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  1. I too thought Quay Wharf (?) was really good modelling but then if you did hours at an exhibition with it like I did one day you would realise how bloody annoying those seagulls were!
  2. Well if it helps you sleep Neil I was Mod5 but then again some of the numbers were reused!
  3. I cannot recall when I actually joined but it was certainly quite early on. I think I can best be described as an armchair modeller but am not offended by the description. Over the years tempted by excellent work shown on the forum I have had numerous attempts at layouts in 00, 0 and G all of which failed dismally but nevertheless I enjoyed them while they lasted. Like Beast I too was a Mod and can identify with all he says about that role. I can honestly say from my time in that role that Andy has achieved results that most would have given up on long ago. Since the start it h
  4. Proper old school was Jack. Always helpful and always happy to chat. RIP mate.
  5. If you click on the little dot to the left of the title it takes you to the last read post. This has been mentioned so many times by so many people. If you read the FAQ most of the stuff is in there.
  6. Probably best not to try and photograph that as they are not keen on photographs of anything behind barbed wire especially the deserted area Varosha where all the hotels and houses have been shelled !
  7. There is absolutely no problem whatsoever crossing the border. I have done it several times in the past few months as we are living in the North (Turkish side) and travel across to the South to Larnaca airport to collect and drop off visitors. As you come back into the North on the right hand side of the dual carriageway there is a yellow shunter preserved and on show on a hill which I assume was from a mine. I am always driving but next time I will try and get my good lady to get a piccie.
  8. Easiest way is report this thread using the report function button at the bottom or you could try a pm to Andy. Report is the quickest as you cannot guarantee that any of the Admin will see this post.
  9. That is absolutely fine Torper but I doubt (hope) you would be so narrow minded as to suggest that diesels have no place there.
  10. Did that line when they had a Deltic as a guest. It has to be said not the most interesting but I always think a DMU adds to the interest. Oh to do the Settle to Carlisle on one! I always visit any preserved railway when staying close to one. Some people do have extreme views and I have little doubt that some of the staff would have that opinion but to my mind they should never ever express it to a paying visitor. I suspect the Diesel Gala would wind then up a treat then! If it is a preserved railway then 'anything' that is preserved has a rightful place there and if it attracts visito
  11. Pleased that you have been encouraged to visit which surely was one of the main aims of the NYMR getting involved in the programme. Also pleased that you have not been put off by the false jeopardy and poor continuity that seems to have upset so many in here. Having visited it on numerous occasions over the years I can safely say it will be well worth your while. I will take a chance here on being attacked by some but I like to travel on the DMU as you get to see the track and views a lot better.
  12. No publicity is bad publicity so they say. Whoever 'they' are.
  13. I agree to the point that it 'should be' but am realistic to know that it isn't and it isn't going to change. Dumbing down is with us and will no doubt get worse as the years go on. There are literally thousands of channels and programmes to watch so these days making a programme is far different from when we had two channels to choose from and they closed at 10pm! What you would like and what I would like, be that educational or whatever is of no concern to the average telly watcher and the makers know that.
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