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  1. The HSB has nearly 140km of track so in one day you will only be able to sample a small section of line. The favourite is of course Wernigerode to the summit of the Brocken, which is also the most expensive part. Well worth it though, 29km of non stop climbing going up behind one of the lines big 2-10-2 tanks, bit of a bonus if you get snow.
  2. When I was gainfully employed by Southern Water we had an incident one night at a remote pumping station on Southampton Water. The Isle of Wight is not self sufficient for water and at the time,although undoubtedly more now, had to have eleven million gallons of the stuff pumped over daily from the mainland. Obviously quantities of this magnitude had to have enormous pumps, indeed the biggest we had on SW, and some pretty hefty electrical gear to go with it, and being old it featured copper busbars. On this particular night we had a break in there and I, along with others, got an alarm call to say that the pumps had failed. When we got there what a scene, it was like a bomb had gone off. They had tried to crowbar the busbars, had obviously shorted the lot out and judging by the aftermath had started quite a fire. Someone must have hurt themselves in all of that, there must have been a hell of a bang! Again apologies for off topic, and yes we called them busbars...
  3. I see mention was made of 45379 (which, btw, will steam again at some stage although well down the queue). This is a shot of the thing on a freight on the MHR with yours truly giving the standard MHR greeting to the photographer (who is a mate)
  4. 'rather than the up and down of a roller coaster' ....which is entirely prototypical e g edit..this image also illustrates the point quite well I think
  5. What is wrong with a manufacturer basically saying that they can't make every variant under the sun but just making the two (perhaps) most numerous variations in a class? Of course they would have to be totally up front about it and not try and hide that fact. If the class was popular enough (I believe that the 'U' would be) perhaps sales would justify this approach, plus,of course, people would know exactly what they would be buying. Perhaps also the 'true modellers' amongst us would also be able to take these as a base to convert to whatever version they needed. Just a thought...
  6. After years of buying different makes of superglue I first tried Gorilla a couple of years ago, won't use anything else now, super stuff. I use normal and gel, for application I use a cocktail stick with point sharpened for the situation in hand, ie more pointy for smaller drops etc. Just resharpen when necessary.
  7. Never sure what this actually means...is it that they flog more stuff than anyone else?
  8. As do Bulleid pacifics, 120/114/126 deg. Edit. this was discussed here which might or might not be of interest to the op.
  9. Not only from those not in favour of it either.
  10. What will happen to these properties in the event of long delay or cancellation? Just be left to rot?
  11. Not quite..I think you might need to get the calculator out. I was being generous in my calculations, £135 for each adult is to get back from York then 2 x children' tickets on top of that, then you have to factor in £71.50 for each adult plus the kids to get to York even on the cheapest ticket available (not bothered about you quoting 2+2, my family, my rules!). Total that lot up, it's one hell of a lot of money even after applying whatever railcard you want to it.
  12. That was part of my point David...if fares keep on going up thereby putting the cost out of reach for I assume a lot of people will extra capacity still be needed. It may well be needed but surely it's a great unknown? As far as I can see noone really knows what will happen after Oct 31st even so to predict so far into the future can perhaps not be as accurate as people hope?
  13. That took a little longer than I anticipated... As I said, difficult to see how it could get down to affordable levels, remember we're talking 3 adults plus 2 children. Highlighted fare x 3 is £400 plus, and thats without the childrens' fares. So we're probably talking ~£500. If you think that's good your life must be somewhat different to mine!
  14. One thing that I feel has been overlooked in this thread is the fact that the modern railway is seemingly not for family trips....by that I mean it's hugely expensive. I am looking into a trip to York for myself, daughter and family. My eyes are still watering from the results! I can understand that for a solo traveller taking the train is a good option, but for groups not so much. I also understand that there are discounted fares available although it's difficult to see how it would be reduced to a figure that's affordable by most. I think that my point is twofold, one is that I'm not going to be persuaded to give up my car anywhen soon, secondly I was questioned in an earlier post about not wanting to pay for HS2, someone quoting 'the greater good'. It's difficult to see how something is for the greater good when rail travel itself is perhaps starting to become financially out of reach for a lot of people. Anyway this should perhaps show the problem!
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