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  1. Certainly the word 'may' was used in connection with the supposed inflation figure, but as it came from the chairman of the project surely it's an 'informed may'?
  2. 30/56 is a hell of an inflation figure...has someone been telling porkies about the real cost right from the start?
  3. In reply to the driving and firing bit I've just 'retired' from the Mid Hants after thirty plus years of volunteering in the loco department where I started as a third man (now called cleaner), then fireman followed by nearly twenty years driving. I also spent nearly four years on the main line with Hosking's engines as support crew. The upsides...living the dream I suppose (although it turned into a nightmare a few times), being on the footplate of and then driving the biggest locomotives in preservation up one of the bigger hills on a preserved railway, managing your crew (their problems are your problems), training and seeing them develop into railwaymen (it has to be remembered that we use proper trains which can bite the same as other trains, we don't play at railways). Also just getting the job right brings a satisfaction in itself, to have a safe day and know that people have gained enjoyment from your efforts. The downsides....anything to do with steam engines is heavy, dirty, usually wet and carried out in Dickensian conditions. You have to learn to do as you are told on the footplate, realise that it isn't a democracy and the driver is in charge (some people don't get that bit) In any loco department you have to have or develop a thick skin, the 'banter' can be merciless. You have to take responsibility for your actions (some see that as a downside) and be accountable for mistakes especially when in a safety critical role. When on footplate duties the hours can be long and arduous, on the MHR we have to prep the locos, do the day's work and then put the things to bed. This usually takes us up to the twelve hours maximum allowed. Conditions on the footplate can be trying too, sod's law says that on the hottest summer's day you get a closed cab loco ( for instance on a Bulleid Pacific, especially an original, temperature can get up to 110 deg in the cab especially when working hard up the hill, and as you are not going fast it doesn't really help to stick your head out the side window) Conversely, when it's snow or heavy rain you are bound to get an open back cab loco, and of course the storm sheet will be missing or ripped. I remember years ago coming into Ropley tender first on an S15 in a snowstorm and the backhead was covered in the stuff...seems hard to believe but true. So...as I said I've given it up now. As I also said I've had the pleasure of aiming a lot of the best locos in preservation up and down the line, I reckon about 40000 miles worth over the years but I am 70 soon and the prospect of getting up at 04-30 to then go and crawl under a steam loco in a perhaps flooded pit is less than attractive these days BUT...would I do it all again? YOU BETCHA!
  4. 1) Find mate with 3D resin printer 2) Get him to find freely available program on t'internet 3) Get him to hit 'print' 4) Buy him beer The photos depict the model as in unpainted straight off the printer state complete with supports. edit of course I took a pic of the one with the broken spokes, the others he did for me are perfect...as far as I can see.! Hard to see on a camera phone...cruel close ups...
  5. As can be seen from this wikipedia photo they are there on the prototype. As always Google is your friend.
  6. It's not a link, it's a photo. Others seem to be able to see it, it's certainly showing up for me. It's even showing in your post quote saying it's not showing!
  7. Don't know if this has been on before, am assuming it's kosher and not pshopped.
  8. PhilH

    DJM, the end.

    This thread has descended beyond pointless now in my opinion. Just more hot air to add to global warming....
  9. I use Microscale liquid decal film to 'restore' old decals, seems to stop them breaking up. Then use Microset and Microsol in the usual way to help the decals adhere to the contours.
  10. Many years ago when I had much more energy than now I toyed with the idea of making one of these. I still have a complete set of Don Young drawings except for No 1, the GA I believe, old but still very readable and usable. If you are interested let me know, can send pics.
  11. Not confined to DJM..quite a few of the mega global businesses have been careless with their it systems as have various government departments on occasion. Tbh this thread is getting somewhat tired now in my opinion.
  12. Why not put your thoughts into a post?
  13. I really don't understand crowdfunding.. if money is given in good faith for the furtherance of a particular project, then surely that money should be for that and that alone. Or does it just become a pot of money for the crowdfundee (?) to spend as they please on anything that takes their fancy? That can't be right/ legal can it?
  14. Sometimes you have to know when to throw away the shovel and stop digging.
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