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  1. A Mk4 set in ATW livery would be a nice one to do as well if Dapol could do a matching 68. Loco-wise, the 91 seems a sensible bet but I’m still holding out for a 90 - I’d be buying several of those! David
  2. So as part of the N gauge forum’s online show, Revolution have hinted at some future N gauge models: A new locomotive to be announced soon, Another set of coaching stock after the Mk5s (my bet would be Mk4s), A period DMU to use the 128 chassis, Another EMU to use the 321 chassis (please be a 325!). Exciting times ahead… David
  3. With several months at least before the railway room will be ready for me to start building the baseboards, I’ve been getting a bit frustrated as there is very little modelling that I can do until then. I have a full box of OHLE parts, signals, lamps, fences, buffers, and other assorted trackside details, and can’t think of anything else that I can get making - other than more buildings, which I really want to see the actual spaces on the layout before committing to. Other than gathering some bits together and imagining trains passing by, I’ve been making lists of my existing stock and thinking about how I will use the storage yard, but when I do finally get started on the baseboards I think there’s a lot of pent up modelling that is likely to burst forth and speed things along! David
  4. Perhaps another edition when London Bridge is finished? This is something I wish more people did, almost like a return to the days of zines - only today with modellers producing their own publications showcasing their work. Imagine how popular a while zine dedicated to Copenhagen Fields would be… David
  5. This is going to quite difficult to navigate - but then general life is going to be too. Will I feel comfortable in a supermarket queue with nobody wearing masks and standing up close to me? Will I avoid public places and events more once restrictions are lifted than now? The challenge for exhibitions is to very clearly advertise their safety measures and then we can make an informed decision based on their plans. I’d like to get to the N gauge show in September, but as of now, if there are no restrictions at all, I certainly wouldn’t go. That said, I need several months of getting used to Joe Public coughing over me and invading my personal space again, and seeing hard evidence that thousands more people aren’t being killed before I know for certain my intentions. If it really is safe, if the vaccines prevent mass spreading of new variants, and by going to exhibitions and other events without restrictions I am not wracked with fear of killing my mum when I see her, then maybe life and exhibition attendance will return to normal. Time will tell, but this is an awful big gamble the country is taking… David
  6. Great news, particularly as this is a wagon you could just buy one or two of to add to an existing train, as I will to run with my falcons. A much needed break from the need to spend hundreds of pounds in one go whenever a new rake of wagons are available to pre-order. David
  7. Interesting - that must give Farish pretty much a class 56 to release as well - I wonder if Dapol know something we don’t as they are re-releasing theirs. Will a Farish 56 be announced in the autumn? David
  8. Mine has arrived and it looks excellent. It is exactly what I always hoped the N Gauge Society journal would be but never is - inspirational layouts and practical articles that are actually educational. David
  9. That does looks stunning. I may have to find an excuse to run one of the Northern ones down to the midlands… David
  10. Possibly splitting the series? Post production is taking longer these days so hopefully back again in a few weeks maybe? David
  11. My next project is a bit of rolling stock work. I’ve never been happy with the gap on the 350s once the front coupling is removed, so I’ve installed some Dapol shaufenberg couplers. And I’ve started a slow process of revisiting some of my 3D prints. Coming up to 10 years old now, there has been some crystallisation on the surface of a couple of them, and my painting of them was done in haste. To begin with I’ve stripped down and sanded back the 09-3X bodies. Once painted a better match for NR yellow I will begin to re-detail them and put the motor back in. After that, the Harsco Rail Grinder will get the same treatment, and some new decals as you can now buy them commercially, so much higher quality than my home printed versions. The UFM 160 will also be revisited. These should look good parked on the layout next to the ROC or trundling through the yard. David
  12. The report states that one national brand (sub brand for Wales) will use an updated version of the BR double arrow and will replace current liveries as and when they need repainting. David
  13. Sounds like a similar set up to TFL. For the modeller this will herald a big change, and possibly not a good one for manufacturers, as it will operate as one brand. This means one livery I suspect, so fewer variations of a model to sell. David
  14. Thanks everyone, Today I have added the etched railings on the front edge of the roof. I still need to add the missing letters on the other end, a T and an A, but that can wait until I do the next bit of laser cutting for the next building. David
  15. This looks to be a stunning model, and I’m sorely tempted even though it’s the wrong region and era! The colour looks fine to my eyes, especially given all the vinyls have badly faded already compared to the painted sets. I do hope they do the 802 in TPE as that I won’t be able to resist even though still too modern. David
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