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  1. Thought I'd add a few photos from my trip in 2017. Wilderswil to Schynige Platte
  2. Reminds me of the apple fritters at the restaurant near the station...
  3. Has the possibility of converting this to EM or P4 been discussed anywhere? I've ordered Guernsey but those wheels are far too close together...
  4. Thanks for all the kind comments folks. All I need now are some accurate ish sketches of B&E Rly chimney pots and that nice Mr Butler at Modelu will be able to print something for me!
  5. Dave Yes, the whole roof splits away, just in case...
  6. Despite the covid-19 lockdown, modelling output has slowed this month. However, I have been slowly working on the station building and feel like the to-do list is getting shorter. Canopies have been fixed in place, the south side one is removable in case I can’t get it into its travelling case. Rain water pipes have been added from the rather nice Modelu range and this weekend’s job has been to make the roof trussing. I made a cradle from foam so I could invert the roof and work on it separately. Main spars were cyanoed into the rafters and various cross rods and struts soldered on based on the photos I have. Once complete they were painted with a mixture of grey and gunmetal Vallejo acrylic. The photos show the effect I wanted to achieve.
  7. It’s kind of weird how this has cropped up as I posted it back in 2018! I remember discussing it with Gerry at Railwells and yes he took things a little further than I did for his article. Good luck if you are attempting this. It is a bit of a faff but worth it in the end.
  8. Great photos! Thanks for all the comments folks
  9. This month I have been mainly doing tiling. With the footbridge finished, it was time to turn to the building range roofs. At 2 feet long, that's a shed load of tiles. Add the pattern of alternate square and round tiles and I wasn't left with much of a choice but to go with York Modelmaking 2mm tiles and take my time. After a few sessions, we finally got to the stage where it was coming together. The tiles were painted with a mixture of Vallejo and Lifecolor acrylics to match the main shed tiles. Chimneys added from the usual Green Stuff World ABS sheet and self adhesive quoin details from York. The gates and bargeboards have turned out beautifully, amazing what can be cut in Rowmark. The bargeboards are a couple of layers, stuck together with solvent. Shed bargeboards have had their final painting and fitting Canopies are done and I'm just debating how to fix them in place. Pins through into the walls seem like a sensible idea as the glues surface offered by the brackets isn't going to hold much. Suddenly the list of jobs to do doesn't seem so long. Well, there's the internal shed trussing but I'm not starting that just yet, though I do have another cunning plan. I am feeling quite pleased with how this has turned out. It just screams Cheddar to me anyway!
  10. I understand the Cattle Market Road entrance is to be brought back into use this/next year to coincide with the completion of the University Business & Law campus on the old Sorting office site. That'll help with the likely future redevelopment of the whole Feeder Road area and the St Phillips Marsh area too once the City Council allocates sites for development in the local plan. It's on the horizon. I also understand there are plans afoot to buy back the old GW terminus shed from the city council (lease or freehold I'm not sure) and they're looking at future plans as the power box is coming down anyway.
  11. Cor, this building lark goes on a bit doesn't it? So, to bring things up to speed. The roof has had a fair few sheets of double Roman ABS tile sheets added and the glazing added. This was a little tricky as the Rowmark framing wanted to warp all over the place. The glazing is a single layer of 1mm Prespex. Despite being saturated in Spraymount and heavily weighted down, some of the glazing bars wanted to lift up. The solution was to flood each pane with Johnson's Klear and reset. In a couple of places even that didn't work so I resorted to canopy glue. I got there in the end. I've since added a few sections of framing for the very ends and the ridge tiles etc, though I've not taken any photos of that, but it's coming together nicely. The roof itself is now being subject to a bit of fettling, filling and painting. This weekend's task was to paint all of the walls and keep painting, drybrushing and more dry brushing until I'd got the colours to match those of the already completed goods shed. It took ages but I'm really pleased with the result. I keep panicking I've overdone the mortar work but from 3ft it's exactly the result I wanted. Must be the EM modeller in me! The end shed timber work has had a base coat and will have a lighter top coat and I started on the internal footbridge. These have stone stairs and a timber bridge section. All presently demountable but will be fixed in place permanently when painted. I had to carve out some of the plinths internally as I'd forgotten the steps will be flush to the wall. The rather funky balustrades are cut from Rowmark and have had a base coat to start. I've started to paint the footbridge brackets and have also painted the self adhesive quoins I had cut to tidy up the building corners. A bit more filling and fettling but I feel we're on the homeward straight now. A bit of a photo overload, but I can't be ars8d to sort them out!
  12. If you just swapped the wheels you’d probably get away with it. I wanted to fit waisted brass bearings though and didn’t have any flangeless ones, hence I had to reduce the W iron by the width of the bearing flange.
  13. I used a scalpel with 10a blade and just kept cutting and pushing until the glue give way. It is quite well fixed but you could see the glue seal breaking.
  14. I will probably paint and letter in SR livery
  15. I have repainted mine. Full details on my blog. Click on this bit. Excuse the thumb!
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