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  1. I'm having the same thoughts at the moment as once I’ve moved I’ll have space for a layout in one of the spare bedrooms. This needs to have space for a sofa bed for when guests stay (remember when people did that?), so I’m caught between having the layout along one wall (this is N gauge), or do more of a temporary exhibition-type set up where multiple boards go across the room on trestles but get stored in a cupboard when the bed needs to be down. My problem with having it permanently up along one wall is reaching behind to the storage yard, so possibly having it on wheels to pull
  2. The window fitting is better on mine, though the black surrounds do indeed help further. I repeat that I am very happy to have my 92, and would consider buying a second if I didn’t already have a CJM one. The growing list of niggles is unfortunate though, and it has certainly raised an eyebrow regarding Rapido - I’m not seeing their reputation for excellence here. If I were Ben and Mike, I’d be rightfully pleased to bits with having produced the 92 as overall it’s a lovely and much needed model, but I’d also be a little more wary of using Rapido. The 321 is coming from
  3. I’m impressed how quickly you’re getting these models shipped! Once you’ve both had a short break, if you happen to start work on a new class 90 to the same spec as the 92 I’ll start waving money at you... David
  4. That was my first thought too. I’m surprised Rapido didn’t spot this during production, and while quite noticeable, it doesn’t ‘spoil’ the model for me. The dent and fit of that part, and the thick roof paint are only minor detractions from what is otherwise an excellent model. David
  5. Well mine has arrived and it’s a lovely model, though not without its faults - see below. The positives - good runner, factory fitted details on one end saving me a fiddly job, impressive cab and roof details and clear side printing, and the pantograph is excellent. The negatives - the blue paint in the roof well is very thick and means some of the roof detailing gets lost, and the whole top side piece seems to be ill-fitting with a gap at one end and a dent at the other. This appears to be a moulding issue as it affects the same part on the other side. Over
  6. Just had my dispatch email - very excited now! David
  7. I’m envious of your space! Another thing to consider is whether you want one enormous layout or several. Are your interests and existing stock one era or location specific, or would multiple layouts suit better? David
  8. It will be interesting to see what Kato’s future UK releases are, as they have stated they are intending on a range, so more than 1 release. The 800 is the perfect first model as many have pointed out due to the huge Japanese market interest. I wonder if future releases will have to be more expensive to account for lower sales if they become too UK-niche. How many Japanese modellers would buy a class 197 for example? The 395 would seem a sensible next step perhaps? David
  9. Massive looking things. Interesting that they are only available from Rails, not even through revolution, so a slightly different funding model. Just within the era I’m modelling so may have to save up for a rake of these. David
  10. You will need proper extraction for a laser cutter, especially if using MDF - the particles are carcinogenic. David
  11. As the Facebook page has “OO and N gauge” in its about details, this has got me intrigued. With Kato’s first British N model now available for pre-order, it’s great to see Rapido including N in their launch plans too. David
  12. Rails are offering pre orders for £169. Will be hard to resist at that price! A GWR set might be on trials near Rugby I suppose...? David
  13. The CAD render looks stunning and the website suggests there is an optional extra for interior lights. Im modelling WCML around 2005-2015 so I guess a TPE 802 if they do one later wouldn’t be too out of place... David
  14. Too modern and out of my geographical location, but I’d be very tempted by one of these. Good value at £180 as well. David
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