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  1. Great Moulton 15/06/2020 (Monday) 37611, Pegasus, and 82107 on 5Q59, 10:44, Mid Norfolk Railway Siding - Leicester L.I.P. (19:15) - last DVT to leave GA
  2. Brief explanation for my temper tantrum. It takes a fair amount lot of time and effort to find out about, take, document and upload the photos (they all have corresponding videos which also get the beast treatment, these take even longer but need to be documented at the same time) - I have my own home written database (as some of you know, I worked as a software developer for donkeys years, writing software for UK hospitals) one of the features I've added is the ability to view the information for a photo and copy it to the paste buffer to make it easy to add descriptions to photos, this I did with the "Shepreth" photos BEFORE I'd corrected the location to be Shepreth Branch Junction (which is still actually wrong, to be exact it was Trumpington where the failure actually occurred). A simple PM pointing out my error would have been good, but I saw/see red when nit picking is public, the original question was obviously loaded, the poster knew it wasn't Shepreth but was making a point, and especially when it's mentioned again a second time, and in this case the location of the failure was a bonus and irrelevant to the photo, it was not the actual photo location, just an aside. It was a bad day for me to be nit picked, normally I'd ignore such pedantry, or correct my entries but on this occasion it pushed me over the edge. This is not the only reason, or in fact the main reason, why I am somewhat disillusioned with the forum these days - but then I'm not the owner of the forum so I either accept the things that grate - or I don't. My jury is still out,
  3. Tell you what - why dont I stop posting, there you go, problem solved. I've removed my recent posts, I won't be posting again, nit pickers who don't add anything and some of the political comment which is permitted these days on the forum means I'm just about ready to leave here.
  4. 45 years ago today, a train passed a 20mph speed board which was out, the next one was lit but it was too late for the driver to slow the train - it hit the TSR at approx 80mph, derailed and killed 6 people. Nuneaton, 06/06/1975

    1. TheSignalEngineer


      Can't believe it was so long ago. I made a staff suggestion a year before that for portable AWS magnets at warning boards but got turned down as impractical.:mad:

  5. The Harwich tanks for this week Gissing 01/06/2020 (Monday) 66761, Wensleydale Railway Association 25 years 1990-2015, on 6P41, 09:57, Harwich Refinery CRLS SLVS - North Walsham GBRF (12:48) - empty condensate tanks (18 TEA) Tivetshall 02/06/2020 (Tuesday) 66761, Wensleydale Railway Association 25 years 1990-2015, on 6A32, 13:34, North Walsham GBRF - Harwich Refinery CRLS SLVS (16:53) - loaded condensate tanks (18 TEA) 761 was failed at Ipswich 20 minutes later due to fumes in the cab, the train was dragged to Harwich by OOCL, 66534 A replacement loco was sought, and 66748 (unfortunately, the other choice was 731, Captain Tom) was sent from Felixstowe and it worked North on Thursday The tanks have been left at Walsham so next week will see the first working as a light engine from Ipswich (probably) head North to retrieve them - there's a slim chance the engine may run direct from Peterborough via Eccles Road Gissing 04/06/2020 (Thursday) 66748, West Burton 50, on 6P41, 10:30, Harwich Refinery CRLS SLVS - North Walsham GBRF (13:21) - empty condensate tanks (TEA)
  6. Gissing 05/06/2020 (Friday) 9708 and 37175 on 3Z64, 12:57, Norwich Thorpe Ce Sidings - Norwich Thorpe Ce Sidings (16:28) - infrastructure monitoring train (reversed at Ipswich after fueling)
  7. Yes, I ignore that part of Kaspersky
  8. T - 30 and counting

  9. T - 00:59:00 and counting


    1. Hroth


      Then light blue touch paper and retire....


    2. Metr0Land


      Damp squib - put back to May30th with 31st May as backup to the backup

    3. Hroth


      And I had the box of matches all ready....




      The crew is looking into issues with electricity in the atmosphere at the moment.

      Shocking, eh?



      Better safe than sorry, we don't want it doing a Branson do we?


  10. For continuity testing I had an "operation" guy, which came in Bart Simpson mode, and each time continuity was found he used to say "Doh!" - but we digress.
  11. Only just discovered this thread - great stuff and thanks for sharing.
  12. Banana Republic, Septic Isle

    1. gwrrob


      There was a good program on BBC2 over the weekend on The Rat's. Worth a catch up.

    2. beast66606


      Indeed - thats what prompted my lyrics

  13. Liverpool has only recently lost Halton Junction, Runcorn, Allerton and Speke Junctionto Manchester ROC, all previously controlled colour lights, one via a Standard Frame, one via an REC frame and two via LNWR frames. Crewe to Liverpool, Weaver Junction aside, was all controlled from (electro) mechanical boxes when it went to MAS in the 1960s, over the years the boxes were slowly abolished as other boxes took on more responsibility, now only Winsford and Crewe Coal Yard remain, Winsford being half levers and a panel. MAS is simply multiple aspect signalling and has no direct relation to the control method or even the number of aspects which could be 2, 3, 4 or even 5
  14. Looking at my photo the windscreen is fine, I assume the bird hit a sweet spot on the chassis (brake pipe for example)
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