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  1. Fair point, in my defense, in my excitement I just grabbed a link to a photo of an early body 25 at Inverness. Differences between 25/1 and 25/2 are largely in the electrical equipment, the potential for confusion comes from the fact that 25/2s were built in both the early and later style bodyshells. It's common for modellers to refer to early body as 25/1 and late as 25/3, but that overlooks the most numerous subclass which was a mixture of both body types.
  2. Have you seen the latest SLW announcement though? I'll just leave this here...
  3. That really is very nice indeed. So far, I've resisted a 24 (although must admit if there was a suitable LM allocated one available at the moment I'd be tempted), I was unable to resist the 25 though. I keep threatening one of my Bachmann 24s with a Silver Fox bodyshell (cab donor) and a razor saw, but know I'd never get close to the standard of an out of the box SLW. Any thoughts on a number for yours?
  4. Now the paint has dried, a couple of photos in better light. Still some work to do on the sleepers. Overall I think the Metal Cote Gunmetal has worked well, although might benefit from a bit of light dry brushing with some rust.
  5. That's enough reminiscing about my misspent youth; it's back to the buffer stops for tonight's job. As I think I mentioned before, they are deliberately subtly different. The LNWR one (closest) was painted with some Humbrol 173 (track colour), then given a light dusting with some rust red and dark grey powders. It doesn't some clearly in the photo, but the powders have given it a bit of texture. The BR one was painted with a mix of Humbrol 113 (rust) and 27003 (metal cote gunmetal). I might give it a very light dust with some powders, will see how it looks once dry.
  6. I'd almost forgotten about the time I knocked the head off a sprinkler, that was messy.
  7. My first job was working in a warehouse, initially picking orders and loading multi-drop home delivery lorries. After what seemed like ages (but in hindsight was a relatively short time) I got trained to drive reach and counterbalance forklift trucks. I don't mind admitting, this happened to me on more than one occasion...
  8. If I remember correctly it's sitting on a set of Gibson wheels. I have thought about trying it with 14.5mm outer and14mm centre wheels, but I'm in no rush so I'll probably wait until I get around to assembling the Penbits bogies that I have for them. Having done a 47 with sprung bogies (in EM, for Black Country Blues), I'm convinced it's worth the effort. I'll get around to doing them at some point (which reminds me, a need to order a set of bogies for a 40).
  9. Could it be the line into Halesowen basin, which I think was open for tube loads until 1967.
  10. Found while looking for something else; buffer stop painting/weathering reference photo. (my photo, Wolverhampton (high level), siding adjacent to the Shrewsbury bay - taken on the way home from Warley show in 2006))
  11. Thanks Will. Don't tell anyone, but It's a bit of a cheat; the 37/4 is on P4 wheels, but won't run satisfactorily until it gets the Penbits upgrade and the two 37/5s are on 00 wheels pulled out to EM. I've been following you 37 detailing with interest as I need to get these done at some point, it seems a shame not to use them.
  12. A conversation on a Zoom call just prompted me to look on an old hard drive to have a look for some of my early postings on RMweb. I remember at the time (2007) being quite pleased with how these two turned out...
  13. The yard was particularly busy this lunchtime Room for a fuel point somewhere?
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