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  1. This is stunning news! I will have to save some pennies for this and the Dapol loco! David
  2. Goodness me, those visible wires look awful. A shame they have had to make so many compromises to get the model out. Perhaps would have been best to have just dropped it. David
  3. A useful development, but I was hoping Dapol would announce the Mk5s, which are replacing these, and will be pulled by the 68s (day version) with a DVT. David
  4. I don’t have a problem with more being made - it’s a great model and the demand will hopefully encourage more WCML layouts which are of course the best! David
  5. The entire museums sector is undergoing massive change at present, and it is clear that the NRM is struggling financially. This rebrand, whatever RMWeb posters think of it, is clearly an attempt to attract more people. I would caution 'enthusiasts' from thinking they are the main aim of this museum too - museum visitor profiles are generally skewed massively towards families in search of entertainment (and with the free entry, a low cost day out). Museums really are stuck in a horrible situation - most visitors have only a casual interest in their subject matter, want highly expensive interactive entertainment features, but also want it all for free. This is why the amount of space given over to shops and food outlets is increasing almost everywhere. They have to get money from somewhere! I certainly wouldn't like to be running a museum given the present circumstances. Balancing current visitor expectations with their traditional education, heritage and preservation roles, all within an extremely challenging financial situation, it must be truly awful. From my own perspective, they can brand it whatever they like as long as it keeps it going in some form. Preserving the exhibits and archives, even if it has to be hid behind a smearing of consumerist entertainment and retail for a while, is surely the most important thing. David
  6. Single use is the big hint in the phrase - models won't be affected at all, but packaging will be. David
  7. Having given the 390 a run in this afternoon, I couldn’t be happier. Very smooth runner and extremely powerful. 30% power is fast enough! Itching to get on with making a layout for it now David
  8. Well I collected mine this morning, and although I haven't been able to run it yet, I am absolutely delighted. Just the box itself is gorgeous! The level of detail is very impressive, and totally captures the real thing. I do have two minor criticisms though, one quality control related, another construction related. Firstly, there are one or two paint imperfections, obviously where dust has fallen into the paint as it was being sprayed (Rapido's factory move was for this very reason). Secondly, the coach ends were evidently molded in red plastic before being painted black, and where there is a slight misalignment in the lower side edges, a strip of red is visible. If this were black plastic, or the rear of those pieces had also been painted, this would not be visible. These are admittedly minor minor niggles, and won't in anyway spoil my enjoyment of the model. Assuming the front overhang doesn't catch on the tunnels, I should be able to give this a run in on my dads layout over the weekend when I visit. This model really will sit pride of place in my collection, and in many ways I now feel that collection is now complete. If I never bought another model, I am now in possession of all the West Coast stock I wanted. Huge thanks to Ben and Mike, and Rapido for making this. It was a model I honestly didn't think I would ever see in RTR in N. I'll post an update on it running later during the weekend. David
  9. I had the red card through the letter box when I got home, so will have to wait until Saturday to collect mine. Handy that I m off visiting my parents straight after as it means I can give it a run on one of my dad's layouts! David
  10. Crikey, has it been that long? That means I've been on the forum for 11 years myself. A very happy anniversary to Andy! Amazing to have seen how the site has grown, and might I add, a dramatic improvement in the manners of the participants over the years. Those early days...yikes! It was like the comments section on the Daily Fail website most days. Too many two-finger typing wars. David
  11. A triumph! Congrats to Ben and Mike - incredible to think this started as "who else would like a Pendolino?" and now here they are for real. Just goes to show a rare positive side of the Internet. David
  12. I'd be happy with a 'railroad' range in N if it means lower costs. it used to be that if you wanted to appreciate a beautifully detailed loco you'd model in OO, and if you wanted full length trains in the landscape, N. Now the N gauge models seem almost as detailed as OO ones, which makes them look great in magazine and online photos, but....running round a layout does a highly detailed (and expensive) Dapol Mk 3 coach look significantly better than a much cheaper older Farish one once you've stuck seats in it? I'm well aware the price increases are not simply manufacturers fleecing us, the cost of making these models has risen dramatically over the past 15 years. But perhaps they need to take a note from toy manufacturers who start with the price point and design something that they can make a profit out of when sold at that price. £80 rrrp for an intermodal wagon pair is quite horrifying when I think about it. As I said before though, we moan about the constantly, yet it doesn't seem to affect anything - those that can afford to pay these prices will, the rest of us are just thankful we already have a decent collection of rolling stock. I do feel sorry for someone starting out in the hobby today though, and as Ash39 said above, it does suggest difficult times for the hobby if younger modellers are priced out. David
  13. For me these prices are now no longer affordable. Even when I return to full time work after my PhD is completed, £240 for a 350 is still over the limit I’d be prepared to pay. It will have to be an extra special release to get me to spend that land on cash now (pendolino was an example of this). What worries me even more though is that these price increases, for whatever their reasons, just don’t seem to be slowing the hobby down as we’ve been saying this over and over for the past 10 years. This means a lot of people are quite happy to pay such prices, meaning there is little demand to lower them, potentially forever pricing out those without substantial disposable incomes. A dangerous move to elitism by accident? David
  14. Crikey, well I'm sure if you need extra manpower, there will be plenty of crowdfunders who'd be happy to pop up and help with the packing and shipping. David
  15. Weren’t you using Kernow to send these out? Going to be a lot of long days and nights if you both are doing this yourselves! David
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