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  2. They are Norwich - Liverpool VIA Peterborough services , otherwise they are Norwich - Wymondham services, or Norwich - Attleborough, or Norwich - Thetford or Norwich - Ely etc. etc. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:G91166/2021-10-20/detailed You still seem to be missing Andy's point which was these services should go back to the old way and not stop at Ely
  3. There isn't a Norwich - Peterborough service, it's Ipswich - Peterborough and doesn't need the West Curve. Andy is suggesting that the EMR to/from Norwich to/from Liverpool (/ Nottingham / Sheffield) use the curve rather than Ely station.
  4. And ... both have failed before they made it over.
  5. Having seen all sorts of trains over its 102 year life Scout Green became a fringe box to Carlisle Power box during stage 4 of Carlisle PSB commissioning, with effect from (WEF) 01/04/1973, it was abolished during stage 5 of the PSB commissioning WEF 15/04/1973.
  6. Looks like we'll be getting 37419 and 57002 - our fleet of locos is bare minimum at the moment.
  7. It had the first SSI installation - in 1985
  8. I think it's because they aren't used much except during RHTT season so suffer from standing around. 37216 is back out playing but 57003 has gone down with leaf flu.
  9. 6V05 passed at 14:02 running 39 early it wasn't cancelled assuming we are talking about 13 Oct but 66079 was allox 6B27 which was cancelled so worked 6H24 as you say. I checked 6V05 and then checked the wrong date for allocation, 079 worked 6V05 on 12/10
  10. We've now finished off 37422 and 37423, 57003 and 37218 are not looking good either.
  11. I'm expecting a Coronal Mass Ejection

    1. Hroth




      You've been to see it?  :whistle:


    2. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      A normal Friday in Blackpool.

    3. Mallard60022
  12. Norwich Thorpe Passenger Yard (there was a goods yard too)
  13. We are getting 57003 and 37218, to bolster our fleet, sometime over the next few days.
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