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  1. Is there any designation to distinguish between corridor and open configurations, or were they all corridor?
  2. I understand from last night's Spotlight that track lifting has commenced and will take a couple of months.
  3. In the book Sur les rails des Causses et des Cévennes (page 61) there are two photos of ex-PLM six-wheelers on a Beziers-Bedarieux train, hauled by BB electrics.
  4. David, I've requested the Encyclopedie from the FRS library via Roger. I might be in touch about the dossiers, but for now I think I have enough info to work with. Joseph, I've got some 6-wheel stock (Fleischmann) and will consider some detached couchettes.
  5. After nationalisation, would coaches have stayed mostly in the area of their previous owners, or did they become a bit 'common user'? Or to put another way, should I try and stick with Midi-purchased vehicles, or would (say) PO or PLM coaches be acceptable?
  6. Many thanks all, useful stuff. I've just seen a copy of Encyclopdie des Voitures SNCF on AbeBooks for £232! I'll keep a lookout for copies of the Le Train references - I'll need much the same for the DEV AO stock as well in due course. I might try through the FRS as well after checking the Le Train catalogue. This is a bit like a French modeller researching Maunsells, Bulleids and Mk1s!
  7. I've been doing some research into OCEM coaches for my 1950s/60s ex-Midi layout. It's a bit of a minefield to say the least, and I'm hoping I can call on the wider knowledge of this community to help. My understanding is that the basic classifications refer to class and number of bays/compartments, so that for example an A3B5 is a compo with 3 first and 5 second compartments, and a C10 is a 10-compartment 3rd; and that the overall length and bogie-to-bogie wheelbase can vary depending on the configuration. Then we have early coaches with visible rivets and later ones with flush plating. Am I r
  8. Hi Phil Not a lot really has changed since Scaleforum a year ago, as documented above. Last autumn the team a) had a rest, and b) developed a plan to continue development and make improvements based on our experience at Scaleforum. Some activities were started, such as improving how the curved boards at the ends were supported so as to give better height adjustment and reduce set-up and break-down times. But then other global events happened, and with lockdown and the layout being stored in different places not much has happened since. On the other hand I did make a sol
  9. Amongst the many fascinating photos on this topic was this little gem I'd never seen autorail remorques with this kind of motive power before. Here's my take on it - another handy train variant!
  10. I recently acquired some extracts from a 1950 station plan, very kindly provided by Glen Woods, which includes a wealth of information on platforms, footbridges and buildings, signal and crossing positions etc. I've had the station area bit photo-enlarged (about x4.5) to get it to 4mm scale. This morning John helped me to set some of the boards up to try it out for size You can't tell from this but it is pleasingly very close to my Templot plan. Next time I can add the station junction board and finally finalise (for the final time) platforms and plain track alignments
  11. Hi Philip, good to hear from you. The foam is 50mm thick. Points will be operated on the surface, possibly via one or more lever frames depending on the geometry, possibly by simple wire and tube. The maxim will be simplicity and convenience.
  12. https://www.scaleforum.org/
  13. Not my Eridge, although I retain an interest. It should be 'appearing' at the virtual Scaleforum on 26 September.
  14. The hiatus has extended a bit, partly because of But I have bought a new Roco shunter for the back siding to replace a Jouef 61000
  15. Between May and the end of July I started on my long-held ambition to build Lewes in P4, to go between (!) Balcombe/Ouse Viaduct and Eridge. Here's a series of progress photos which should be largely self-explanatory, but feel free to ask if you need more clarification. In summary: Time period 1950s/early 60s Baseboards of pink insulation board with 6mm ply trackbed, augmented with 3mm cork, and 4mm ply sides Thin ply sleeper and rivet construction, plus plastic chairs, and steel rail, initially using components from P4Track Company turnout kits fo
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