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  1. The Cargowaggons may be on their way back from overhaul? I passed on that was travelling NB on the M57 this afternoon and there were 4 stabled on the cripples siding this evening as I finished (only 3 this morning). As I was leaving the docks tonight, I got stuck at the new Regent Road LC, which was occupied by a rake of TDAs, awaiting the Line Clear from Sandhills or Manchester to climb the branch. A quick check of RTT shows it to be heading to Carlisle Kingmoor. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/O55339/2019-11-04/detailed (Couldn't see the loco). It's described as an NR aggregates working, but it was definitely TDAs!
  2. They were only being stored for a day or two at most, John Dickinson's Heavy Haulage wagons (escorted by an RSS van) were coming in and removing them two at a time. I assumed that they were going for scrap, but as you say, they've reappeared with freshly painted parts all over the underframe, suggesting some sort of overhaul somewhere. The 4w Cargowaggons also suffered the same fate, being roaded away, 3 at a time. They've only just appeared last week so I cant comment on their movements too much. They are all up in the cripples siding though, so when the tanks started coming back last week , there was a very bemused Dickinson's driver scratching his wondering where he was going to unload the second TDA, as the siding already had 3x Cargowaggons and a TDA in it!
  3. Seen in Trafford Park by the exit from DBS/Maritime terminal. Surprised it was a BR crossing though? Thought it'd have been Trafford Park metals by then?
  4. Disused as far as I can tell. Apparently the club asked for it not to be used citing health and safety. Narrow platforms and limited access/egress. The new Metrolink line currently under construction passes right by it so it'd be redundant soon in any case.
  5. What gauge? I'm currently constructing a G scale line, part laid on blocks, part laid on roofing felt covered decking boards. The roofing felt is tacked onto the decking boards, the the track is laid. I drill a hole through the sleeper a little bit larger than the current odd pile of screws I've found in the "come-in-useful-one-day" box, then screw it down, but not tightly, so that the track can move a little, to allow for expansion/kids etc.
  6. And so it becomes clear... Cheers Jim, Didn't realise the branch was steep enough to need a banker, hence that thought never crossed my mind!
  7. My place of work has recently moved to inside Liverpool Docks. So i'm now treated to sitting at the Level Crossing when (loaded) biomass trains leave for Drax. A few questions though, 1. The train leaves the biomass sidings, and runs about 200m to Regents Road LC, where it stops for a minute, before returning to NR metals and setting off down the branch. I assume that the stop is to get permission off NR, but by that point the loco and the first 5 wagons are sitting on the single line access to the docks. So why don't they get permission before they leave the biomass yard? As nothing can come the other way till the biomass train has cleared the lead? 2. The incoming (empties) run along the Chat Moss line, turn right at Olive Mount junction and then up the branch. However, the outbound (loaded) trains run, top and tailed (complete with idling and manned rear loco), down the branch, into Tuebrook sidings, reverse, then straight back out to Manchester. How come they don't use the new chord at Olive Mount and save on running a light engine up the branch to fetch it back down? Cheers Phil
  8. Yep, the level crossing at the Strand Road/Regent Road junction.
  9. Ran out of curved track? Got a little gap that needs filling? Just bung a little bit of straight track in!
  10. Had to drill a hole in your trackbed after ballasting? Just leave the sawdust in the fourfoot. (Spillage from a biomass hopper)
  11. A rather expensive solution for rolling stock storage... There was a rake of HTAs and a rake of carflats in there the last time I passed. However, there has been a new hardstanding laid alongside the siding that heads north in the middle of the aerial shot. Always seemed a bit odd to lay out a railfrieght terminal here, given as how the connection at Wellington faces towards Shrewsbury, leaving you either with a short (for freight) loop to run round in or a convuluted journey via Shrewsbury to get towards Brum and various main lines?
  12. Just to add, had a good look at the set that was sat in the loading area at Seaforth this afternoon, its roughly half and half FXAs and FKAs. There's a pair of FKAs sat just outside in the run round loop between the container port and the Corn Mill with one wheelset on a dolly. There were a few stabled further down the docks near the Strand Road gate in what I assumed was a cripples siding, not sure if these were them and have been moved for attention.
  13. She was bought by Henry Bath & Co for breaking up on Tranmere Beach. (Saw this picture in an office today and wondered why it rang a bell)
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