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  1. Thank you for the replies. On reflection I suppose what I’m asking about is the ‘micro’ side of the system, eg was a wagon load of, say, oil barrels worked in to somewhere near a shed in a normal goods train, then that single wagon worked in to that shed by perhaps the shed pilot? As for coal, were coal trains worked into a location to be broken up into smaller units for onward distribution to engine sheds which didn’t necessarily need huge amounts of the stuff? (I should say that although a general curiosity my main area of interest is not in areas with nearby collieries but the south of England…my dad worked in the stores at Eastleigh shed. So many things I wished I’d asked him when I had the chance!) I do realise that this many years after the events it’s a bit of a can of worms, but as I say appreciate any insight into the subject
  2. I’m currently reading a book on the logistics of keeping the BEF supplied with essentials on the Western Front during WW1. It should be as dry as old bones but it is a fascinating insight into how things worked backed then. This led me to wonder about how engine sheds were supplied during steam days…how did the coal, corks, cotton waste, oils, overalls etc., the hundreds of things needed to service and operate steam engines, get to individual sheds. Did everything go to central supply depots to be split up into individual wagon loads, were there long sidings full of loco coal wagons waiting to be tripped to sheds both large and small? If anyone can remember, or point me to sources of reference on this subject I’d appreciate it. Just one thing…if there are any replies could they be fact rather than supposition please!
  3. Nothing so practical, this from a website relating to French manufacturers. This applied to both their cars and commercial vehicles…. ’Like many upper-crust makes in France (Talbot, Bugatti) and Italy (Lancia), Delahaye had held onto right-hand drive as a sign of status.’
  4. Not on Campbell Rd bridge it wasn’t.
  5. The line was electrified between the wars so surely there wouldn’t have been any loco hauled services on this route?
  6. Me too. Welcome to the world 2021 I guess.
  7. Thanks…hopefully this will turn out to be as good a kit to build.
  8. We Campbell Rd bridge (Eastleigh) train spotting association used to call them flat tops or streaks.
  9. Bit late to the party but with regards to the top of an original WC here are some photos of 34007 taken when I went for wander along said top...as you do. I have quite a few detail pics of various bits of it and the underneath of 34105 if anyone's interested.
  10. Thanks for that….as you say I suppose that’s the closest to work the thing will ever get.
  11. Can anybody point me to a video wherein the thing is actually doing some work? I’ve seen quite a few now and it’s either coasting, seemingly being pushed by a hard working diesel or crawling along….just want to hear what it sounds like when (if) they make it chuff. One things for sure they like the sound of the bell and whistle….
  12. Thanks for the reply, yes they seem to be. I have garnered fresh information on this problem. 6 locomotives were left on the layout, three with Econami decoders, two Broadway Limited with as fitted decoders and one A.N. other. Only the Econami decoders, all of them, have the outlined problem, the others are fine.
  13. Thanks for the reply, CV29 is set to 28/128 steps as is the Powercab.
  14. Due to interest from my grandchildren I have started to resurrect my US themed trainset. It hasn't been used in couple of years, basically I left everything as was, some locos and stock left on track, just turned it all off and walked away from it. All locos, steam and diesel, are sound equipped. Upon turning it on everything was understandably somewhat reluctant to play ball, so I'm going to investigate the locos one by one. First up is a Proto 2000 0-6-0 steam switcher fitted with a Soundtraxx Econami decoder. I've done a reset on the programming track and it has come back back to life, all functions work, runs smoothly, except when I enter a throttle value above about 20 in 128 speed steps, 5 in 28, it seems to turn itself off and instantly restart about every half or so wheel revolution. If anyone has any ideas what could be causing this I would be very grateful to hear them as when I left it it was a very good running and sounding model.
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