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  1. Why would a message be garbled? All procedures are set out in the rule book and have to be followed just the same a on the national network. Have you any facts to back up your perhaps not too well informed post? I enclose a photo of the Mid Hants Railway rule book and a sample page. All grades have regular rules tests to ensure knowledge of these rules. Safety critical staff must have the rule book available at all times for reference in case of doubt. We aren’t playing at it…
  2. Thank you very much…whatever you’re doing it seems to work a treat, superb layout.
  3. I’ve enjoyed seeing CF on a few occasions at exhibitions. Now, I don’t doubt this has been asked and answered before, maybe even in this thread (I’ve kind of speed read it) but what is the track cleaning regime for this layout please?
  4. One of the good guys, a sad loss. RIP.
  5. As I understood it this was done on certain of the biggest engines, cutting the bottoms off of the centre drivers enabled them to be shunted round the tightest curves in the yard.
  6. Very sad news. eldavo and myself had some visits to his home, pubs and Pendon.. great company and a gent. Best wishes to Jackie and family, and hopes that they can find peace at this awful time.
  7. PhilH

    70000 BRITANNIA

    Yes, it did. https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/70000-britannia/ (Scroll down) The air pump on 70000 is relevant only to preservation days mainline running, not in BR service.
  8. Not everybody did apparently, this from a friend of mine, an ex BR(S) steam driver. 'As Cleaners were made to use them and the fitters and shed staff used to put them on, but footplate staff never bothered. I don’t think that 1, there were enough to go round and , 2, management were prepared to push the issue. It was difficult enough to get an engine off shed in an hour without having to collect and return Not to be Moved boards. We would probably have demanded another 5 to 10 minutes prep time to fetch and return them. For my part I was always there at least 30 mins early if I had to get an engine ready and If I was going to do anything underneath I would tie a red flag to the regulator handle. On several occasions I remember dropping back down into the pit on hearing a Loco rumble into the shed behind mine, just in case he couldn’t stop." Bob is also a fellow ex-driver on the Mid Hants Railway where it is a must do if working on/ prepping an engine. He was the one who pointed out that my effort was a GWR example (thanks Bob....) and as WGt pointed out above seems to remember them as painted flat boards, very similar in fact to those we use on the MHR. And which, of course, having volunteered up there for decades I never got a photo of. Thanks for the replies, it's a detail that not many seem to bother with. I think I'll obtain a photo of the MHR sort and use that.
  9. Although not much used back in the day I decided I wanted some 'Not to be Moved' boards on the trainset. I found a photo of one online which looked vaguely similar to a grainy photo of one on a Bulleid pacific I'd seen. I manipulated the photo and came up with a (to me) usable result (see photo). However I understand it's more Western than Southern, so my question is can anyone point me towards a colour photo of a Southern example please?
  10. A munitionschlepper being loaded from an ammo bunker, unfortunately it seems to have dumped some oil so the mechanics are having a gander. Hobbyboss kit, various butchered figures and foam board bunker.
  11. I find Hornby’s objection and sanction aimed at retailers turned manufacturers almost a classic case of shooting themselves in the foot,or at least an example of decisions made by people who don’t go shopping. Do they not understand that most people go into a shop, be it a model shop, Tesco, whoever, for x but end up buying not only x,y and z but a,b and c as well. The whole point is to get people into the shop so surely that is best accomplished by having as wide a range as possible in that shop…if it’s not there you won’t get a sale.
  12. As alluded to the problem for a lot of people is in the phrase 'local model shop'. At a time when apparently bricks and mortar model shops are struggling and closing down I would have thought that anything a manufacturer can do to support any business that wants to sell their products, even if there are supply difficulties, would be advantageous in the long run.
  13. All well and good assuming that all of Hornby's products through all of their ranges sell well but do not Tier 1 shops run the risk of being left with stocks of Hornby group products which don't sell so well but which they have basically been forced to take?
  14. Come on Gordon, want to play trains....mate, sending you all the best wishes in the world for a full recovery....just get better ok?. Phil
  15. I apologise if this has been on before, and for only posting a link, however I wasn’t sure of copyright etc. However it’s the first time I’ve seen it and maybe if new some might be interested. Be warned it is a Facebook page link for those who think they are the devil’s spawn. https://www.facebook.com/groups/695691077260207/permalink/1843878849108085/
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