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  1. My reaction to the unfolding Covid situation last year, despite being of good health and in my mid thirties, was to make out a quick crib sheet of what I had and where my family could seek help in either selling or finding good homes for my models if the worst happened. Yes, both. As far as I know the Brassmasters kit is the 'best' route to a long firebox Jubilee - a loco that is very conspicuous by its absence on my layout. Too difficult for my skill levels (now and in the short to medium term) and too expensive to break into a source of parts to mix with other kits or
  2. This view will be spectacular. I love the generous use of space and how the scenery is going to dwarf the train - the only way to really capture this prototype location I guess.
  3. Hi John, Hornby seem to have produced both the rivetted and welded variants of the LMS bogies, and you've got an example of each. I'm pretty sure they've always issued their coaches with matching bogies at each end, but I dare say stranger things happened on the prototype. The books lead me to believe the LMS built coaches with each type of bogie concurrently.
  4. The recent 'bookazine' (effectively a compilation of what would otherwise form individual articles) from the Hornby Magazine publishers on the subject of modelling engineer's wagons is the first publication I've bought in a long time, other than the MRJ. It opened my eyes a bit as to what the mainstream publishers can still produce, and I would welcome further similar works. Somehow, I don't feel that the internet has yet equalled the printed press. Forums and facebook type sites offer piecemeal content frequently thinly spread amongst in-jokes and off topic discussion. All the
  5. Take the mechanicals out of crashed Teslas etc and fit them within locomotive tenders, consulting some Hornby and Lima designers from the 1970s-80s if necessary. That should still leave space for a sound chip and speakers within the redundant coal space.
  6. https://railphotoprints.uk/p968868046/h24EEB274#h24eeb274 Presumably the same train, just a few miles south beyond Barrhill. It's a lovely photo.
  7. Have to admit, I only noticed after one of mine started to part company from the main body shell!
  8. Another variation included by Hornby is in the front buffer beams, some are flush, some have (protruding) rivets depicted. Interested in the tender variations, particularly to learn (or re-learn if I ever did know) more about the part-welded version. I must have a look at your alterations to the tender chassis Ray - mine certainly 'drag' a lot more than I would like. For all Hornby's Black Five is starting to show its age against more modern models, I can forgive my fleet many sins given how easily I've converted them to EM, and how smooth the running qualities are. I
  9. Several 67B Hurlford crews seemed to have great pride in 'their' 2Ps, with smokebox door hinges polished or painted, or even in one case outlined in white. Similarly the buffers. Other exGSW sheds seemed less mad with the paint and polish, from a quick straw poll of my (parochial) library I don't see any Ayr or Ardrossan examples embellished in the same way. 40608, 661, 665 and 688 fall immediately to hand. I have a pic of 40621 on shed at 67A in less run-down condition (can't post due to copyright) the smokebox is in shadow but it doesn't seem to have any 'decoration'
  10. In respect of tarpaulin lettering and numbering, does anyone know a source of suitable transfers to assist in this task?
  11. Given we know it's a Corkerhill loco, pic 2 has something of the Nith Valley about it. Nice work as always Mark.
  12. I don't really see any problem at Stranraer per se. Sure it's at the wrong end of the pier to the town centre, but few people will be commuting into the town by rail, as the next station is Barrhill. People choosing to head out of Stranraer by rail probably aren't fussed too much if there's adequate parking and if the town bus services link the station to the town centre and housing areas. As there's little else on the pier now, one would hope that parking was available. Surely rail could be an attractive "easy option" compared to driving or being rattled around in a bus to th
  13. OK, so most pics turned out to be St Enoch-Ayr/Girvan workings but on shed at Stranraer I found pics of 73077/079/102. Caprotti 73145 seems to have been south of Girvan a few times towards the end of its days. 73100 possibly the only one I've seen recorded on the PP&W, coupled inside a black 5 on Stranraer Town to Dumfries which I think was in one of the books on your 'bedspread' and possibly my favourite for your scenario 73009 allegedly standing in for a DMU in the bitter cold of February 1963 at Barrhill - that's in 'On G&SW Lines'. There's a couple of ho
  14. There's another pic on Railscot of the same train at roughly the same position headed by a GSYP Class 27 and similar Standard 5 - so that dates it quite well as, what post yellow panels so 1962 approx and pre singling of the Hawkhill curve quoted as 1965. Additionally, many references to the closure of the Port Road describe Anglo-Scottish boat trains being diverted via Mauchline. Which implies Ayr Hawkhill Jct - Annbank - Mauchline and regular workings over that curve. I can't immediately recall seeing a picture of such a working actually on the Ayr-Mauchline line, but there may
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