimo636D to become a 636C by writing 3 to CV8 which configures two functions to logic level and now it works perfectly. So exactly as the Dapol booklet (almost) they say F4 for interior whereas its F5.
  13. Using decoderpro and a Zimo decoder I have managed to get the running lights and interior lights sorted but not the cab lights. F0 is one end directional white/red and F1 the other end directional with F5 the interior. So I have ordered a Imperium 3 just to see if I can get all lights to work correctly. According to decoderpro I'm using FO(f) FO(r) FO(1) FO(2) FO(4)
  14. Yes but quiet soon now - just be patient a little longer
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