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  1. Almost certainly. Sorry to bear bad news but the cab bulkheads you have there are only correct for number 1 cab, the number two cab bulkhead only has a single door into the engine room (on the left as you look at the back of the cab) and a lot of smaller electrical compartment doors as per the photo. Andi
  2. Have a look at this that shows some of the back bulkhead of the cab of a 37, very little there is black. Andi
  3. Our London-Norwich sets generally had the brake 2nd at the Norwich end up against the loco but the brake 1st at the London end was normally the second coach of the train. Andi
  4. The crossing, being full barriers, is controlled manually from the local signal box. Andi
  5. There is no provision for wrong line shunt moves from 13. Andi
  6. I have one track circuit that is the trigger for a polarity reversing section* that will occasionally lock up and fail to clear. The only way to release it was to turn off DCC track power. I now have a release option on the VDU panel that will remotely reset the track circuit without needing to drop track power. *Ravensclyffe has three sections that need to change polarity under trains due to the fiddle yards and the MGR loading line being balloon loops, these work using relays that are fired when the last track circuit in the reversing section becomes occupied. When that happens the entire reversing section (which in one instance is 8 track circuits long) becomes part of the trigger section - and the section approaching the reversed polarity goes high-impedance to prevent a train approching if it passes the protecting signal). The whole length of the reverse section can be leaky enough to keep showing occupied if the atmospheric conditions mean there is slight damp in the ballast. Andi
  7. Here's the PCB from a Tortoise showing which contact needs to go where. If the frog is the wrong polarity then swap rail A and Rail B Andi
  8. We got 40p a shift "dirty work allowance" because of that risk!! Always more pleasant to be working under the end of a brake coach, no risk there. Andi
  9. Yep, Ravens is three aspect throughout. As I said, some parts of the signalling are not going to change, if I made it four aspect very few of the signals would ever show green! Andi
  10. Thank you both for such fantastic data! RMweb is priceless at times like this Andi
  11. Thank you everyone for the replies, very helpful. Do you have a map that shows the layout you refer to please? Andi
  12. The original model has also seen various upgrades over its lifespan, current versions have a much improved tub with the better end profile and more internal detail. Andi
  13. This diagram shows one section of Ravensclyffe, I'm happy enough with the general signal layout (and it's too late to change it now anyway) but I'm gradually upgrading the main aspect signals themselves from Eckon kits to scratchbuilt signals with OLE cages. My question is quite simple, would signal 13 in the diagram have a position 1 route indicator (feather) or not? It can only give a proceed aspect for the route to the up main, there is no shunt provision to the down main. The signalling is meant to have been installed when the line was electrified in the 1960s, the layout being set in the Stoke-on-Trent area in 1983. Andi
  14. They did (1), it was not as good as it could have been* hence there being a place for the Cavalex one. and (2) the original Hornby one is part of the Railroad range, but still at outrageous prices. *Who remembers the ElectricNose review?? Andi
  15. For the shock and awe effect of seeing so many HAAs in one place the old Hornby one fits the bill just fine. I've only got 254 of them! I guess the secondhand price of old ones might drop significantly when the new ones hit the shelves? I'm willing to offer secure retirement homes for any old ones that anyone wants to move on, I can promise they won't be lonely Andi
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