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  1. Just catching up with this layout, it’s looking good. Great work on weathering the locos, easy to be tempted to overdo airbrush weathering but they look excellent.
  2. Standard straight B6 left or right to begin with, £27 each. Latest update was that they would be available in Spring 2019.
  3. Looking good. Does the news about ready to use turnouts from EMGS/Peco give an opportunity to get the fiddle yard track down more quickly?
  4. Always a good exhibition, very much looking forward to it
  5. Happy New Year! Little to report in terms of progress on the layout, but I do have a few alterations and improvements to make over the next couple of months. This will mainly involve adding the signal box to the front right corner of the layout. The layout has one exhibition booking in 2019, at Bloxwich on 11th May, further details here: https://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/events/18096-Bloxwich(StJohns)ModelRailwayClubExhibition
  6. As we approach the end of 2018, this seems a good time to have a bit of a round up of my current work in progress projects. It hasn't been a particularly productive year of modelling for me, with other interests and real life taking precedence, but I've enjoyed what little I've done and keep chipping away at various wagons as and when the mood takes me. So, first up, the "modern" stuff. This Chivers Crab is one of a pair I started to build ages ago. I seem to have misplaced the brake gear for the other but this one is ready for paint and couplings. It might have been painted before Christmas, but the lid on my ancient jar of Railmatch olive green is well and truly stuck on, so I need to get some more. To keep it company I've recently acquired a Bachmann brake van (Christmas present). I've popped some P4 wheels in, but there are a few other details needed to make it a more accurate match to the prototype. The first of my pair of Hornby OAAs hasn't really progressed much, other than deciding that this one would be in red/grey livery and painting the bottom half of the sides grey. Currently pondering axlebox and spring options. Finally for stock intended for Fryers Lane, this old Hornby ferry van had been rattling around in a drawer for ages so I thought I'd do something with it. So far I've increased the width of the body and removed most of the details from the underframe. Still quite a long way to go with this one! Turning now to my "between the wars" stock, again it's been slow but steady progress. Latest addition to the queue of part built wagons is this Midland open from the old Slaters kit. Second of these LMS Opens (Cambrian) is still waiting for its brake levers, but there isn't much else needed to get it finished off. The Bill Bedford 3 plank open hasn't had any more work done since I last posted a photo of it here, although I do seem to have lost the buffers. This Ratio LNWR coal wagon recently gained some axle guards and wheels having spent the last couple of years as just a body and solebars. Thanks to all who have visited this thread and especially to those who have commented for their supported, much appreciated.
  7. There are some aerial photos which might help on the Disused Stations website. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/u/uxbridge_vine_street/
  8. Assuming that the thickest part of the axle measures 2mm diameter, could you fit another make of wheel on your existing axles?
  9. Assuming it uses the same bogie as the Limby 121, stepped axles from EMGS stores allow standard 12mm DMU disc wheels to be fitted. Think (from memory) the axle is 2.5mm diameter to suit the drive gears, turned down to 2mm at either end to suit "normal" wheels.
  10. At 14mm diameter, the DCC Concepts (and other "coach" wheels) work well for locos with wheels around 3'7" to 3'9". When available, I prefer to use Keen Maygib coach wheels for 3'9" because they measure 14.5mm - but in reality no one has ever noticed the difference!!! Just need to file off the pinpoints from the axles and swap the drive gear over from the 00 wheel set. Just careful work with a file to thin down bogie side frames, finish off with a finer file or sanding stick to clean up any "stringy" bits. Unlike wagons and coaches, most diesels have wheels which run in an internal bearing so don't have an issue with pinpoint axles requiring a hole in the sideframe.
  11. I find this site incredibly useful for wheel diameter data: http://www.clag.org.uk/wheelbase.html I've posted step by step rewheeling details for a few locos over the years, I'll try to find a link at some point. Your 08 is probably the most difficult to get right and I wouldn't tackle that one first (I made that mistake). You basically have two options; a drop in replacement wheelset from Ultrascale (complete wheels on axles, with gear and with cranks fitted and quartered) or the Alan Gibson conversion pack where you need to recover the gear from the 00 driven axle, set back to backs and quarter the cranks yourself. As you can guess, the latter requires a little more patience!
  12. I used the DCC Concepts wheels on many of the locos I converted for Black Country Blues; they worked well and I experienced no issues. With many diesel and electric locos you can just regauge the 00 wheelsets (either on the existing axles or a new axle cut to length from suitable sized rod). This approach works well with Bachmann locos, but some Heljan have a more coarse profile and are better replaced. Regarding modifying bogies, it can (sometimes) be necessary to thin down the sideframes or brake gear internally to give a bit more clearance. More likely to be an issue where regauging 00 wheelsets as the wheels tend to be slightly wider. When I started out in EM, I did a couple of locos by pulling the 00 wheels out to EM then gradually replaced these with other wheels when I got around to it.
  13. Did you miss or chose to ignore the option for overseas members to pay using PayPal? While I'd agree to some extent, it could be made easier if there was an option to join online it does sound like you're looking for reasons not to join.
  14. Similar, although I think the concept is slightly different to the 2mmFS easi-trac and a 16 tonner pack, particularly as I'd suggest Society membership as part of the deal. I'd see the EMGS equivalent being a bigger bundle of stuff (not just in terms of scale), sort of a "here's a kick start to getting your EM layout up and running". Although how viable that is depends on pricing of course.
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