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  1. I have one of the Model Rails USA 0-6-0t No 1468 & as the layout is set in WW2 north of Neath in the Dulas Valley I have re-numbered it in to 4399 as this loco was one of two on loan to Neath Division (Danygraig) from June 7th 1944 The loco is the Model rails USA tank Just need to weather it now Renumbered from 1968 to 4399 as this loco was on loan to Neath Division (Danygraig) from June 7th 1944 The loco is the Model rails USA tank by brian mosby, on Flickr
  2. Sorry to say sales would need to be 3x what they were when we did it in 2017 just to low to think about attending again
  3. that page is out of date heres what in stock http://www.modelrailoffers.co.uk/c/1693/USA-Tanks
  4. thanks say hi when we meet again Taunton is a average show for sales for us but OK York is our best of the year
  5. If you took a ruff average price of our items say £4.00 it takes a lot of sale to cover the rent
  6. the Plasticard Kid at it again love the work as always mate
  7. I do not know of any show wear the traders do not pay anything apart for some very small shows were its a donation
  8. We did the Cardiff show in 2017 ( 247 Developments) takings did not cover the stand rent we would like to attend the local shows but sale are not high enough to make it worth going
  9. Is not Mutton from Wales Like Us at 247 Developments Were wheels up at 6am for the show
  10. wheels up at 6am for us here at 247 Developments
  11. But if someone is already working to this gauge then there needs still need to be supplied we were ask to make some & as they sell we will still keep them in stock
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