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  1. Given we know it's a Corkerhill loco, pic 2 has something of the Nith Valley about it. Nice work as always Mark.
  2. I don't really see any problem at Stranraer per se. Sure it's at the wrong end of the pier to the town centre, but few people will be commuting into the town by rail, as the next station is Barrhill. People choosing to head out of Stranraer by rail probably aren't fussed too much if there's adequate parking and if the town bus services link the station to the town centre and housing areas. As there's little else on the pier now, one would hope that parking was available. Surely rail could be an attractive "easy option" compared to driving or being rattled around in a bus to th
  3. OK, so most pics turned out to be St Enoch-Ayr/Girvan workings but on shed at Stranraer I found pics of 73077/079/102. Caprotti 73145 seems to have been south of Girvan a few times towards the end of its days. 73100 possibly the only one I've seen recorded on the PP&W, coupled inside a black 5 on Stranraer Town to Dumfries which I think was in one of the books on your 'bedspread' and possibly my favourite for your scenario 73009 allegedly standing in for a DMU in the bitter cold of February 1963 at Barrhill - that's in 'On G&SW Lines'. There's a couple of ho
  4. There's another pic on Railscot of the same train at roughly the same position headed by a GSYP Class 27 and similar Standard 5 - so that dates it quite well as, what post yellow panels so 1962 approx and pre singling of the Hawkhill curve quoted as 1965. Additionally, many references to the closure of the Port Road describe Anglo-Scottish boat trains being diverted via Mauchline. Which implies Ayr Hawkhill Jct - Annbank - Mauchline and regular workings over that curve. I can't immediately recall seeing a picture of such a working actually on the Ayr-Mauchline line, but there may
  5. Dan, I could be wrong but I read it as the N.Irishman being through coaches for London, whereas the other columns in the timetable are showing connections with departure times from London and Glasgow to meet each train at Dumfries. Could be wrong though.
  6. There is a sensitivity about taking on a layout as a 'second owner'. I understand it, having been in that position for almost a decade now albeit without having the added complication of the high profile nature of Retford. I've done a fair amount of work and upkeep to the layout since it came North, but I have always been careful to respect the original modellers' design and creation. Whether my input has been driven by a desire to improve accuracy or just through personal preference, anytime I've written about my progress I have been careful about how it may be read as a refle
  7. Six-wheel fish van to the rear of this goods train - no saying it's actually carrying seafood but certainly seen on the PP&W and there's all the justification you could want: https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/39601597742/in/album-72157689678658815/ As for Stranraer - was pleasantly surprised when I took a wander round town a few months ago, the town centre much healthier than I expected. The station and harbour are rather sad looking though. Plenty of nice villages and coastline nearby too, just make sure you get the weather right.
  8. You can always cast a blind eye to it if, like me you prefer the mixed traffic livery. Yes, I did 46479 from the same base model as you have here, it needs a makeover and that might be a good project for these times. Hope you make it up to Appin in the end, the midges will be in need of a good feed ;-)
  9. Hi Mark You must have a few of these little beauties by now? Here's my vote for it's ID: https://www.transporttreasury.com/p814816928/hbce61ac6#hbce61ac6 https://www.transporttreasury.com/p814816928/hbce14aad#hbce14aad
  10. Beautiful work as always. What workings will this be employed on - is this for the convoluted passenger and parcels diagram? Regards, The not-quite-so-old yin
  11. Buildings demolished and site cleared last time I passed.
  12. I didn't ask the question but it certainly looked to be the same, blue painted example. May have been an unpainted body shell there too, can't quite recall.
  13. I rather liked that, thought it's brief inclusion in one of the freights as though being transferred from works to one of the pits was a nice idea
  14. Troon to Belfast was run using faster vessels (memorably the "SeaCat" service, but also I think P&O worked this route). Seem to recall the saving in land travel time was offset by extra time on water. Really those who want or need speed will fly Glasgow/Edinburgh to Belfast. I wonder whether the Navy would welcome a bridge between English waters and the Clyde.
  15. Hi Mark 1mm x 1mm brass angle from Eileen's is my choice for tie bars. Can't remember who put me onto it but it is a bit more robust than flat strip, and hard to see the difference if you put the horizontal leg pointing inwards, at the bottom.
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