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  1. A triple junction with equal speed limit would require a balanced bracket, the route to the right (at the junction) has been removed - but it could also be running lines through a big station or yard complex so although a junction, not for diverging routes. Agreed - the houses look Scottish too.
  2. and one repainted into GBRF corporate colours on 11/11/2020 at Gissing
  3. I suspect there are gauging issues (or price ?) which is why it didn't use the Chunnel but they are coming over to join the GBRF fleet, so permanently, there are a few already here and in use. I don't know why the Dutch/Swiss etc. have finished with them but GBRF are happy to take them - here's one in original livery but relettered passing Eccles Road on 06/12/2020
  4. Unfortunately not but there wouldn't be much anyway, all electrical by the time of my visit. We also visited Ditton No1, No.2, Ditton PSB (prior to opening) and Runcorn so we were rushing around
  5. Halton Junction - taken on an officially sanctioned visit. 22/09/2001 (Saturday)
  6. Nicknamed the BEast - a very busy box to work, controlled the junction with the West Kirby and New Brighton lines along with the connection to the dock lines and Birkenhead North depot, a lot of lever pulling and an LMS numbered frame to boot (part of which came from Exhibition Junction (Edge Hill) when renewed in the 1970s)
  7. The miniature arm is a shunt ahead - allowing the train to enter the block for as far as required for shunting purposes (ie a train length and a bit beyond the points) only - the train is not to proceed to the next block post, there wont be a starter. This miniature arm and the main arm refer to the main line, not the siding connection
  8. No.2 nameboard - the replacement for one of those as the LMS one was rotten, is a couple of yards from me as I type this. Sadly I had to sell North No.1 and New Brighton boards about 9 years ago - they were too big to move when I came down to Norfolk.
  9. Create a YouTube account, upload to there and post a link here
  10. The signal box was spelt Sinderland as seen on the box diagram which is in my collection https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/61212-signalling/page/3/&tab=comments#comment-857332
  11. There's a couple of my photos of CNWF in this post unfortunately the only ones I've currently scanned are an early ground signal,
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