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  1. You are forgetting a hand signal. A red light raised up and down vertically above shoulder level. “Create vacuum” http://www.alextrack.co.uk/railways/sdrht/rule_book/hand_signals.shtml Andi
  2. As a driver I only ever had Bardics that showed a yellow aspect as well. I've still got mine! Could do with a clean though! Andi
  3. Can you try connecting the track feed directly to the motor brushes with crocodile clips and see whether the lights behave then? Is the problem that both red and white lights show constantly or that they flicker? What is your controller? Andi
  4. Solder paste is a right pain to get the flux off afterwards. It will corrode in time and discolour the track and any ballast. Andi
  5. My text did make that clear, unfortunately the images I used as the base for the diagrams are the plans that are currently on the Peco website under SL-87/SL-E87/SL-E187 https://peco-uk.com/products/sl-87-turnout-plan I missed that there is a better one under just SL-E87 Andi
  6. After the reset try reading the decoder's address. It should have reset to 3. Andi
  7. When I first left school I worked in a maltings in East Anglia, we used to export malt to Cadbury in Nigeria that was shipped in 30' IFF bulk containers. I assume these would count as deep sea? Andi
  8. If you click the three dots at the top right of the first post it gives you a "share" option that will show a link to the thread that can then be copied and pasted to produce a link like this. Andi
  9. Edit: read the OP fully before replying idiot! Andi
  10. If the points all go to dead ends then you can do exactly that, one feed on the single line. If you create a loop then put an insulating joiner on the frog rail of the loop line, the power will come all the way around the loop and no additional feeds will be needed. Andi
  11. What are these points leading to David? Are they dead end roads or parts of loops? Andi
  12. Those will only work on DCC. I believe the OP is not a DCC user according to some of his older postings though that may no longer be the case of course! Andi
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