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  1. Yes I do understand but the ability to control the direction of the loco is the correct concept, left and right have no meaning, it just depends upon your relative position. So grasping the correctness of DCC, forward means forward and reverse the reverse is really quite simple.
  2. Hi Ray Ok I've got it sussed now. CV179 is set to 40 and CV4 set to 140 with the dynamic brake on CV20 - works differently to Zimo with the higher value in CV349 set to the higher value. All I need to do now is juggle the F keys so that the braking is on F2. Thanks for your help. Norman
  3. Hi Ray Well that's good to know and I use DecoderPro so no problem shuffling the sounds. But how can you set the decoder up so that the dynamic brake works and what level of software does it need. I know how for a Zimo but not on a ESU V4
  4. Is there any way to set a dynamic brake? I know it can be set up with V5 but can it be done with V4? I bought the chip fitted to a loco in January 2019 so its not old. Norman
  5. Hi Doug Yes I too am a big fan of Lenz LH100 having used them for some 20 years but I much prefer to control trains with a knob so I used a LH100 for programming and a LH200 for train control. But the LH200 was always a compromise particularly with functions as it required too many key presses for the higher numbers. So when the LH101 became available I exchanged all but one of my LH100s for LH101s. I kept the one LH100 because programming with it was second nature. Now some 12+ months on and I don't use the LH100 anymore I find using a LH101 has become so easy and I don't have to thi
  6. Hello GWL I suggest you ask DCC Concepts directly they are always friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Norman
  7. There are two available on ebay.
  8. Yes I have seen similar previously for Heljan etc but if there were any hard evidence then it could be used against them because it is illegal under consumer law. Up until about 3-4 yeras ago there were different prices albeit small but it did look as though there was a differential.
  9. Nile, imposing a discount limit is I believe illegal, no it must just be a convenient coincidence that favours the retailer but disadvantages the consumer. Paul, surely It's good business sense to offer reduced prices in order to attract more customers and sell more product or offer a better service in some way to achieve the same.
  10. Another big coincidence with Hattons and Tower again offering the same discounted price. I thought there was supposed to be competition and no collusion on pricing.
  11. Hi LaScala If the 9 volt DC was from a battery then I should send it back for replacement but if it was some other source then try a battery, as that's pure DC and the servo should work perfectly with that.
  12. Hello LaScala I had a similar issue when using a non regulated power transformer. A change to a regulated supply and it works correctly. Norman
  13. Hi Ian I doubt that a groaning noise is as a result of cracked gears, cracked gears are quite distinctive bit like a clickty click, which gets louder until the gear completely fails and jams the mechanism. The groaning may well be due to one motor fighting the other if for some reason they are not matched. The decoder must somehow do a balancing act between the two. The two motors are never exactly the same but you would hope that particularly at low speed they are very similar. Have you tried it on DC without the decoder? Also, have you tried switching the BEMF off, CV58=0?
  14. Mallard is not now expected until October according to Bryan at Hatton's today
  15. Hi Rob I'm wondering how are you measuring the 11 volts? and hope not with a simple multi meter because the value will be incorrect.
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