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  1. On Regents road we constructed switchless points which would always run one way in the facing direction - similar idea to Michaels but without any moving parts. I think these were eventually replaced with conventional points. A simple microswitch at the buffer stop showed red when the train "buffered" up to it so you knew you could turn the power off and be ready to run the unit back again - DCC could do this automatically of course (as could DC) with a reversing module or two.
  2. 70003 had a trial run this week http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/H17398/2019/07/18/advanced
  3. 19 July 2019 Great Moulton The first daylight run up/down the GEML 754003 on 5Q71, 09:15, Norwich C.PT. T.&R.S.M.D - London Liverpool Street (11:34) 37608, Andromeda, on 0Z71, 09:44, Norwich T.C. - Colchester Sudbury Dock (10:50) - light engine (thunderbird for Norwich - Liv. St. - Norwich test run) 754003 on 5Q72, 14:46, London Liverpool Street - Norwich C.PT. T.&R.S.M.D (17:32) 37608, Andromeda, on 0Z72, 14:14, Colchester Goods Loop - Norwich T.C. (15:20)
  4. The general consensus is the 37s will be back pretty quickly but .. indeed, the beginning of the end - very sad.
  5. Accidentally route it via the loops by the box 745003 has gone to Liv Street on 5Q71 with 37608 in hot pursuit to Ipswich. I'll post some photos later when (if ?) it returns.
  6. Me neither but some of the chat is from GA staff and to back this up, as from Monday 2P12, 08:36, Norwich - Great Yarmouth (and other services) will not be stopping at Brundall Gardens because selective door opening does not work on the new units <cough> - I've just checked GA and sure enough, Norwich - Brundall Gardens is not available on the 08:36 on Monday.
  7. Rumours abound locally that they will be in service from Monday - replacing the 37 hauled short set.
  8. 38 years ago today - the Woodhead line shut

  9. 66301 and 66304 on 6S99, 05:56, Carlisle Kingmoor DRS - Georgemas Junction C.E (21:08)
  10. Am I the only one who has an almost uncontrollable desire to buy an Airfix Saturn V kit today ?


    (other kits are available)

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Barry Ten

      Barry Ten

      Here's my Revell 1/96th one:



    3. Barry O

      Barry O

      always wanted one...

    4. toboldlygo


      1969 parts later ;) 



  11. Exactly. If I'm the person referred to my Simon Lee above then yes, I nearly always complain when staff act either abusively or make up rules as they go along (so that's once in the last 6 years). So fill your boots with generalisations, most if not all decent staff want to get rid of the idiots as much as the rest of us do.
  12. https://www.greateranglia.co.uk/contact-us/contact-forms/customer-relations I missed the announcement bit - 100% complain, there is no need for such an attitude and nothing excuses it, he had to think about doing that, it wasn't an accidental gruff answer for example. Saying that there is little excuse for someone who is paid to deal with the public to not be patient and well behaved until the member of public demonstrates the need to be otherwise - full stop. De-escalation of problem situations does not have a Rule 1 - abuse the person in several ways as this will calm things down.
  13. Disagree - this is a member of staff and they should treat people with basic respect. Allow them to continue and who knows where there behaviour will escalate. Report them Pete - I've found GA to be very helpful in dealing with complaints about staff in the past.
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