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  1. when i built the DJH kit there was a brass etch for the steps in the kit as well need one for my garden railway
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dapol-00-Special-Edition-Wagons-Buxton-Lime-Firms-rake-of-8-wagons/224009219450?hash=item3427fd6d7a:g:I1oAAOSw5Kdba2Qd
  3. mozzer models

    The Engine Shed

    which one was that in ??
  4. the Hornby one is 1/2 the price of the rails one so not the same
  5. It a GWR CORDON & looks to be a Dia DD4 built late 1890's
  6. the same for Me but i ordered 2 of the blue coaches
  7. As a trader at this show we have been told it is no longer on in 2020
  8. Hi Jim I find giving this type of 3d print a coat of Halford filler primer 1st helps smooths the finish
  9. picked one up Mine has moved to south wales & been renamed Pride of the fleet by brian mosby, on Flickr
  10. YES & NO he was still at Dapol when it was done on the Kernow well tank
  11. from Dapol on fasebook Dapol Ltd Hi Matthew Lander The Footplate is plastic, chassis, boiler and smokebox are diecast. it has been done this way to get the centre of gravity correct on the model
  12. Yes i did live above milnsbridge
  13. I lived in Huddersfield for 46 years till 2017 & then moved south to neath I also know someone who came to swansea from huddersfield to go to University & then stayed
  14. its to follow the 16xx so has to wait in line
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