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  1. to get around the long coupling i did this to mine 2021-02-20_02-36-27 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  2. 247 Developments plates fit as well IMG_20210216_012314 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  3. my LSWR coaches arrived to day IMG_20210220_121913 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  4. 247 Developments also do plate & can make plates to order http://247developments.co.uk/2mm_.html
  5. So far I have 5 layouts for the show need to get on touch with a trader
  6. it would not be that hard to hide the battery just mould a load of luggage to sit over it
  7. here are my GWR 4 wheelers IMG_20210212_123849 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  8. I have renumbered my 1646 to 1645 sheded at 87A IMG_20210210_203418 by brian mosby, on Flickr IMG_20210211_192522 by brian mosby, on Flickr IMG_20210211_192531 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  9. will just put this here built before there was a kit 4mm BR Class 13 Shunter Converted from 2x Hornby class 08 Shunter by brian mosby, on Flickr
  10. I am hoping to have A RTR trader at the show as well as tea/coffee & sandwiches/cakes I do not think most of the attendees will be looking at detailing parts so 247 Development will not be there As i will also have my layout there ( can not be in 2 places at once)
  11. It's May 1951 and 1646 is on one of its 1st turns up to Blaendulais from Swansea East Docks IMG_20210204_153254 by brian mosby, on Flickr & here it is with its 2 competitors IMG_20210204_160550 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  12. see link https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/161995-st-john-ambulance-cymru-fundraiser-expo/
  13. Once lock Downs are over I am looking to hold an exhibition to raise Funds for St John Ambulance Cymru to be held at the Neath St John Hall Can not give a date at the moment Both My Wife & myself are members I am looking for local layout that would like to attended If you would like to bring your layout PM me
  14. I have 1646 on order but will be changing the shed code to 87D
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