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  1. Link to Dropbox folder with Ravensclyffe signalling software and layout files for Ravens and Dagworth. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gkxt4glvqxqczoa/AADBl6MEtUEBOHahOTM41h2za?dl=0
  2. If the phone browser is opening the site in music mode it would point to something in the site software trying to open an audio file that probably has no data. Andi
  3. Which company painted their EMUs black and white? or is it like this? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CWM1zDcmWXs/TroD0VsX4WI/AAAAAAAAAVA/Jc5bN5xSTkc/s1600/ch930919.gif Andi
  4. Yes, 100% with you. I cut a few strips of plastic for a project at the beginning of November. They are still sat on my desk untouched. Andi
  5. Doh, of course! Trying to remember if the signal on the Up Slow at Bromley South is (was) on the platform or on the normal side in the cess. Andi
  6. Seeing how many Hornby mugs come up on a Google search they obviously do sell so makes sense that Hornby make something out of the licensing of their brands. Andi
  7. Colour light signals on posts are always* on the left hand side of the line they apply to. So on a four track line you would get: Paired by direction ---oooo ------------>--------------------------------------------- ---oooo ------------>>-------------------------------------------- ------------<<-------------------------------------------- oooo--- -------------<---------------------------------------------
  8. Amazing to see the Felixstowe branch planned for electrification even then, are there any plans to put wires down there now? Andi
  9. Interestingly the last time we discussed this there were some photos taken under a microscope that showed the surface of a rail that has been cleaned with an abrasive block is smoother than that supplied by the manufacturer. Andi
  10. Ravensclyffe has barely any level track, almost the entire scenic layout is some form of gradient although not steep, around 1 in 100 on average. Yes I run long trains. 36wagon MGR trains, 10+ coach passenger sets, 25 wagon Freightliner trains. No evidence of slipping at all. Andi
  11. I found that if it got into isolation gaps it would pretty much immediately burn off.
  12. Nickel rail will corrode and form a non-conductive oxide layer. Graphite doesn’t corrode to any solid form, the oxides of carbon are gaseous. Andi
  13. I will be very interested to see how Ravensclyffe behaves the next time I have an opportunity to put it up, it was cleaned and graphited and run quite a lot in July but has been in storage since. Andi
  14. Class 304 is a fairly simple hack from Replica mk1 suburban coaches although the cabs are a little awkward as no-one makes a cab in that style so they need to be scratched Andi
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