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  1. Couldn't see the Bulleid D2406 composite brake coach on the list. Obviously very disappointed with the omission. Every layout should have 5.
  2. Different logos / roundels on each side?
  3. Yes, I'm getting them too today. Thought it was malware on the phone but checked and it was clean. Getting all sorts of dross which has to be closed so I can see the RMweb page I was heading for:
  4. Agree. The drawings I have for that type of SR gate say it should be 4' tall. Other types of fencing are indeed taller but that's not what is in the photo.
  5. I did wonder in retrospect whether the station door was less than 6'6". Looking at other photos this morning I would agree with your thoughts on 6'3" for that.
  6. That's a useful photo as it shows the building in context with the station building which looks to have a standard 6'6" high door. Looking across to the shed, and allowing for perspective/ vanishing point, the doors there are marginally taller - somewhere between 3" to 6". I would however disagree with the door planks being 3" wide - the planks on the gate are normally about that and the door planks are about twice that.
  7. Exactly my thought process. My guess would be 5 1/2" planks as they would probably have been cut down from 6" and had a tongue and groove fitted making the overall plank face less. The other useful element in the photo is the white gate which will be 4' tall for that SR type. This proportionally would make the doors around 6' 9" tall. Working on the doors being roughly 2:1 height to width, and there being a smidge less than 7.5 plank widths in each door, this also gives the plank width at about 5.5". That's my guesswork anyway...
  8. Glad you said unfortunately, that obviously means you're considering rectifying the situation. Well done that man.
  9. Sorry to hear that Rob, at least it wasn't a very last minute cancellation and you can now adjust your plans accordingly. The bigger question is whether the April Taunton show will be going ahead. Definitely had withdrawal symptoms from missing that one. PS, do ewe not sleep chap?
  10. Now then GWR folks, you know that pesky friend I have... Well they are wondering where the rectangular black panels should go on his 1368, 4666 and 4569. Could anyone provide enlightenment please? PS, are the smokebox doors on all Bachmann 8750 locos not straight?
  11. I can neither confirm or deny whether my friend has an excess or deficit of knowledge in his/her noggin pertaining to GWR B sets which would result in a positive or negative wellbeing outcome.
  12. So based on discussion Brian, and on behalf of my friend and other West of England modellers, it would be a vote for 5 and 6. But if 7 is a 5 with different bogies, then it sounds like a no brainer to do that diagram too.
  13. Little Loco Company Class 22 in 0 Gauge. Design work and test shots were progressing but the company folded in 2019 or was it 2020.
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