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  1. I’ve made a start anglicising the Tomytec trucks, respraying the boxes and painting over the Japanese number plates. They really are beautiful models and being 1:150 scale really fit British N gauge far better than the easier to source European models. First up is the Bunzl truck, a simple white repaint with decals added: Then a Brakes Bros. food truck, again a simple spray and decal job: The smaller flat trucks have had the containers removed and two converted into car carrying trucks to go with the auto r
  2. Well the vehicle issue turned out to be an easy one to fix - I found a full box of the series 11 Tomytec truck collection that even including postal charges from Japan cost only £6 for each truck. The larger vans will need a minor bit of repainting and the flatbed trucks modified to given them drop sides and more suitable loads (don’t think I’ve ever seen those 15’ containers on a truck in the UK before...), but these should really work on the layout. David
  3. Very jealous of that layout room! Hoping to have mine set up by the autumn. David
  4. As ever in N gauge it looks like vehicles are going to be a problem. I have a growing collection of Oxford transit vans, and their Range Rover and Mercedes, plus a small range of Tomytec cars at 1:150 scale. I had hoped to purchase more of the Tomytec cars and some of the truck collection to get mid-size commercial vehicles for the layout. Looking at prices on eBay, this looks unlikely given what used to be £15 trucks now seem to cost between £50 and £90 each!! Whether this is a lockdown demand thing or a Brexit thing I have no idea. With that in mind I’ve dug out my b
  5. Hi Mark, there will probably be buildings of some kind at the back, just not on the scale of the warehouse. More to suggest this is the edge of town and things are petering out in that direction. David
  6. After more deliberation I’ve decided to remove the warehouse completely and leave the land open - probably a larger car park and bits of yard. This just clears more space and feels more realistic for the setting, and also really focuses attention on the ROC. Unusual for me to have fewer buildings on a layout given it’s what I enjoy making the most, but I think the layout will benefit. David
  7. I’ve started making sketch models of the buildings for the layout, trying to find a balance between their sizes as part of the overall composition. The first large warehouse building seemed fine until I compared it to the ROC, and it was too tall - the ROC needs to be the centre point of the layout that draws attention. So I lopped off the first floor and now it seems a good height, although the roof needs shrinking and flattening a lot more. David
  8. Settling in to the new house, plenty of things are taking priority before converting the study into the model railway room, but to keep my modelling activities going through the year, an important job was to draw out the layout plan to exact size now I know the dimensions of the room. This has meant a slight condensing of the original plan, as I have 8’3” length to play with rather than the nominal 9’ I had planned for. I think I can still fit in everything I wanted, even allowing for more generous radii on the hidden curves to accommodate the centre overhang of stock such as the 3
  9. The buffer stops turned up today, and surprisingly the trackside lights I drew up arrived from Shapeways when I only ordered them on Sunday. Quite pleased with them, but lots of fiddly painting to be done now! David
  10. More on my buddleia experiments now - having tried various combinations of tuft/pva dunk/scenic powder I think I’m fairly happy with these. I inadvertently discovered I could make ragwort as well, and I think when placed carefully on the layout sprouting from the ballast, using different size tufts and all sprayed with a bit of a wash to dull the colours down a little, this could work. David
  11. Something that has impressed me since ‘returning’ to the hobby after a long gap is the growth of cottage industry manufacturers in N gauge. The availability of desktop 3D printers and reasonably affordable laser cutters has certainly seen an explosion in the range of useful detailing supplies - especially for lineside details. A downside is of course that anyone with a 3D printer or laser cutter can sell stuff online - so I am finding checking the quality of what is offered is vital. Case in point - some laser cut concrete cable troughs arrived today, and nice as they are, they are
  12. My next project is working out the best way to make lots (and lots) of buddleia. I’ve tried a quick test to see whether tufts, clumps or bushes work best, simply painted with some yellow enamel (I don’t have any purple paint). Tufts seem to have the closest overall appearance, but the tips are too thin to look like the flowers, so I’ve ordered some much larger versions and some purple scenic scatter to dip them in to try a more accurate iteration. Making sure they look realistic but not too gaudy is going to be tricky I think. David
  13. Another small job this week has been repairing my GSMR mast and cabin. As the prototype for the 3D print I put on Shapeways, it was never detailed, and the mast snapped off a few years ago. I made a new mast by cutting down an old paintbrush, added a triangular metal section from a kit of the Voyager space probe, and some styrene strip. A bit of painting, some decals and a light weather and this is good as new again. David
  14. It’s used infrequently in architectural modelmaking for bases, but I’ve not seen it used for building detail this precisely. The trick will be if everything can be aligned accurately enough at such a small scale. I’m going to try printing then lasering and vice versa to see which works best as I need the panel engraving to align with the printed blocks of colour. David
  15. Having finally moved house a few weeks ago, I’ve now unpacked all my modelmaking boxes and given my stock a test run on a circle of set track. It’s going to be a while until the model room is ready - it’s currently fitted out as an office and I’m using at as such while working from home still, but I now have accurate measurements so I can draw the final layout plan up soon - I just need to lop 4 inches off the length but can add 2 to the width. I had planned on making the ROC model over the new year, but with lockdown closing the campus again I haven’t been able to do the laser cut
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