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  1. Miss LMS is Now DOIC of Neath St John

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Congratulations, both of you.


      Now, am I right in thinking that DOIC means Deputy Officer In Charge and that this concerns the Neath branch of the St John's Ambulance?


    3. DonB


      Yes, St John do seem to be able to pick people with the "get up and go" to fill their vacancies... ( Wish we could say the same about our current gov't. ) 

    4. mozzer models

      mozzer models

      @Captan Kernow Almost right its Divisional Officer in Charge so the Boss 

  2. Well you did like a small loco on the Middleton Railway
  3. why the real APT-E only ever ran as a max of 4 car set as per the set
  4. Think the link is Wrong http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/184/KMRC-Skrifra---SECR-SR-BR-Birdcage-Coaches
  5. Which buffers are you looking for as we have Romford turned brass coach ones in stock both oval & round
  6. In todays email the cats out of the bag on who got the job
  7. yes as the outer ones are higher up the the 2 in the middle
  8. Sorry no drawings & only photos from building the kit 14 brake gear by brian mosby, on Flickr 008 by brian mosby, on Flickr
  9. I know you should never model a model but i have built a rake of kits of this model click photos for more photos
  10. under frame is wrong as there were 4 tanks not 2 & there should be cross bracing on the frame work you have the 2 tanks linked to the linkage from the brake cylinder the tanks were for air to open the doors & notting to do with the brakes brake v hangers should be on the outside of the chassis not the inside
  11. we get there to me 247 developments email all the time this year i have had them for YORK BRM 2 OR 3 SHOW N GAUGE SHOW PLUS OTHERS
  12. I am playing around resizing my 4mm Metropolitan 4 wheel full brake body down to 2mm/N gauge I am making it itt the Peco 15ft full brake chassis here my 1st test its a bit narrow for the chassis so the got another wider one been printed as i Type Metropolitan Railway 4 wheel full brake to fit the Peco 15ft brake van chassis by brian mosby, on Flickr
  13. sorry about that but but the link was posted back in 2015 then it was on a old version of Rmweb so the link no longer works on the newest Rmweb
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