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  1. Hi It's probably best that a matter that was posted well over a year ago doesn't now get turned into an exercise in gainsaying, especially just on the basis of a 'feeling'. Thanks.
  2. Can we have an end to this sort of comment, please? The OP has given his reasons for posting the topic, let's stick to them please. Thanks.
  3. No As the OP has thoughtfully provided a link to Dapol's own site, and as direct communication with manufacturers is one of the things we encourage, there doesn't seem much point in hosting the froth here Cheers.
  4. If you want to draw our attention, please use the Report button (as someone else has, on your behalf). Thanks for the information but I see no reason to prevent useful discussion after just two hours and a few posts. The topic will be monitored though, as one particularly stupid comment has had to be deleted. Cheers.
  5. Hi Sorry to interrupt the discussion but perhaps you could make time to respond to the PM I sent you last Friday? Thanks.
  6. No source named + no idea if the info is correct = a post which serves only to promote rumour and is no use to this forum. No more like this, please.
  7. And on that balanced note, this topic will be locked. As the OP, you've already decided to move your locos on and we're of the view that continuing the for-and-against bunfight you seem to want is of little value to the forum. Cheers.
  8. Kelly's query now merged with similar existing topic. Cheers.
  9. Gents, the above two posts are nothing more than supposition. We've already had two reminders to keep it sensible, let's avoid a locked topic if we can, please. Thanks.
  10. Mod2

    new products

    Thanks Craig, you and two others I think this is a good example of how not to make a first post. Locked.
  11. It's nothing to do with length of time here and your opinions are not necessarily invalid, but you've already been asked to moderate your tone. Let me remind you:
  12. Hi and welcome. Two points - we do have forum rules about politics, if you are ever concerned about them in a topic, then use the Report button (at the bottom left of each post) and let us handle things rather than sidetrack an existing discussion. Secondly, I've edited your post to make it more obvious which bit is your contribution - misquoting and lack of clarity can in itself lead to misunderstandings. Cheers.
  13. Ok gents, enough now please. There's plenty here now for readers to form their own opinions (on both the event and the personalities involved), please continue your discussion by PM. Thanks.
  14. Thanks BD, for that balanced comment with which I'd agree. Humourous or not, this topic is not going to turn into a steam v diesel argument. Cheers.
  15. The Belle has a topic all of its own, I expect the answer will be in there. Cheers.
  16. The place for rants is in Wheeltappers, not Layouts. If you actually want help, then the place is Help, oddly enough. Now moved and merged with Jeff's useful reply.
  17. Or alternatively: let's not get silly and political, and then we can still have a nice chat about railways, and not have to lock the thread. Thanks.
  18. And thankfully not; surely such things are private between the parties involved, speculation here isn't appropriate. Locked.
  19. Hi There isn't a 'ban' as such on discussing the model, just a preference against speculating, wishlisting and repeating the same views (which probably amounts to the same thing until we have definite information). Until then, there seems little point in going over old ground. Cheers.
  20. Welcome Andy, as this is quite an extensive query (and a well-constructed one, for which our thanks), I've moved you to a more appropriate area. Cheers.
  21. Gents, just a general appeal for calm please whilst further information is elicited. Thanks.
  22. Certainly not in this one - thanks.
  23. Thanks for those links Sam, probably best this is locked then and discussion can transfer to the existing topics.
  24. Thanks Phil It may be that nobody has seen this magazine, but that's no reason to take things off topic. Hopefully Jordan will get some useful answers though, if not then he has at least alerted us to its existence. Cheers.
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