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  1. Consolidated video of Scaleforum 2019
  2. Hi, many thanks and yes it is, I recently put up some film of Eridge at that show. We did one more show (Carshalton & Sutton) with Eridge in that form; it was then dismantled because of baseboard warpage and rebuilt. The new version hasn't been to any shows yet but I filmed it in its clubroom in late 2016. There is an infrequent blog on it at
  3. Responses from the FRS forum pointed me at Precision (I thought someone did European colours) who have some left in their 'clearance' section but not both the ones I need; more promisingly it was suggested that Halford's Hyundai Electric Red and Ford Ivory might be good substitutes - certainly easier to get hold of.
  4. Is there a source of railway colours (enamel or acrylic) covering French stock? Or even close equivalent car paint. For now I'm looking for SNCF autorail red and cream. TIA
  5. Thanks guys, considering I came out of hospital with my left arm basically a dead weight hanging off my shoulder the brain has done a good job rewiring itself Terminator-style. Could have been a lot worse. I can't quite do really intricate stuff yet but with the assistance of as many jigs as I can lay my hands on I hope to do most things and be back to 'normal' in a few months.
  6. Having been largely incapacitated from modelling since July following a mild stroke, my wallet has been doing most of the work. Some early (riveted) OCEM coaches (Jouef, from Ebay) Later OCEM coaches by ModelsWorld DEV AO coaches by REE Postal coach by LS Models Pair of Piko 67400s The larger Italian cypress trees were made by John Farmer; the other trees are by MBR in Poland. My left arm and hand have now recovered sufficiently to start work on the fiddle yards. These are 5 ft long and will be cassette-based, with the main boards being Kingspan foam from Wickes faced with 4mm ply. I hope to be able to get back to real modelling (ogives, signals etc) in the coming weeks.
  7. Hi David Yep, that's it - I obviously missed that photo. The Liliput pair includes a C10 like that - the angled section between the side and door is characteristic - and a similar A2B6 composite with the first class in the centre. Many thanks!
  8. A follow-up non-OCEM question. I have two Liliput coaches ref. L350006 which, despite having the FRS' copy of Encyclopedie des Voitures SNCF in front of me, I just can't identify. They have inset end doors only, riveted sides (but may be rebuilt), square-cornered widows and nearly arc-roofed profile without any downturn at the ends. They have some characteristics of Bastille coaches but otherwise I'm a bit stuck. Does anyone know what they are? I can put photos up if necessary. One thing the encyclopedie doesn't have is tables of coaches by running number - maybe they just changed too often to make it a practicable proposition! Thanks and festive wishes
  9. Is there any designation to distinguish between corridor and open configurations, or were they all corridor?
  10. I understand from last night's Spotlight that track lifting has commenced and will take a couple of months.
  11. In the book Sur les rails des Causses et des Cévennes (page 61) there are two photos of ex-PLM six-wheelers on a Beziers-Bedarieux train, hauled by BB electrics.
  12. David, I've requested the Encyclopedie from the FRS library via Roger. I might be in touch about the dossiers, but for now I think I have enough info to work with. Joseph, I've got some 6-wheel stock (Fleischmann) and will consider some detached couchettes.
  13. After nationalisation, would coaches have stayed mostly in the area of their previous owners, or did they become a bit 'common user'? Or to put another way, should I try and stick with Midi-purchased vehicles, or would (say) PO or PLM coaches be acceptable?
  14. Many thanks all, useful stuff. I've just seen a copy of Encyclopdie des Voitures SNCF on AbeBooks for £232! I'll keep a lookout for copies of the Le Train references - I'll need much the same for the DEV AO stock as well in due course. I might try through the FRS as well after checking the Le Train catalogue. This is a bit like a French modeller researching Maunsells, Bulleids and Mk1s!
  15. I've been doing some research into OCEM coaches for my 1950s/60s ex-Midi layout. It's a bit of a minefield to say the least, and I'm hoping I can call on the wider knowledge of this community to help. My understanding is that the basic classifications refer to class and number of bays/compartments, so that for example an A3B5 is a compo with 3 first and 5 second compartments, and a C10 is a 10-compartment 3rd; and that the overall length and bogie-to-bogie wheelbase can vary depending on the configuration. Then we have early coaches with visible rivets and later ones with flush plating. Am I right so far? The research has led to some other questions: 1) How long did the three-class system persist on the SNCF? 2) The OCEM classifications also include lower case code sequences such as 'yfi' - what do these mean? 3) Did secondary route trains have to have a brake vehicle? Is there a typical set of formations? 4) Is there a reference or book on this, similar to the HMRS book on Mk1s? I don't need too many coaches, but I'd like to get appropriate ones. For example I know the Midi bought 20 A8, 20 B9 and 150 C10 rivets-showing coaches; and 20 A3B5, 10 A8 and 15 C5D (?) flush-plated coaches. Models World do a set of three C10s, or at least Jura Modelisme/Million do; how do I know if these are riveted or not? REE, LS Models and R37 also seem to do various types. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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