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  1. That does look good. Another way of moving wagons on/off the turntable is a motorised wagon, such as the High Level fly shunter chassis. I built one a while ago (although still haven't quite finished it!).
  2. There are plenty of examples where the roads were not at right angles, there's a nice photo of one such example in this thread: Within large goods yards and when used at stations two turntables next to each other to move wagons between adjacent parallel roads would be commonplace.
  3. Just had a look through the EMGS (and S4 Soc) stores, doesn’t look like these are available anymore unfortunately.
  4. EMGS used to do some, not sure if still available, if I reminder correctly they were originally D&S. I’ll have a look later to see if still available.
  5. I have a rake of these that I've rewheeled to P4, just a simple wheel swap, no suspension/compensation or anything like that and I've not added any extra weight (tension lock couplings removed though). Most are the older Bachmann/Dapol type, although a couple are the newer Bachmann ones with retooled chassis. I've found all but one of them to run satisfactorily, but there is one which seems to have been assembled with a slight twist to it meaning that it rocks on its wheels - so that might be something to look out for (place the wagon on some glass or a mirror to see it it rocks). To at
  6. The PO kits were available from POWsides for a while, not sure if that is still true? edit to add: https://www.powsides.co.uk/index.php/4mm_scale_undecorated_kits//?k=:9:179230::0
  7. Has it been out since we put on our little show over in Wild West Gringoland? Found a couple more, these would have been at DEMU Showcase, the second time you were there I think, was it a greatest hits show to celebrate the anniversary of the show or something like that?
  8. Somebody at Toton is looking everywhere for a missing ETH fitted Peak, was bad enough when it used to keep turning up on parcels vans on BCB
  9. These were Wigan 2015, with another visitor in attendance
  10. That looks familiar Funnily enough it was back on my workbench a couple of days ago as I was weighing up the options for rewheeling it for a second time. I still haven’t got around to refitting the brakes...
  11. You've reminded me that I could probably use a few of these for my new layout. Looking at the instructions on the RT website, it looks like the bearing is in a carrier separate to the chassis. If that's the case, I'd try to elongate the holes in the chassis to allow the bearing carrier to slide up/down a little. Either that or replace the bearing carrier with a horn block designed for 2mm diameter axles. That said, at 7'6" wheelbase I might be tempted to see how a rigid one runs first to see if it's worth the effort.
  12. I’d taken the decision to avoid giving myself any deadlines before Covid took away any potential exhibition deadlines. I’d say that it has made me less productive, but the flip side of that is that it has made the modelling I have done more enjoyable. I think that’s because I can pick up and work on whatever project I feel like working on. Currently on the workbench are an etched brass loco kit, several wagon kits, components to make half a dozen turnouts and a bridge (bashed from a Wills kit). Depending on my mood and how much time I have spare, I can pick up whichever I want, without
  13. Good idea, I don’t have either to hand but will get myself one when I get chance. Thanks
  14. That’s a fair point, I sometimes forget the (comparative) ease with which things made of brass can be taken apart and reassembled. To be honest though, on reflection I’m happy enough with it. I’m reasonably confident that it should end up looking ok once it’s painted and weathered. If the end result isn’t good enough I’m happy to learn from the experience and (if necessary) build another.
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