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  1. Thanks but don’t buy the mag. I am interested in how they have mounted the motor in the A4 compared to the A3. In the A3 the motor came away with the boiler and is a right royal pain to remount. Was wanting to see if they had fixed the motor to the chassis on the A4 as there is no clear space under the boiler as such on the A4 to deal with.
  2. Small request please. If anyone is taking the body off the loco for whatever reason could they please take some photos of the chassis / motor installation and post them on here. Thanks
  3. I replaced my original DC ones due to the clicking you mention. They were very voltage sensitive and I gave up with them with some over driving and not stalling. There were badly made with poor QC But as I had all my point decoders I decided to go for the new DC versions so I bought the Omega DC ones with the voltage selector switch. I have a very good stabilised smooth DC power supply so I knew that the voltage on my DC power bus would be always whatever I set it at and set the little switch on the point motors accordingly. I have 25 of the Omega versions on my O gauge layout and have had them for a good few years now with no problems. I run them though of ESU switch pilots using three to two wire converters and cut the power off at the end of travel so the motor is not stalled as such and relies on the gearbox to prevent travel when not powered. Again never had any problems with this arrangement with the motors getting lots of use.
  4. Try these. https://www.smart-coupler.com/home-eng
  5. On the cobalt omega which is dc powered there is a switch with selects the operating voltage range. I was not sure if he had a DC or DCC version.
  6. Is there a little switch on the point motor by the terminals. If yes what is it set for. It may be set for the wrong supply voltage you are using.
  7. This shows sort of the end product of interfacing feed back boxes, levers and signals. It was done a while ago to counter what DCC Concepts were preaching which basically sold their Alpha System at inflated prices against what could be done for ECoS users for less.
  8. It seems very good. Only had it for about a week on my iPhone but getting to like it a lot. Good support as well from the developer.
  9. Hi Gordon. The levers just change the points and signals. The levers are connected to the ESU feed back unit in the same way you can do the same with S88. When the lever moves the ECoS sees it as an event. It can be occupancy of track via a reed switch or other method. Please note, the ESU unit is not the current sensing unit, that is far more expensive and used for track circuiting / block occupancy but it can be used in the same way by altering g jumpers on it. The term routes in the ECoS is as I have said a bad term to use as it can be used to set a signal, change a point Show occupancy or as it says create a route. In my case I use a ‘route’ that is triggered by an event such as moving one of the levers that fills in one of the dots in one of you picture. So if dot on change a point, if dot goes off move point back. I do this by using two routes, one to move the point straight and one to go left or right as required. The photos may help to see what I have done. As for RR& Co, the points on the PC monitor move as the levers move but if they are moved when the PC is off then it does get out of synch. For me it’s not an issue as everything g sorts itself out quite quickly if you start to use the levers.
  10. Hi Gordon. I use the rather nice DCC Concept levers linked time my ECoS via the ESU feedback module. It has 16 inputs and just acts as an electronic switch triggered by the levers. I set up routes, bad name really, as it is the key to using external devices in this case. My levers control points and signals. It can do the interlocking as well in the ECoS. Of course I still use good old RR&Co but this adds another aspect to controlling the layout.
  11. ‘I still stand by my point that we need to be careful how we talk about individuals on a public forum. In my line of work, I am looking after an ever increasing amount of anxiety and other mental health conditions. I have seen the damage that internet comments can do’. Do you think DJ thought about the impact his actions were having on others. I suspect not. Why should we consider his state of mind in that case.
  12. Good luck. Do let us know what you find.
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