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  1. For those who have never seen Polbrook before - come along and have a look at this and a whole raft of top quality layouts.
  2. The exhibition guide is now available on our Wordpress blog site: https://rochdalemrg.wordpress.com/2015/03/28/exhibition-guide-free-download/ Please note due to unavailability of our usual copying facilities we may not be able to provide a free hard copy of the guide this year at the show.
  3. Cheers chaps: North Ballachulish should be making its debut at Rochdale 2016.
  4. THE CHRISTMAS MODEL RAILWAY SHOW - MANCHESTER 2015 ANNOUNCEMENT: Change of venue. About a 2 months ago MMRS received news that the New Century Hall had been bought by a development company and had plans for the Hall which meant we could not hold a show there in 2015. I am pleased to say the search for new premises has led us back to another City Centre old venue of the Manchester Show - we are bouncing back to the Barnes Wallis Building at the Northern Campus University of Manchester (The old UMIST). Its very close to both Oxford Road and Piccadilly Stations. The date remains the same, 5 and 6 December 2015 and we do have a new title as reflected in the header to this post.
  5. A big thanks to Stan and the Perth Club on behalf of the New Hey team for their hospitality at what was a really good exhibition. Its a long haul there and back but well worth it particulalry when the hosting club are so welcoming and look after you. The Saturday afternoon viviit from Stan and the Chairman is a rather special touch. Highlight of the weekend for us without a doubt was not actually in the show, but in 'Spoons watching Charlie buy a round for his team. As the ads for mastercard say, Priceless.
  6. Despite my maternal Grandfather being of Scottish descent, there will be no kilts worn behind New Hey. Shorts of course, especially in this weather, is an entirely different matter.
  7. THE CHRISTMAS MODEL RAILWAY SHOW We are happy to announce that we now have a new (old) venue sorted back in the City Centre - the Barnes Wallis building at the University of Manchester (UMIST as was) and time wise back in our traditional Christmas slot. Manchester Model Railway Society is delighted to announce that their next exhibition will take place in The Barnes Wallis Building of the University of Manchester Northern Campus on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December 2015.The Society has taken the opportunity, offered by a year without an exhibition, to re-think all aspects of its annual show. To mark its 90th birthday year, the Society has made the bold move of returning to the city centre and to its traditional pre-Christmas timing. As well as being the third oldest model railway society in the world, Manchester Model Railway Society is the only one in the UK to stage an exhibition in the centre of a major city. TheBarnes Wallis building is close to both Piccadilly and Oxford Road Stations. It is ideally placed to allow visitors from all over the country to visit one of the finest model railway exhibitions in the UK, and also to visit the acclaimed Manchester Christmas Street Markets. Although planning is still in its early stages, the society intends that there will be layouts in a full range of sizes and scales, representing railways from all over the world and from many different time periods , together with trade stands, demonstrations and lectures. To be kept informed of developments as the Exhibition takes shape, join our mailing list by emailing: [email protected] Updates will also be given on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/206204646113111/
  8. Going back a couple of years to the Rochdale November 2011 show when we (the Rochdale MRG) had so much hassle with the hall at Oulder Hill and the show in general, a number of us in the group decided to call it a day with holding the shows, we had just about had our fill of it all. Grafting your bollox off over 3 days for a return on capital expenditure that would make Alan Sugar’s eyes water, just to get pain off bolshy hall managers and thats before you got the grief off all the traders because they didn’t do so well or cant get a good spot to park their van nearest the door. Although the next show would be a landmark, the 50th, basically the 4 regular members could not give a s**t anymore. Roll forward to the back end of 2012 and we were mellowing, yes we would consider another show but it would be on our terms getting rid of the things which were causing us the trouble: The hall, the Traders and the barrier and no overnight stays. Back to basics was the theme, it was our 50th show and why not go back to that. We went and visited the hall and chatted to the caretaker – it was a case of just get on with it lads. the price was right. Not only that but the premises are smart and well decorated – added bonus theres a cafe underneath and several pubs and shops nearby. Its a couple of minutes across the road to the station. We planned it yes we can have good finescale layouts that won’t cost the earth and we do not need traders to offset the cost – well go on the n we will have one in but not actualy charge him anything to come, if he does well he can make us a donation, if its not good then its OK we understand. Lets have a line society in as well and a preservation stand. On Friday evening it all came together, it was relaxed, it was no hassle. We were having a laugh. Come 10am on Saturday morning there was a small queue and the show was busy all day, but everyone was actually enjoying themselves. I never stopped talking to visitors even when I was doing routine stock maintenance at the end of the layout. We closed at half four on the satirday, everyone was happy and we sauntered of to the Baum (CAMRA pub of the year 2013) for a very good meal and a few – well a lot really – beers. Early doors Martin Edmondson got a phone call from the club treasurer – “we are in profit buy everyone a drink from the club”. Sunday continued in the same vein, we stripped the show down at half four, it was relaxed there were big smiles from all at what is usually the most fraught bit of a show. In short this is the best show Ive ever been involved in and done, and thats from someone who’s been an exhibition manager for 25 years up till 2011. I’ve exhibited at countless shows, I’ve visited as a punter even more but this is without shadow of a doubt this is the best most relaxed Ive ever done. OK there are those who think that 40 layouts and 40 traders is a good show -never mind the quality, feel the width. there was no filler. Whats the point of paying £10 or more to go and see the same amount of good layouts as was here? Traders – well if I want something i can just go on the internet and get it – often cheaper, they are not important in the show environment. I return to that theme “Back to basics” – go and enjoy the layouts. Thats the way forward and the most important thing. The retail therapy you can get 24/7 online. Yes it was a great weekend and its likley there will be another next year with more brilliant layouts. Watch this space.
  9. If you are going over to Scalefour North on the M62 why not come and spend a bit of time at the other finescale show taking place this weekend? We are 10 minutes from Jct 21 of the M62 - OL15 9AE
  10. First of all thanks to Andy for publishing the letter - an official press release is to follow, but its going to be the same text basically. We were aware that some people had learned of our decision in advance and took the step of notifying all the trade, societies and layouts in advance of Warley as we knew the story would break there and if we gave the definitive position, then it would stop the majority of rumours escalating. I'd re-emphasise that we are actively looking for a hall with at the absolute minimum 1,200 square metres and with very close walkable totransport links (i.e. not the George Carnell, we would be swapping one venue for another with exactly the same problem there). We would be open to suggestions please so if you have them, PM them to me rather than post them in public please. Andy Cooper Chair MMRS
  11. Nice one Jason, go for the brass for the walkway / brackets and rails - its much more forgiving and repairable if you knock it all when track cleaning etc.
  12. Around about the same time this happened another demonstration loco, a 45XX 2-6-2 tank in BR green livery was lifted off the Alan Gibson stand, probably by the same thief, as the MO was remarkably similar. And again they will be dissapointed unless they are an EM modeller and have a good supply of AG crankpin bushes and nuts. So again if you see or hear anything about either of these two distinctive locos, let either Mike know if iits the diesel, or Colin Seymour at Alan Gibson on 0161 678 1607 if its the 45XX.
  13. I'll just pop on here to extend my thanks to all of the exhibitors (and to my mind the term exhibitors includes all of the layouts traders and demonstrators) and all of the visiting public who helped make this years show a success for the club. I'd also like to thank those who visited because without your patronage theres no point in doing the show. This years awards: Paul Marshall Potter (PMP) won the Visitors Cup for Albion Yard, it really is a truly well observed layout and Paul's name deserves to be on that cup, the other names which read like a whos who of all those who have made a significant and lasting impact on Railway Modelling in this country. Leicester South got the Visitors Shield, second time for the Shipley club as their name is alrady on it for Tebay, come back for the hat trick guys. Kilbrandon Junction got the saggy barrier award given for the layout whos section of barrier has had the most leaning on, an indication of popularity. As for all the rumours, brilliant, I've yet to hear one which actually approaches anywhere or anything near the truth, my favourite is that we are at the RNCM next year in July. Thats either the product of a very fertile imagination, or the use of mind altering substances. The reality - well the only thing I will say is that we will definately not be at the Armitage Centre next year. Please feel free to keep guessing, but the MMRS and only the MMRS will let you know where, when and what as soon as we are good and ready!
  14. Contrary to informed opinion, I do post when required, Heres the list of traders exhibiting at the show this year: 247 Developments Alan Gibson Workshop ALL Components Bachmann Europe Bill Hudson Books Cheltenham Model Centre D.C. Kits & Models Direct train spares Eileen's Emporium Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways The Gordon Coltas Photographic Trust Greenscene Judith Edge Kits Mousa Models Penketh Model Rail Centre Pennine Models Rural Railways Shawplan Ten Commandments TMS Models Videoscene and Train Crazy ZTC Controls and the layouts. Timpdon Lake 32mm Loads of rubbish 0 Staindrop 0 Canaan Valley 0n30 Kilbrandon Junction S Ackthorpe 0 Albion Yard 00 Easington Lane EM Eccleston P4 Leicester South 00 Little Arrow 00 Mortomley 00 Thomas 00 Triang Minic Motorways 00 Untermutten H0m Hazelwood Junction N Duly amended!
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