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    Locked down like everyone else. Working on Pencarrow.
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    The North Cornwall Railway - particularly late 50s and early 60s. 72A Exmouth Junction (I'm not even admitting it got a WR shed code). Strange Bulleid stuff, N calss, T9s, Beattie Well Tanks and lots of other Southern locos. Also finding myself strangely drawn to D63xx, D1000 and D7000 classes too - surely this can't be right? Mildly amused by GWR interlopers used on the NCR and B&W lines.

    Oh, Bulleid and Maunsell coaches too - 3 Set Ls, 2 Set Ps, loose BCKs and the ACE. Nice departmental stock in black with Meldon markings. Places of particular interest include: Wadebridge shed, Padstow Station, Molesworth Crossing, Bodmin North, Boscarne Jct, Helland Bridge and Wenford Bridge.

    To provide more of a challenge, my modelling direction has recently wandered to working in 7mm / 0 Gauge. The layout is called Pencarrow and, rather unsurprisingly, is inspired by the parts of Bodmin North I can fit in the railway room. Track is being built from C&L components to 31.5 0-MF standards. The boards are now built and buildings mocked up. Stock-wise, having tackled a few Slaters and Parkside kits, I've moved on to having a go at brass kits from WEP and Connoisseur. Having been let down by Dapol producing a RTR Beattie Well Tank and unable to find a good kit alternative, I decided to have a go at building an Agenoria GWR 1366 dock tank kit. Great challenge.

    Having decided in May 2018 that I was spending way too long on railway forums, and being increasingly depressed by the posting behaviours of an increasing vocal minority, I've stopped posting publicly. I'm still checking out a few favorite threads and talking privately to folk via PM. More importantly Pencarrow continues to progress well out of the spotlight.

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  1. Yes, I'm getting them too today. Thought it was malware on the phone but checked and it was clean. Getting all sorts of dross which has to be closed so I can see the RMweb page I was heading for:
  2. Agree. The drawings I have for that type of SR gate say it should be 4' tall. Other types of fencing are indeed taller but that's not what is in the photo.
  3. I did wonder in retrospect whether the station door was less than 6'6". Looking at other photos this morning I would agree with your thoughts on 6'3" for that.
  4. That's a useful photo as it shows the building in context with the station building which looks to have a standard 6'6" high door. Looking across to the shed, and allowing for perspective/ vanishing point, the doors there are marginally taller - somewhere between 3" to 6". I would however disagree with the door planks being 3" wide - the planks on the gate are normally about that and the door planks are about twice that.
  5. Exactly my thought process. My guess would be 5 1/2" planks as they would probably have been cut down from 6" and had a tongue and groove fitted making the overall plank face less. The other useful element in the photo is the white gate which will be 4' tall for that SR type. This proportionally would make the doors around 6' 9" tall. Working on the doors being roughly 2:1 height to width, and there being a smidge less than 7.5 plank widths in each door, this also gives the plank width at about 5.5". That's my guesswork anyway...
  6. Glad you said unfortunately, that obviously means you're considering rectifying the situation. Well done that man.
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