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  1. I think Andrew is correct, certainly on a Lenz system its the command station that retains the settings in groups of 10.
  2. If the decoder is OK then it must be the connection between the decoder and loco. Can you use a multi meter to check the continuity between the loco wheels and the decoder socket and also the continuity between the motor terminals and the decoder socket
  3. Hi Nigel I've tried a couple of locos with firmware version 4/3/9008 and can't get them to work. Setting up the key and programming is not an issue. I've successfully programmed a chip with firmware version 4/17/9249. Do you know from which version it was introduced?
  4. I have some Loksound V4.0 where the dynamic brake does not seem to work. It should be possible to check the release version/date? to see if it is implemented but does anyone know the details. I thought I had seen the info. on the SWD site but can't now find it. I too am using a Sprog with DecoderPro.
  5. Amanda I get better results from sugar cube speakers than round ones, even if you can find the right size. Programming your own sounds is indeed possible but first you need to record the sounds you want and then you need to learn the skills needed to create a decoder project. Far easier is to buy the sounds pre-loaded. Some suppliers now charge extra for the loaded sound project but others supply the decoder with the sounds at no extra cost. Youchoos and Coastal are two that I frequently use.
  6. If you really do have only 2.7 volts then locos will barely move if at all. The output from the transformer should be circa 15 volt AC so you should be measuring above 12 volt AC on the track. You need to check and make sure you have the correct range set on your meter.
  7. By email Heljan in Denmark have said that the correct gear (20/14) will be in stock at Gaugemaster within 10-14 days. The correct part number is 19854780 this will fit the 37, 47 etc. The labelling currently at Gaugemaster is incorrect.
  8. I hope you are incorrect, as you say they are marked as for a class 47 and as far as I know there has only been one release for the class 47 so far.
  9. PS in line with Heljan's statement that the issue of split gears was resolved 10 years ago it seems they missed me (and many others) out when this was done. Hopefully it's not a recurring nightmare and I will not have to replace any more. This however will be gear number 9 that I have changed out. Norman
  10. Thanks Hal OK I have ordered - free post plus £2.50 handling I'm not impressed. I wonder why they are not listed as spares though, it seems illogical that a spare in high demand is omitted. Norman
  11. H Peter The Dapol Sentinel DCC fitted uses a Zimo MX644 chip and connecting a stay alive capacitor is well covered on the Zimo instructions, there are two solder pads on the 644. I fitted a Zimo stay alive very easily and it makes a big improvement in the running. The stay alive fits in the bunker. Norman
  12. I noticed this statement on the Gaugemaster spares page: What about replacement gears? Replacement gears for the early O gauge models which suffered the split gear problem will continue to be available. However, just to make clear again, this problem was resolved more than 10 years ago and only affects a small number of the earlier models (Class 26, 33, early split headcode 37/0) dating from 2004-07. It does not affect anything produced since. But the class 47 is not even listed as far as I can see I have a class 47 with a split gear - it was fine last time I ran i
  13. Hi John Good choice indeed. Does the Zimo give you full control of the lights or have you had to double up somewhere?
  14. John It may be because of the way it is being driven on a short length of track and seems to be stuck in first gear. I just wondered about the function numbers and would prefer them to be sequential. Thank goodness for the ability to re-map.
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