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  1. When Mickle Trafford - Mouldsworth Junction was singled in 1969 control was by tokenless block, with colour lights at each end of the section. This was one of, if not the, first tokenless block installations.
  2. Eccles Road 04/05/2021 (Tuesday) 66620 on 6M01, 17:18, Trowse Yard Redland Siding - Tunstead Sdgs (23:39) - empty stone (16 HIA)
  3. The Starship (SN15) has landed


    1. Dagworth


      SN15 landed safely, SN11 exploded in the air

    2. beast66606


      You spotted my typo then - to check if anyone reads status updates - honest gov.

    3. woodenhead


      Still a bit of a fire at the end, going to be a long time before I'd want to chance a powered landing if I was an astronaut.


      It's still brilliant though how far space travel has come in recent years, private enterprise is certainly showing promise for NASA and space travel in general.

  4. I braved the 50mph+ winds and rain to get the inbound working this morning, fortunately as it passed there was a (comparative) lull in the wind / rain (which was more than made up for soon after it passed. Eccles Road 04/05/2021 (Tuesday) 66620 on 6L01, 23:05, Tunstead Sdgs - Trowse Yard Redland Siding (06:59) - loaded stone (16 HIA)
  5. 6T30 has an earth fault at Church Fenton - 66066

  6. Train approach was used when a boxes distants were under the stop signals of the previous box, so in the case above Box A would offer to B who would offer to C, B would pull off and when B received train entering section from A would send "1-2-1" (Train approach) to Box C would would then offer to D and pull off, this was normally when there were a couple of boxes close together but generally the boxes on the line were far enough apart for normal block working to be used. eg Box A is point 0, Box B is 2 miles away but Box C is only 500yds from Box B. When boxes were close together the norm wou
  7. Not normally, only if train approach was authorised which is a special case, or in some odd cases where "offer on receipt" was authorised.
  8. On a double track railway with normal absolute block there are 2 instruments, 1 to "talk" to A and 1 to "talk" to C - all communications (on the blocks) is done using these so when it's busy you have to keep your wits about you to make sure you understand what's being sent and received.
  9. 12 I send 1 ding to box A who replies with 1 ding 13 I send 2 dings then 1 ding to box A (train out of section) who replies with 2 dings then 1 ding Very simplistic but you are basically correct.
  10. CCTV footage of the collapse is on YouTube - it's not graphic but as reported ^ ^ we know that people died in the incident so I'm not posting a link, google is your friend if you want to watch it.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-56977129
  12. As WFRM we fitted a camera into the cab of a class 33, this was powered - and on/off controlled - from DCC. At a Hull show back in ... 2005 ? we allowed some younger visitors to drive the train around and obey the signals. The camera was a bit hit and miss but it was certainly a good way of allowing some hands on experience to visitors. The technology will have improved substantially in the 15-20 years since those days.
  13. Zoom in on the right, between the bridge and the crossing and the base of the lattice post signal is still there, just to the left of the legs holding the notice.
  14. (ex) Bransty No.2 - the nameboard has been shortened ! (No.1 was at the back of the platforms by the tunnel) Thanks for sharing your photos, great stuff.
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