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    : Heavily reducing social media use and no longer posting publicly. Still modelling and building Pencarrow.
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    The North Cornwall Railway - particularly late 50s and early 60s. 72A Exmouth Junction (I'm not even admitting it got a WR shed code). Strange Bulleid stuff, N calss, T9s, Beattie Well Tanks and lots of other Southern locos. Also finding myself strangely drawn to D63xx, D1000 and D7000 classes too - surely this can't be right? Mildly amused by GWR interlopers used on the NCR and B&W lines.

    Oh, Bulleid and Maunsell coaches too - 3 Set Ls, 2 Set Ps, loose BCKs and the ACE. Nice departmental stock in black with Meldon markings. Places of particular interest include: Wadebridge shed, Padstow Station, Molesworth Crossing, Bodmin North, Boscarne Jct, Helland Bridge and Wenford Bridge.

    To provide more of a challenge, my modelling direction has recently wandered to working in 7mm / 0 Gauge. The layout is called Pencarrow and, rather unsurprisingly, is inspired by the parts of Bodmin North I can fit in the railway room. Track is being built from C&L components to 31.5 0-MF standards. The boards are now built and buildings mocked up. Stock-wise, having tackled a few Slaters and Parkside kits, I've moved on to having a go at brass kits from WEP and Connoisseur. Having been let down by Dapol producing a RTR Beattie Well Tank and unable to find a good kit alternative, I decided to have a go at building an Agenoria GWR 1366 dock tank kit. Great challenge.

    Having decided in May 2018 that I was spending way too long on railway forums, and being increasingly depressed by the posting behaviours of an increasing vocal minority, I've stopped posting publicly. I'm still checking out a few favorite threads and talking privately to folk via PM. More importantly Pencarrow continues to progress well out of the spotlight.

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  1. Nice to see some down to earth figures including some proper little urchins, vagabonds and scrubbers. Makes a change to the usual posh folk in big dresses and tall hats. Very nice.
  2. Big thank you to all on ANtB for your support and the resounding consensus that I'm one dollop short of a mud pie. (can't argue that one) There will certainly be photos although I have no idea how any photographer will be able to identify who is who! With Rob's permission I'll post the occasional update on progress towards the event. All the best.
  3. Cheers Ducky for the support, I will (probably need to) wear it always...
  4. With kind permission from Sir Robin of Coventry... Time now to own up and confess why there's been little progress for months on Pencarrow... Two reasons really: 1. A spot of domestic decorating (heavy duty variety) 2. I've been in training for taking part in the Spring "Wolf Run" on 4th April. So what's a Wolf Run? (I didn't know either) It's a run through Woods, over Obstacles, swimming across a Lake and more running across Fields. 6 miles in total. What the name fails to mention is mud. Lots of mud, sludge, muck and more mud. For more info and rose-tinted photos see: https://thewolfrun.com/springwolf/ In reality the event is more like this: Just to be clear, I've not done anything like this before and am certainly not an athlete! This will be a real personal challenge for me. Training is happening through the winter months. Bit of a first - running for a reason other than trying to catch the train to work! I've chosen to use the event to raise money for Cancer Research UK because cancer has affected our family over the years - uncles, friends, my father-in-law and my dad. Most recently it has struck my 8 year old nephew, a keen footballer, whose treatment has resulted in a significant mass of muscle being removed from his leg. He's a brave lad that's been through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and operations. If folk wish to support my stupidity (absolutely no expectation or compulsion), my Cancer Research donation page is here: https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/chriss-giving-page-655 Cheers all. Thanks Rob.
  5. Andy Banks and I enjoyed attending the show as demonstrators - showing how we use plasticard to make 7mm buildings (Hall 3 in prime position by the toilets!). A definite divide on the workbench - Andy on the left making buildings for his Black Country tram layout out of brick and me working in stone finishes for my Cornish layout. Definitely different techniques being used to suit the materials\finishes. We probably both did more active modelling over the 2 days than many months previous! Was really good to chat to so many people and answer questions. More than happy to return next year if you'll have us.
  6. I'll have a look for you this evening. Hut reaction though is perhaps you're light on T9s.
  7. Interesting photo. Just wondering does that little lot deals with DCC track power or is it for signalling\turnouts? Reason for asking is that I see you are using lots of what look like these type of connectors: Would they be suitable for DCC power connections between board and panel?
  8. Good question, my gut reaction is no as I know on Treneglos we spent a lot of time looking for the Bachmann right-handed Ns with straight-sided 3500gal tenders. The U1s that visited had the slope-sided. I'm away from my books but will look later.
  9. Nope, I think it will be for either G Bloke or Sheep Bloke. Not decided yet...
  10. No floor and light on chassis detail sounds a bit like one of Jim's I built (NE Toad). Is it one of these?: http://www.jimmcgeown.com/Wagon Kit Pages/BR Brake Van.html
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