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  1. Hi Will. No none at all :-( In fact I had the helix for sale on eBay a short while ago. It didn't sell (very select market and a bit hard to get through a letter box!!) But it did make me think about things again. Once the new roof is on the house I may have a new found interest. Cheers Guy
  2. Great to see the circuit complete Phil. Makes me wanna get up in the loft and crack on. Guy
  3. Really impressed with your Progress Phil. I bet you can't wait to get a full loop running. You and Poppy can sit back and watch the trains go by......... until Poppy takes a massive swipe at a passing formation she doesn't approve of! :-)
  4. Workshop looks great mate. Ideal place for a cup of tea! Guy
  5. Great start Mick. Looks as professional as one would expect with your crew. Guy
  6. Hi Phil Great to see your still beavering away. Fiddle yard is really coming together. Guy
  7. Hi Will et al. Thanks for looking in Hoping to get some more done this winter. Kinda lost the bug at the moment. Guy
  8. Nice work on the cabinet mate...... and everything else :-)
  9. That 85 looks really nice mate. Nice to see a few full length pics as well.
  10. Really good info lads, cheers. The kids are 5 and 14 (girls) if that helps for any info given. Guy
  11. Exactly what I was looking for, thanks. I just found the road then searched Google maps to get an idea of size and distance from start/stop point. Guy
  12. Hi I'm off to Disney with the wife and kids at the weekend. Does anyone have any tips for a nice stopping off place between Calais and Paris to stretch our legs and a toilet stop for the kids? we'll be going A26/A1 unless someone can sell the A16 to me as a better route? I would like to do the trip in one go as it apparently only 3hrs 20mins ish, but I think the wife and kids will have other ideas. Any other top tips for Disney Paris will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Guy
  13. Hi Scott. I knew you would succumb to some Killer 20's If they came up at the right price. I think it's an excellent livery. If you ever decide to have a go at fitting lights n sound I have some pics of the stages somewhere of when I did mine (only done one so far) I would defo buy a Zimo chip with Paul Chetter sounds as it is really straightforward to program the functions for lights. Guy
  14. Ahhh yes. Mr Melly I remember your old thread well. Some lovly examples of thornabys finest. Great work. Hwve you modelled thornaby TMD buildings yet :-) Guy
  15. Hmm the video doesn't seem to want to embed, even tried 2 different links (to the same video). Not sure what I've done wrong there?? Guy
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