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  1. GA had NO choice in the units going to TfW - they were effectively ordered to hand them over, this "fake news" story aboutGA choosing to hand units over before full acceptance of the new trains has been repeated many times on local Facebook groups and is simply not true, they had no choice in the matter.
  2. 70001 worked the Ipswich / Lindsey tanks (and back) on Tuesday - causing a lot of froth on the local railway groups.
  3. Not sure about the wipe down with damp lemon solution - if it's still in force or not.
  4. Aside from the on-going issues on the Sheringham line all restrictions on the Flirts have now been removed.
  5. See we ain't got no swing

    'cept for the ring of that truncheon thing

  6. 12 December 2019 Eccles Road 37409, Lord Hinton, and 37423, Spirit of the Lakes, on 3S01, 09:22, Stowmarket D.G.L. - Stowmarket D.G.L. (18:14) - RHTT
  7. Things are a bit better today : Apparently 755s can now run normally for all lines in the Colchester PSB area. and Norwich / Cambridge is back to full service. Ipswich / Cambridge is back to full service. but Ipswich / Felixstowe and Ipswich / Lowestoft are 2 still hourly Ipswich / Peterborough still suspended Norwich / Sheringham still severe speed restrictions causing delays and the service still cut back to Cromer. So the woods have not been vacated just yet. Edit : Apparently the Cromer line is also back to "normal". Residual delays etc will probably take most of the day to drop out. Edit2 : 09:35 Sheringham is still showing on diagrams as "NOGO" to it looks like Cromer is still the current end point and the services are now 2 hour intervals. Lots of claim and counter claim going on at the moment !
  8. The A1075 in that area does not - from old maps - appear to have been much more than a lane until the 1960s and accoording to WiKi came into being in the 1980s
  9. Clapham - 31 years ago

    1. Oldddudders


      A day that changed the industry. Henceforth safety in every department was managed, not assumed. 

  10. That rings a bell now, the single release crossover
  11. I think Croxton has had a TSR for a while now.but @russ p will be better able to comment
  12. Mk2s non compliant after Xmas and additionally they are not authorised for passenger use on all routes.
  13. There's 2 vehicles on the right which implies this is a reasonably large station. Coventry ? Probably not
  14. The down main home signal would (probably) be a ground mounted colour light and the platform indicator would be a stencil type - see the Lime Street thread which has photos of such a signal mounted on a gantry, you wouldn't go far wrong with that. The signal was originally an LNWR underslung gantry across the tunnel mouth but was replaced at some stage by the colour light, don't know the date for that I'm afraid but it was either when the new box opened in the mid 1950s or some time before. The signal box was replaced in the 1950s (the old box was by the distant signal), so that would date your model (but rule 1 applies of course) the connection 42/43/44 was removed at that time. The signals on the platform ends were converted to upper quadrants probably at the same time but not 100% certain of that. Other ground signals at Woodside were miniature arms, so there's a logic that so were the in tunnel ones, but impossible to be 100% about that.
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