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  1. Hi Tebee - I've done something like that with the initial modules for my 009 have a look at the 009 link in my signature - there are pictures of the boards being built in there...
  2. Home early for once. Now, what shall I do...

  3. Another evening at the club, but not much to show for it. I would have taken pictures, but I'm assured that pictures of droppers aren't that interesting. Having had a chat about one of the other club layouts, and thoughts of a replacement (which started with "how are we going to transport it" ), I returned to work on the droppers for the middle board - fitting, but not soldering into place, almost all the missing ones.
  4. Ah, now I see why you're not starting a new layout this winter I'm sure moving the crossover will just tempt me into even more indiscretions when it comes to shunting the hoppers...
  5. Last night we reached a fairly important milestone, with the right end-board finished, the full set of fiddle-yard boards could be put together again: Since the last time I posted, we've fixed the slightly iffy looking lower inner curve, added the outer lower curve (with a little bit of shuffling to create the clearance needed to get Mk3 / Mk4 coaches to pass safely) and added the missing bit of the upper level. Having glued the inner track down quite firmly, we had to add a few extra sleepers in some places to allow us to slew the track across to give a consistent curve. A 12" t
  6. Time for another in this irregular series of updates... The curved track under the bridge that featured in the last set of updates got itself stuck down during the following meeting, and by the time I'd dragged myself away from the dinner table and arrived at the meeting after that it had been soldered to the board joint, and the rails cut. This allowed the fiddle-yard board to be reconnected to the rest of the fiddle-yard, and more track construction / laying to be done... As the intention is to get the top circuit running first, I think this is about as far as the trackwor
  7. Has spent a pleasant hour this evening building a parkside Vanwide

  8. Having been off out doing things most of the day, I've come back, had a look at the plan, and decided I didn't like the curve - it looks too sharp, and cramps up the left end a bit. So I've had a quick go at it, and straightened things out a little. Still the same idea, but seems a lot better to my eye: What do people think?
  9. Since making the decision to swap from 00 to EM, I've been thinking of building a simple test track to play on. Whilst I already have a length of flexi-track laid on a flat board, I'm thinking of something a little more interesting to play with, and experiment on. So this morning I cranked up Templot, and had a play. Resulting in the following plan: The boards measure 6'6" x 16", and the points are all B6s. Templot says this gives a minimum radius of 34.2" (being the two inside the curve at the bottom of the plan). The theory being - platform below th bottom line, goods shed, cat
  10. I've been thinking of doing something similar - narrow shelf for a double track run round the railway room to give my locos somewhere to stretch their legs (and make long trains not look too silly...). My thoughts were turning towards using 6" or 9" wide conti-board on simple shelf brackets (no framing). Neither are that expensive, and as it's not intended for anything other than supporting plain track, I don't think the utilitarian look will be too much of a problem. Hadn't realised about the none-level surface of the shelf brackets, but I'm not sure that will be too much of a problem.
  11. Yes, I did once I realised that was way I wanted to go...
  12. Well, more time goes by, more thinking occurs, and I need to make a few confessions... 1) I didn't just buy the 2-6-4T at Pickering, somehow I got adopted by a lonely looking Hornby class 110 (or BRCW Calder Valley DMU) in green... 2) I went to ExpoEM at the weekend, and yet another 2-6-4T adopted me. This time a Bachmann Standard 4. According to www.brdatabase.info, its allocations were: 07/55 Kittybrewster (61A) 11/55 Keith (61C) 07/61 Aberdeen Ferryhill (61B) 07/61 Polmadie (66A) 06/66 Withdrawn 3) I think I'm going to go EM... Why EM? Well, I like the fi
  13. Tuesday's meeting saw progress on four fronts. Monday evening revealed a card from my friendly postman inviting me to visit the delivery office to pick up a package - a rapid bit of thinking resulted in the conclusion that it must be the track components. This conclusion was confirmed on my way to work the following day when I collected it. I found a note inside apologising for the holiday induced delay, as I'd had a holiday in that time too, I couldn't really complain. Unfortunately, having taken it in the house when I got home, I promptly forgot that fact and left it there on the way
  14. After the excitement of managing two posts in a day, it's gone a bit quiet round here. That doesn't mean nothing's been happening, just that I've been a bit busy and haven't got round to writing it up... Well, having had a week off for the club meeting, we got going again with a vengeance last week, and spent most of Tuesday evening watching our tame S&T engineer making an almost unnoticeable bit of progress: All is revealed when looking under the board: It took a while to fit, but it's the first we've had chance to play with, and it works quite well. The point need
  15. Hi Jeff, I go away for a week, and it's taken me the best part of two more to catch up! Progress is still looking good. I think you do need something above the tunnels - the photo's of Blea Moor tunnel may not show anything, but then it is forestry land around the tunnel mouth, you have open moor, which will have livestock, so you'll need something to stop them from sleeping on the track...
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