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  1. He may be busy doing new Pullman coaches. https://greenwoodandpring.co.uk
  2. The two tone green Brush 4 has always been a favourite.
  3. User manual for V4L here http://www.esu.eu/en/downloads/instruction-manuals/digital-decoders/
  4. They have had hosting issues. ESU IT member of staff came back in off holiday to try to fix it.
  5. Yes been using ECoS Cab for a while or my iPhone and it’s got better and better due to the excellent support. Its about to get VNC view built in to it according to a post on their Facebook page.
  6. https://osxdaily.com/2018/04/29/play-flac-audio-files-mac-vlc/
  7. Just bought trains in the hills in FLAC format, superb.
  8. You can use an old internet router to set up a local Wi-Fi signal. It does not need to be connected to the internet to work. If you don’t have one they can be bought for a few pounds.
  9. It is a shame Digitrax is still stuck in the old ways of doing things and I suspect it won’t change in a long time with them missing out on what DCC can do. They still have a fixed function allocation so you cannot pick what goes where on the 602. Function 2 is the only momentary function and they seem to expect function 3 to be a bell. So if you have anything different you are going to find it difficult to change the way things are set up. I have the DT602 and regret buying it. You need a LNWI to use it as a remote hand set although you can still plug it in. Shame it does not use ‘conventional’ Wi-fi. Opportunity missed. Better handsets out there especially if you want to have the chance to configure things the way you want. It has a cheap plastic feel to it as well, odd hard to describe but it feels cheap.
  10. It was the audio file needed to add stations. It seems from reading the web site additional stations can be added for a fee.
  11. Very interested in this as well. Perhaps missed in all the posts the ability to add fictitious stations.
  12. Hi Mike. you can shim the draft boxes down to match coupler heights on the Darstead coaches. I did mine as they don’t sit at the right height when using the Kadee height gauge. Also there are other Kadee knuckles besides the centre set ones on the Darstead coaches. Under set and over set knuckles are great way to help overcome height issues. For the sake of two screws and some plastic card give it a go before returning the coach.
  13. Wow, they have put the DCC interface board in the coach fastened in with Velcro so makes removing it easy easy to add a function decoder. Adding a ESU V4 FX for now but will replace it with the new V5 Loksound FX when it is out soon.
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