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  1. This came up on my Youtube recommendations, ok the quality isn't brilliant but what a record of what it was like! Andi
  2. The Minic Ride-on trains did actually exist https://www.collectors-club-of-great-britain.co.uk/articles/tri-ang-minic-the-ride-on-railway/
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-58479017
  4. They are also articulated, so each coach will only have a bogie at one end! Andi
  5. And still got two Mk1 underframes on my work bench for your 304! Cheltenham Show? 

  6. The Spontaneous Multiple Unit Generator has spawned again, another one I don't remember buying, a class 150 this time... Makes a change from 108s!

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    2. Dagworth


      The 150 had never been out of its box, it's the Trains4U one, how old are they now? It finally has a decoder..

    3. cheesysmith


      I appear to have one of them also, just looked at my workbench and went ( in my best James may impersonation) oh cock!

    4. Ravenser


      I used the PH Design false seats etch on my Trains4U 150  (I do actually have one running on the layout). It is very effective - and still available

  7. Glad to be able to help. Knowing Carl Arendt's name gave a good place to start searching and Google image search did the rest. Andi
  8. https://www.carendt.com/articles/the-highland-terminal/ Andi
  9. I believe the most short sighted part of the closures was the wholesale destruction of the infrastructure that followed. It would have been much better to have left it in place and kept the land as available corridors that would have allowed much easier reopening if/when needed. Andi
  10. In the UK the qualified driver must have held a full license for three years https://www.gov.uk/driving-lessons-learning-to-drive/practising-with-family-or-friends Andi
  11. First time I’ve had any trains out this year, don’t know how long it will last but it might manage a day or two. Andi
  12. The "aux" connections are additional function outputs, not Keep Alive connections. Labelled as "power" as opposed to logic level function outputs, they can drive LEDs etc. directly without amplifier circuits (although resistors will be needed for LEDs as usual) Andi
  13. Only for close to the last forty years https://www.railsigns.uk/sect13page3/sect13page3.html
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