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  1. Here are some photos of another diorama I made a while back....it’s supposed to represent a British 9.2” howitzer in transport mode going to the front in France. The Holt 75 artillery tractor is doing it’s best to keep it all going on what is a horrible wet day in France during WW1. The howitzer is well travelled....it’s a Resicast resin kit, made in Belgium, bought in Australia for a can’t leave it there price and built in England. BTW it’s hard to get decent photos of this as it’s just a bit shy of a metre long.
  2. I quite enjoy making military dioramas. This one depicts the time in WW1 Palestine when some Brits, some Aussies, a Bedouin, an Arab and a camel got together for a chinwag.
  3. First a potential apology...I have no idea if this has been done before, or indeed done to death. If so, as I say many apologies. It came about as I took some photos on my train set. One in particular stood out as, although an old model now, to me at least it absolutely portrays what it is supposed to be. No doubt purists and cognoscenti could rip it to pieces, but for me, it looks the part. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Bachmann Standard 5.
  4. Another vote for NCE Powercab, and the flexibility of control which dcc brings, but not necessarily a vote for dcc sound. A purely personal opinion...I have two layouts, one U.S. themed on which all locos, , steam and diesel, are sound equipped. Sounds like an ideal scenario but after a surprisingly short time, if you are just in a room with the layout and the sound has nowhere to dissipate as in an exhibition hall, boy, does it start to get on your (my) nerves...so more often than not they all get turned down to barely discernible levels or off all together. On the other hand I m
  5. Have you been on a footplate? Keep the doors open on a summer day and not a lot of nasties will survive in that environment. Good fun on a Bulleid Pacific with 6 on going up a 1 in 60...perhaps an excuse to bring back the fabled chalk line down the centre of the cab. Here’s a thought too...how do the emergency services do it, eg ambulance crews, fire engines....?
  6. Fingers crossed for 15th July https://www.railadvent.co.uk/2020/06/steam-locomotive-34046-braunton-runs-on-mainline-for-first-time-since-coronavirus-lockdown-began.html?fbclid=IwAR1JKBR39uc9yUpDNka6Ar5pW5NWZ1OQwkmIIdkrR7zceRjdGDmQA2rwC4E
  7. As always Brian Lambert is your friend. Have a look on this page (scroll down)... https://www.brian-lambert.co.uk/Electrical_Page_3.html
  8. I've often thought that 'there is a prototype for everything' and, within reason, that is often the case. Search long enough and hard enough, or even by accident, you will find a photo or article which gives credence to your operating protocol. A couple of examples...Jubilees, Patriots and Royal Scots on oil trains at Eastleigh (I saw these myself), Scottish Region based Britannias at Eastleigh shed (wish I'd seen them) and so on. It's easy to get hung up on the smallest detail, most of us do, but at the end of the day it's just not worth it. After all for most of us th
  9. Sorry to drag this up again (what's 4 years between friends) but I was having problems with slow running / seeming lack of power of my locos on my recently completed dcc layout., this was using the power pack supplied with the Powercab. Although due to the nature of the layout I only usually run one engine at once there can be up to 15 engines on there. Reading through this thread convinced me that a new psu was needed so I bought an RS 15v 2amp unit, seemingly good value at £19. Well, night and day, black and white, what a difference, seems to have rejuvenated things and the t
  10. Wow, some great stuff on display this year, really pleased not to attend. Also the journey down was the best one I haven't taken to western climes, hope the journey home is as good.
  11. We had one of those things doing the same thing down this way a couple of days ago, Italian registered, up and down for a couple of hours, over to the Isle of Wight and back again. Perhaps they're going to connect it to HS2.
  12. Being very much a Southerner I don't care for much cuisine which emanates from north of Winchester, however I do recall enjoying one or two of these things on AY's recommendation / coercion at the first members' day in the badlands of Derby or somewhere in 2007. And I lived to tell the tale...
  13. I've done a bit more on the trainset, perhaps not the best but I suppose the important thing is I'm enjoying it in these troubled times.
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