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  1. This reads a bit like a stealth wanted ad If it is, drop me a PM, I’ve got a couple of boxes of Lima & Airfix Mk2s and some Joueff Mk3 that (realistically) I’m never going to get around to detailing myself that I might be tempted to convert into beer money...
  2. Just back from my visit today. Excellent show, as always. New venue seems good; same friendly and relaxed atmosphere that makes this sort of exhibition so appealing. Great selection of layouts from the awe-inspiring South Pelaw to the more compacted, but inspirational Whitewater. I managed to get everything from my (extensive) shopping list, so thanks to all the traders who helped to empty my wallet!
  3. Very much looking forward to visiting on Saturday, always one of my favourite shows and a welcome opportunity to stock up on modelling supplies!
  4. An interesting and thought provoking blog entry. I don't think what you describe as "not doing justice" is unique to China Clay, many of your observations on the compromises that modellers make are equally apparent when other forms of industry are modelled. The post draws a comparison to modelling a station; the majority of models of stations that I can think of include some degree of compromise, is that so different to reducing the foot print of a clay dry to suit the available space on a baseboard? There are many examples of layouts that successfully capture the look and atmosphere of a real location despite these compromises. They can still be satisfying to build and entertaining to operate. I suppose we all have slightly different blind spots when it comes to overlooking these things though.
  5. Here's a link to a brick wall I painted a while ago that I was reasonably pleased with. A few posts later there is a list of the colours I used. Hope that helps.
  6. Another +1 for spray mount, it avoids stretch of the templates that you can get with a water based PVA. Best used in a well ventilated work area, obviously!
  7. Thanks. Yes, I’m thinking the single flight of stairs, it was more the design of the handrails in the Auhagen example that Mike suggested that I had in mind.
  8. Interesting, that's more like the sort of thing I had in mind. I already had the Langley one though so I'm using up stuff I have "in stock".
  9. The VGA van I bought at Bloxwich show has been fitted with its suspension and P4 wheels this week (although is currently lacking axleboxes) It can now join another couple of recently rewheeled vans in the queue for weathering and coupling fitting. Here's where I have got to with the steps to the upper Portakabin. Adapted from a Langley Models fire escape etch, I had to extend it to get enough height. Not entirely happy with it though. I might cut away some of the vertical bars supporting the handrail to give it a more lightweight and temporary look. Obviously, it needs some proper legs to support the landing!
  10. Very nice. With my own interest in modelling Low Level (in its latter day parcel depot guise) but not really having enough space to do it justice I too have considered a similar might have been scenario of a separate terminus for local services, combining elements of Low Level, Moor Street and Minories. Look forward to seeing this progress.
  11. The Finetrax N gauge stuff looks quite good, although I don't know much about the details. https://www.britishfinescale.com/
  12. Sounds like a great idea, look forward to seeing it progress
  13. I have one on my workbench at the moment, looking at ways to reduce the gap between cars. As standard is uses a plug in bar coupling which fits into sprung pivoting mounts on each chassis. This also carries the feeds to the directional lighting in the trailer. I can't answer your specific question about 2nd radius (tightest curve on my layout is around 4' radius), but based on the generous gap between the corridor connections when coupled and the fact it has sprung buffers, I'd be very surprised if it didn't. It would be fairly easy to extend the coupling further if really needed, but I'd think that's unlikely.
  14. True, I'd imagine a large forklift could do the job too
  15. Interesting idea. I'm not sure I'd have enough space for a decent sized crane and want the scene on Fryers to look fairly mundane, so probably not what I'm looking for, thanks though. I've been using the websites of several companies dealing in hire and sale of Portakabins for research, the thought of modelling one of them hadn't crossed my mind. I have an idea for some steps up to the upper 'kabin; it's likely to involve some brass etch, swearing and burnt fingers...
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