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  1. Wouldn't need traps if it was a passenger line(s) at some stage or goods only
  2. hence my comment about the convergence being off to the left, which SE agrees with - the angle of the signals looks to be correct for (approach to) the vee of a junction.
  3. The angle of the signals suggests a converging junction to me, rather than 4 tracks.
  4. Looks like a right hand bracket signal to me, for sighting - it looks to be two lines converging from the right, somewhere off scene to the left. The straight post signal (the one off) looks to be *possibly* either an ex LNWR post with an U/Q arm and the ladder refitted to the back or maybe just a wooden post LMS signal. The low level looks as though it once contained running lines / junctions but these are now closed / hand worked so no longer running lines but treated as sidings.
  5. Interesting "Wrecks visible in River Severn 60 years after disaster" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-gloucestershire-54651734
  6. Maybe they could implement a system whereby when a train is going to use the crossing some lights show red ...
  7. Distant levers weren't normally collared, the interlocking wouldn't allow them to be cleared unless the relevant stop signals were off - if the distant failed for some reason, cable snapped for example, then the lever would be collared. I believe they could also be collared if some form of temporary speed restriction was imposed and it was felt best to keep the distant at caution, so trains were kept at a lower speed - the collar of course was to remind the Bobby not to pull (it) off.
  8. The distant could not be pulled off if the C/O was being used because of an occupied route, no collar needed the interlocking would prevent the distant being cleared.
  9. Thanks ! Couple of comments :- The Merseyrail ones are Hightown, with the unit leaving the station passing the signal box and the next 2 are a unit leaving Birkdale with the box in the next shot. The ones labelled "Llandudno" at the end of September are actually Llandudno Junction, which is a few miles from the town. (apart from the one of the Great Orme)
  10. Reggie Rail looks good on a 37 and takes me back to the days of the North Wales Coast 37 haulage. 14 October 2020 Great Moulton 37425, Sir Robert McAlpine/Concrete Bob, on 0Z25, 08:42, Norwich C.PT. T.&R.S.M.D - Tilbury R.C.T. (12:04) - route proover
  11. 3S01 was yesterday driven by one of our members - @russ p with another friend alongside. 57003 and 57002, Rail Express, on 3S01, 09:22, Stowmarket D.G.L. - Stowmarket D.G.L. (17:41) - RHTT Great Moulton Eccles Road
  12. In some of the places that abounded Cleveland Street and the area back in the good old days you didn't have to wait even 7 minutes, you just paid and were given the certificate - allegedly. Spent many a happy hour in scrap yards down there in the early 1980s, often several cars high.
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