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  1. Mike King does drawings for most if not all of those.
  2. Thanks - I had seen that before but there's no harm in asking, otherwise they would have taken them off the catalogue.
  3. Does anyone know if these or something similar can be obtained anywhere in 4mm scale? Just scale non-working ones. TIA
  4. Lewisham Road station was still there in May 2018 at least, according to Google Street View, although the roof is looking like it could do with some TLC. I lived in Tressillian Road from 1956-1970 overlooking the Nunhead line - in those days it was a scout hut.
  5. I never knew there was a trailing crossover between the Lewisham lines so late on. This would have been taken out when the platforms were extended under the 10-car scheme.
  6. Interesting to see the signal box in that location in the 'V' of the junction. Later on it was replaced in the location where the Greenwich Park bridge connected to the embankment beyond (which you can make out in the third from last photo in my previous post). As for the 4DDs, it wasn't so much Charing Cross but London Bridge and Waterloo East as the problem stations for transit times.
  7. I dug out an old spotting notebook, and on 19 July 1966 I must have spent several hours on St Johns taking EMU numbers (that must make me a bit odd ...). The vast majority were EPBs, either 8-coach or 10-coach with 2EPB strengtheners. Also several trains of HAPs, although I probably didn't get all the numbers of the inside units travelling at speed. Hastings DMUs of course, and a number of 12CEP formations (with the occasional CEP/BEP/CEP. The most notable recordings were a number of hybrid 6CORs in the 3040 series, made up from disbanded 6PANs and 6PULs from the Central section. I have no record of what routes they were on, but I imagine they were running on the same services as the CEPs. No locomotives or non-passenger trains were recorded that day (which was a Tuesday).
  8. Blimey, that's an understatement! What do you plan for all the EPBs? Then there's the HAPs on the longer Medway services, DMUs to Hastings etc (I might have some CWNs somewhere). Are you including the Nunhead line? Transfer freights to and from Hither Green, in diesel days mostly local 33s, 73s; 25s from the LMR; and 15s, 16s and 31s from the ER.
  9. No problem, glad they were useful. I haven't got them, but the Middleton Press books 'Charing Cross to Orpington' and 'London Bridge to Addiscombe' apparently have some photos of St Johns. There will also be 1:10,000/6 inch and larger scale historical OS maps available. Lewisham libraries (if they haven't all been closed down ...) may still have a local history archive section.
  10. Hi Ian, how are you doing? Yes, that is quite right. We also had the Dartford services via Bexleyheath and Blackheath/Woolwich, and services to Hayes and Addiscombe. As you say, most trains didn't stop at St Johns - my dad told a story of jumping on a train at New Cross asking the passenger inside "does this go to St Johns?". "Yes" came the reply, adding (when it was pulling out) "but it doesn't stop there".
  11. Nice photo. These next five were taken on 10 January 1968, probably on an Agfa Iso-something (cheap). It was dull, so I've tried to give a bit more contrast to the snow scenes. They're fairly self-explanatory. Apologies for the vertical line down the centre of all these, a glitch on my scanner. The following five were taken on the same day as your opening photo, 27 July 1968. They may have been taken on a slightly better camera such as an Agfa Super Sillette. 4DD 4001 leading the 0737 Slade Green to Charing Cross, a regular turn for the DD units at that time. Sorry about the flare, pushing an extra frame out of the roll of film! JB E6044 which must have been pretty new. Hastings DMU 1037. 17 August 1968 taken from the 0940 Charing Cross - Hastings. Lucky to catch a transfer freight to Hither Green on the Nunhead line above. Same day, from the returning 10.43 Hastings-Charing Cross These last two I don't know when they were taken, nor what exactly was going on. Could be any time between 1968 and 1970 (when we moved away).
  12. PS not quite true, earlier in 1968 I took virtually the same view in snow, and if you're interested I have a dozen or so pics at St Johns in January and July of that year. These were the ones I originally posted on here. I've found them, but I will have to rescan them first. The photo you initially posted is dated 29 July 1968. See also Peter Tatlow's book 'St John's Lewisham 50 years on – restoring the traffic' (Oakwood) about the 1958 accident and the aftermath.
  13. The above is a previous reference to my original post on the old forum which is where presumably the image was taken from, but the link doesn't work so presumably it's lost. Some of the pictures from the same time are included in my article in Southern Way 42 on the Greenwich Park branch. Thanks for the appreciation of the photo, I was pleased with it (as a 14 year old with a cheap Agfa camera!). At the time St Johns was my local station and I used to commute to school in central London from there. I didn't take any others of that subject I'm afraid.
  14. Erm, that's actually my photograph. I think I've posted it on here before, is that where you got it? Taken in 1968. I may have the exact date on the original. Apart from occasional engineer's vehicles and Class 73 the most notable occupant I saw there was the leading undamaged coach of the Hastings diesel set following the 1968 Hither Green crash.
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