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  1. No more modelling lately, but I do have a new arrival to run in. Bizarrely I’ve never had an EWS class 66 before, and so given how ubiquitous they are, I decided a long overdue treat was in order. I’m also realising the era I model is now historical, really 2005-2015 at the latest. No more contemporary railway for me! David
  2. I’ve been carrying out an audit of my rolling stock to see what condition everything is in and there’s a good half dozen that need attention - split gears etc. The 3D printed NR stock is in a much better condition that I expected however, interesting to see how the prints have lasted after 7 or 8 years. David
  3. No new modelling additions lately to the layout, but as my prize from Andy arrived, I gave a few locos a run. The 68 has some loose wires so is currently sat static until I have a look under the bonnet. Getting the 66 and 86 pair out on intermodal traffic really makes me want to build a longer stretch of track now! David
  4. Making this has made me realise just how much you can fit into three feet! The final building to make is for the front side of the tracks. I need to think carefully about the height here so it’s enough to provide visual interest but without blocking too much out. One day day I will make another proper layout for full length trains but this is proving to be an excellently timed project given the lockdown. David
  5. And here’s the finished building in place. David
  6. My next project is a quick and simple one. The remaining industrial unit, which is more modern, is a very basic block with little detail as it’s only ever going to be seen from the rear, and with a lot of foliage covering it. I wanted to have more practice with the airbrush so I sprayed this before adding the brick paper. Next steps are the roof and signage for the front (even though they won’t be seen). David
  7. Thanks Steve, I’ve added the fencing, car park lights and a bit of foliage to bed it in now; quite pleased how it’s fitting into the scene. David
  8. The office building is now finished. Next steps are landscaping and fences/walls around it to bed it in, and a very light touch of weathering. David
  9. Thanks, started on the corner of the roof now as well. David
  10. One more external wall still to add, but for a bit of variety I’ve started on the roof. David
  11. Or less cynically it’s because they are Skyping from their study, which is where their computer and books are... I spend all day in video meetings and tutorials, and my background is just the same, a wall of books, and I’m not attempting to look more learned than anyone else, I just - like any academic - have a lot of books! David
  12. Thanks all, The vehicles are a mix of Oxford and Tomytec - in Japan they sell collectible packs of cars, all Japanese manufacturers, but I got a set of four Nissan cars in 1:150 scale from ebay, much closer to UK N scale than European 1:160 models. David
  13. Thanks Nigel, Got a bit further with the building this evening, starting to feel more urban now. This is just a fun light bit of modelling really, but been very welcome to have a project to work on during the lockdown. One day I’ll build a proper layout again when I have time, space, and money. David
  14. Making a start on the office building this week - card, paper and acetate construction with a few office desks with monitors on just to give a hint of something going on inside. David
  15. More embankment work completed now. I’ve managed to order a printer cartridge so next week I can hopefully start on the next building. If not I’ve got four more OHLE gantries to make up which will keep me busy. David
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