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  1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there - the imperfections would be identical so would be obviously fake. Although curiously manufacturer-weathered models are run together - wagons etc - without too much issue. David
  2. Scaling certainly makes it very challenging to get any surface imperfections right. What modellers choose to include/exclude or emphasise or exaggerate is fascinating as it reveals the artistry in making a convincing model. Does it ‘look’ right being much more important than being exact in many ways. The same argument goes for speed, train length, etc. I’d be interested in seeing this attempted though, but unlikely to be from a RTR manufacturer it seems. David
  3. Watching a video of a class 90 the other day made me realise how pockmarked and bumpy the metal panels of all but the latest locomotives and rolling stock really are. Take an HST for example, with its distinctive panel-beaten look. Models however are always smooth, and it made me wonder - there is a demand for paint weathering but so far nobody has released a locomotive that has the dented surface detailing of the real thing. is this something modellers might want to see? Certainly in O gauge this would be visible, and probably effective in OO as well. Could fully realistic surface detailing of all the various imperfections be the next step in super detailing and weathering or is the smooth but unrealistic perfection of current models more strongly desired? I guess it comes down to what we are each modelling - reality or a sort of perfect imaginary world… David
  4. That’s encouraging, I may consider one in that case! Thanks! David
  5. A great improvement, but this is of course ridiculous that people are having to repaint brand new models to correct the errors… David
  6. Having seen the colour of the NR version, I think I’ll be passing, it is a very strange almost orangey yellow. With the errors on these and the Mk3 sleepers it’s not exactly inspiring me with any confidence in Dapol at the moment… David
  7. I’ll be keen to hear your thoughts on them, whether the motors have been upgraded etc. I may be tempted by one if they don’t wobble like my old SWT one did! David
  8. Dapol have announced a new run of 58s. Look to be similar liveries as before. Would have been interesting to have done some in the HS1 construction and export liveries as well. David
  9. Oh dear lord, have we finally reached the stage where even non-announcements are being announced in advance…? David
  10. I despair that underneath posts filled with photographs of plenty of new models such as the 319, cut 47, sound locos and the hoppers, and with the 69 announced, plus several new models such as the 31 having reached the shops over past 12 months, this narrative that Farish have abandoned N gauge still persists, seemingly invading every mention of the manufacturer in every thread. If it really is the case that ‘announcements’ are worth more to the hobby than actual models in our hands, then it is not Farish killing N gauge, but the modellers. Farish have a backlog and evident production slot issues, but there remains a steady stream of new models coming out, and until that is caught up no there won’t be anything else announced. Some people really do seem to live and breathe the old saying that every silver lining has a cloud… David
  11. If so few people were wearing masks I am glad I passed this year. Looks like it was a good show given the circumstances and I agree this year can’t be held as an example of the norm. I’m glad it was organised well and that those who attended enjoyed themselves, and hope the traders who went made enough money to make it worth while. David
  12. Those 47s look astoundingly good. The under frame detail especially. lovely to see all the new stuff coming soon! David
  13. Didn’t see that one coming! Fascinating! David
  14. My dream choices precisely, though I’m expecting at least one announcement to be a wagon. David
  15. Having been staying near Peterborough for a week, I called into Trains4U and was pleasantly surprised by the n gauge selection. There was actually stock to browse, which is rare in shops these days. In an excellent 2nd hand cabinet I spotted this Mk2 in Network Rail which had completely passed me by as I had no idea Farish had ever released it. It will look great with my Mk1 and class 37 but the difference in ride height compared to the Mk1 is a little alarming! David
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