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  1. The new wireless interface UR93E for use with the 602DE is now available here in the UK and in stock with various suppliers.
  2. After the comment above about the new TCS controller I had a look online at it and it does look superior to the 602D for many reasons. I think I will sell my 602 and go for the TCS one. https://tcsdcc.com/UWT-100 Anyone want a 602 complete with rechargeable battery as good as new.
  3. Fully agree with you Nigel. I have two Daisy 2 throttles and far superior to the Digitrax one for the reasons you state. American / Digitrax users are missing out on what DCC has to offer. The back of the 602 does look a bit cheap due to either the moulding or the material used.
  4. Just tried it, does not work but just found out that if you hold the power button down a white LED lights up at the top edge of the handset. Would rather have configurable function keys.
  5. Shame as I had hoped it would be programmable like some other handsets. To release a handset that claims to be advanced it does not quite make it for me and an opportunity missed for Digitrax Users are missing out on all the functionality on offer from DCC
  6. Very disappointed you cannot change the function keys to momentary for whistles etc and stuck with just one on F2.
  7. Thanks Mustermark. The motor gearbox chassis arrangement is much better than the A3. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks but don’t buy the mag. I am interested in how they have mounted the motor in the A4 compared to the A3. In the A3 the motor came away with the boiler and is a right royal pain to remount. Was wanting to see if they had fixed the motor to the chassis on the A4 as there is no clear space under the boiler as such on the A4 to deal with.
  9. Small request please. If anyone is taking the body off the loco for whatever reason could they please take some photos of the chassis / motor installation and post them on here. Thanks
  10. I replaced my original DC ones due to the clicking you mention. They were very voltage sensitive and I gave up with them with some over driving and not stalling. There were badly made with poor QC But as I had all my point decoders I decided to go for the new DC versions so I bought the Omega DC ones with the voltage selector switch. I have a very good stabilised smooth DC power supply so I knew that the voltage on my DC power bus would be always whatever I set it at and set the little switch on the point motors accordingly. I have 25 of the Omega versions on my O gauge l
  11. Try these. https://www.smart-coupler.com/home-eng
  12. On the cobalt omega which is dc powered there is a switch with selects the operating voltage range. I was not sure if he had a DC or DCC version.
  13. Is there a little switch on the point motor by the terminals. If yes what is it set for. It may be set for the wrong supply voltage you are using.
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