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  1. Thanks Trevor. Much appreciated. It looks like I've got my work cut out then.
  2. Assistance please:- Lucky me has been gifted a new Hornby Railroad 'County'. I only have a side elevation weight diagram but no end elevation. Some members are pretty gem'd up on this class and I would be grateful for a few clues so the necessary alterations can be made prior to repainting.
  3. Thanks Ian, A good crop of photos showing parts more clearly. It looks like i can re-use Carrog overbridge after buttress have been added and some re-colouring of stonework carried out. Not sure if the upper wall is brick though. Looks like a visit to site is called for..
  4. Give me strength! This is a modelling forum, not a maudlin forum. I make a comment about what I do when I loose the modelling mojo and someone tries to make it personal about them!
  5. All painting after 1942 was in unlined black except for Castles and Kings which retained green but without lining (there were exceptions from the official line). The circular monogram disappeared that year, replaced by G Crest W on the more important classes and G W R on the rest. You will have to dig into photos for suitable running numbers, but any Dean Goods would have looked black or at least well grimy if it had escaped a repaint during 1942-45. The war years were a particularly busy, difficult and short staffed period in their history.
  6. I'll bet most of today's members of this forum are RTR collectors, so do they loose their box opening mojo? While my modelling mojo is having a sabbatical, I am enjoying tipping RTR onto the desk and admiring the detail.
  7. I realise the Hornby SR Maunsell corridor coaches have been out a good while and no doubt buyers have been well pleased with the detail. I saw some first-hand today and I must say Hornby certainly does its homework. Among the arrivals from a good friend are a push & pull pair. I hadn't given this release much thought but I now see the driving brake is a model of the 1935 batch of the heavily rivetted flush-window versions built around 1935. This I can use as an ordinarry brake composite if I back-engineer the brake end and glaze the lav window.... A 1920's design Maunsell brake th
  8. Rural branchlines look idyllic in color albums but in reality, nothing much happened all day. That said, I looked in on the GWR's closed Ffestiniog station in the early 1960's, and it looked very nostalgic.
  9. Not sure if you have seen these before. I took some pictures on 21st February 2003: This shot of Cym Prysor viaduct gives an idea of landscape coloring for that time of year. As you said earlier, lots of different colors... Trackbed between Trawdsfynedd station and Cym Prysor. Telegraph poles but no track! I'll bet it is really beautiful this time of year....
  10. Men I talked with from other sheds around Manchester didn't like the Standard Five for a variety of reasons. The side-facing mangle wheel reverser for one. The drafty and dusty cab another. The later fives reverted to a conventional end-on reversing screw. As I was used to Austerities and other primitives, a 'borrowed' Black Five was a veritable Rolls Royce
  11. Thanks for taking the trouble Ray. The sharp LH or RH turn on 2' radius slips has been an irritant with me for years and it looks like a bullhead slip could be the same radius. However, we are where we are and Peco turnouts are mighty convenient for me seeing as 'electrics' is one of those parts of this hobby that I avoid nowadays. Two Insulfrog single slips will be on Ruabon. Great minds think alike, as I used a single slip in place of a diamond at the double junction at Greenfield Junction.
  12. I don't know at this stage. All I know is the weight of the train had something to do with the loco stopping leaving it with a sort of grinding plastic sound. I dont know if the owner of this particular casualty has investigated the problem.
  13. Thanks for posting the video. That is some large layout there Ray. Good track laying in whatever code is the key in the end. The Heljan 47XX is a heavy beast for a plastic RTR model and it was scary listening to it bump over some of my more dodgy pointwork before the Code 100 relay. You have got plenty of space there for long trains. It would have been interesting to see them negotiating the curved part of those Peco slips.
  14. I have some agreement with the above. Code 100 really does give meaning to the words 'Permanent Way'. I have enjoyed the smoothest passage ever through pointwork ever since relaying Carrog with Code 100, but unfortunately for me, I used Peco bullhead first and I cannot get away from the fact that bullhead looks so much better.
  15. As the RTR 0 gauge locos get bigger and heavier, I hope the mechanisms and gearing are keeping pace. Folk working in this scale have been used to heavy metal-built locos hauling their trains and will quite naturally hang the same trains on their new plastic RTR locos. Already, I have heard of stripped gearing. The Heljan 'Large Prairie' looks a model to die for, but I would say this. The LMS can keep its large tanks...
  16. So beautiful it doesn't depend on a fancy livery to set it alight. From NER green to BR plain black, bring on RTR... Mikemeg.
  17. I use Letraset tape. It was one of those products that fell by the wayside due to advancing technology and North Start Design and I purchased a job lot from Letraset. I think Comet Models sell a suitably narrow tape for roof rain strips.
  18. Sorry, you can't backtrack now. Here is what you said:-
  19. My ribs are killing me through laughing.............Oh dear..........Midland engines were bigger and more powerful than their equivalent on the LNWR! I can't follow this thread any longer... It's unbelievable.
  20. Bachmann's Compound impressed me first, as I remember all too well the problems encountered with GEM's then new kit in the late 1960's. I built a trio for a magazine article. The bogie came in for some alteration and I had to hang the Tender on the rear plank to keep the back end of the loco down. I have yet to some someone do with a Bachmann Compound what I did with a GEM kit, and built one of the original compounds. I used a Caley Cardean Tender!
  21. A glance at the small firebox on a Dean Goods is enough to tell me I would be shoveling coal all shift. This is what happened on the L&Y A Class 0-6-0's if asked to do a road job instead of pilot work. On a 4F, I only threw a couple of shovel fulls down each side the box. It wasn't my engine and so I don't know what the fireman thought of the machine. I'll bet the men at Lees would have been glad of half a dozen 4F's in place of the A class once they got used to them. The shed had Fowler 2-6-2T's and 7F 0-8-0's. I mean things couldn't have gotten any worse, but it was an LNWR outpost in L&
  22. I will be going with this trackplan showing a single slip from the bay to the mainline. Interestingly, the slip was replaced by a ladder at some time, maybe during the late 1920's remodelling, but a ladder would use up too much space on my baseboard. The slip was probably getting too much of a hammering.... Courtesy the flyingsignalman
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