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  1. Delighted to tell you that Paul has solved my problem - many thanks for your suggestion
  2. Thanks 81C, email sent - of course I doubt if I'll get a reply till next week since it is Eggster
  3. Thanks Julian - ebay seem to have none available at all!
  4. If anyone has one available, please PM me
  5. Ah That does make life somewhat more difficult! Not awfully sure what else to suggest, I'm afraid!
  6. Jordan - Have you tried putting it in a sealed plastic bag and the leaving it in the freezer for a couple of days - That often breaks the glue bond.
  7. Perhaps an idea for your next one, then!
  8. I had the immense pleasure of seeing "Los Karr Quays" many years ago, and of meeting Mike Scott who I believe was involved in the building - always found the use of REAL "wet stuff" on an exhibition layout VERY impressive - does the layout still exist?
  9. I'd have been tempted to not fill in the left-hand side - I think it would have worked rather well with a brick wall either side, and a set back gas-lamp street-light as a rather dark and gloomy back alley "cut-through" to the factory behind - possibly with a "night-bird" propping up the lamppost. waiting for her feller to come away from work Far-be-it from me to suggest a "customer"!)
  10. Northroader - glad you found it - I have to tell everybody that the layout, minus back-scene was stood on end behind a door awaiting some work, and a rather enthusiastic "door opening" snapped off the fence (loud cries of "OH, BU99ER!" ) - so I am involved in rebuilding (as per Luke Towans video) and possibly fitting a gate( per Thomas Klimoskis video ) Hopefully the upgrades will prove that a simple layout can provide be extended / adjusted / changed and still provide interest over time. I am also looking at a bolt-on rear section that may well hold a further track and widen the layout with another back scene fitted to the rear - regrettably that idea has also triggered thoughts of adding some more trackage to the layout, although the additions will need to travel separately as it will no longer fit in its box
  11. Without going back through the thread (it may have been posted previously!) This almost has to be a prototype scene for Ankh Morpork or another of Sir Terry Prachet's cities / towns/ hamlets/ places
  12. Jordan - Not 100% certain but I think they are used to spread fertilizer across a wide area hence the balloon tires - could also be used to throw grain seed similarly (the original meaning of "to broadcast") - Interested to know, too
  13. Well, folks, I have had no reply from Broadway Lion to date , so it looks as though we will not get to know his solution to the problem - Ah, well! - I had a further thought about my previous post , and think that maybe a normaly ON, push to break button may be easier than the switch - I have ordered both so we'll see.
  14. I don't know if this will work but, watching Andy's video triggered an idea - If I use a spring loaded, normally on, SPDT switch , to allow me (in its normal position) to drive the train over the magnet, and press the switch to momentarily break the circuit and immediately spring back, the momentary break in power may simulate the "jiggle", and cause the couplers to relax and operate - I think it is certainly worth a try and have found a supplier in Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear - who is popping some in the post to me - fingers crossed.
  15. Have to admit that I feed my track power through the bolts that join the boards - accessory power is done by the choc-block connectors (pin and socket) as per photos earlier - self stick Slug Tape https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/273434992767?chn=ps&var=572820399603 (available in wider widths) makes great buss feeds and means that wires can be short
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