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  1. You can always cast a blind eye to it if, like me you prefer the mixed traffic livery. Yes, I did 46479 from the same base model as you have here, it needs a makeover and that might be a good project for these times. Hope you make it up to Appin in the end, the midges will be in need of a good feed ;-)
  2. Hi Mark You must have a few of these little beauties by now? Here's my vote for it's ID: https://www.transporttreasury.com/p814816928/hbce61ac6#hbce61ac6 https://www.transporttreasury.com/p814816928/hbce14aad#hbce14aad
  3. Beautiful work as always. What workings will this be employed on - is this for the convoluted passenger and parcels diagram? Regards, The not-quite-so-old yin
  4. Buildings demolished and site cleared last time I passed.
  5. I didn't ask the question but it certainly looked to be the same, blue painted example. May have been an unpainted body shell there too, can't quite recall.
  6. I rather liked that, thought it's brief inclusion in one of the freights as though being transferred from works to one of the pits was a nice idea
  7. Troon to Belfast was run using faster vessels (memorably the "SeaCat" service, but also I think P&O worked this route). Seem to recall the saving in land travel time was offset by extra time on water. Really those who want or need speed will fly Glasgow/Edinburgh to Belfast. I wonder whether the Navy would welcome a bridge between English waters and the Clyde.
  8. Hi Mark 1mm x 1mm brass angle from Eileen's is my choice for tie bars. Can't remember who put me onto it but it is a bit more robust than flat strip, and hard to see the difference if you put the horizontal leg pointing inwards, at the bottom.
  9. If worried you could always beef it up, Big Water of Fleet style:
  10. There's no way that bridge is overly 'skinny' or 'slender' as engineers would call the piers - I think it's an effect of model viaducts generally being low, city arches style. Folks' eyes get conditioned to it. It's going to look great watching your stock crossing high over that valley.
  11. Very nice work 31A, and you've beat me to completion by a week or two. I agree it's a wonderful kit to put together - I'm pretty much a beginner at the soldering lark, but the kit flatters my skills and it looks great in the bare metal. Most of it almost falls together - good fun. I'm a little bogged down with the MJT J-hanger castings at the moment, but I think you've given me the encouragement to grit my teeth and fettle the rest of them. Hope mine look half as good as yours when I'm done.
  12. Before my time, but family have always referred to this site (Moorfield Industrial Estate) as 'the old Massey Ferguson' works, and I dare say @45156 could probably confirm. NLS mapping website has the area covered in detail in the OS 1:1250-1-2500 1944-1967 map series. Interesting track layout.
  13. It looked well attended and the impression I got was that most/all thought it was a great thing having a finescale event north of the border. I only had an hour or so there, half of which with a splitting headache, but it was well worth the journey. Many thanks to all involved, let's hope something similar might be run again in the future.
  14. Bit confusing above - Scotrail low level will take you to Exhibition Centre, but the Glasgow underground railway (or Subway as they now call it) won't. I'm assuming Matt means the 'low level' from Central. You could of course walk it across from Kinning Park Underground I suppose.
  15. Haven't seen the article, but it may have been GIS software. There's a plugin for the free "QGIS" software which appears to do what you need IF you can get the necessary terrain info (not a map, but a 3D terrain model). The plugin's intended purpose is for analysing sightlines for example how far you can see from a given point, or from what area a given point can be seen. It seems to then be able to project that horizon as a 2D drawing. Google Earth is, I suppose, a form of GIS software, so as the previous poster says, it may do what you're looking for.
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