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  1. Old oak common, between the stores and the factory.
  2. A couple of arty farty shots from the on shed diorama. I have put them through a couple of filters to try to get a diesel fume look but I’m going to try to achieve this naturally over time. Still lots of detail to add. Iv tried to add a wet look to the floor using woodland scenics realistic water and just spongeing it over lightly.
  3. Thank you I would but there is loads of glue at the bottom of the railings fence that gives it away hahah
  4. Couple of photos of recent progress in the scenics.
  5. A short video of the progress on field view basic scenics started ready for the finer details https://youtu.be/ys0zdHsVIKw
  6. More of an update than the last The alpha central is now back and refitted, DCC cobalt motors are now fitted and ready to wire and Iv now added the ground signals and exit signal on the left side. the right side will be on ground frame levers, probably not prototypical for a yard like this but I wanted to add a mixture of things. The signals are all traintech and look superb and are so easy to set up on the alpha system. The motors and signals all run off a separate accessory bus into an alpha sniffer which then has the alpha central plugged into that. Very simple.
  7. Not yet the signals arrived today and my Alpha panel will be back in the morning so I’m going to concentrate on the electrics next week one evening
  8. Ah awesome sounds like you’ll have a house full then hope you will have a nice railway room to escape to
  9. Thanks Andy moving to the south coast?? Sounds lovely where are you moving to.
  10. More of a small update the canal/wash water section has been cut out and had wills walling added. Iv used filler to create a mud basin. Next is to blend some mud textures and colours in before adding the water. the track has also been pre weathered before ballast is added in. On the electrics side of things the alpha central has gone back to dcc concepts with a fault so until then trains have been suspended. Hopefully get that back soon so I can fit the ground position signals on the left side of the layout.
  11. Just a little montage video more progress today with a bus wire added
  12. Hi Many thanks for your comment no that’s correct as every build is bespoke and we quote to specific customer requirements. Every job is different to the one before and the one after.
  13. The Little Layout Company are able to design and build any size layout that is specific to your needs and the space you have available. Whether you just want boards, track and wiring, a simple layout for you to add personal touches to, or a fully complete exhibition standard layout – all are possible! I can even come to you should you have a fixed resident layout that needs a new look. I can provide you with a scratch built building for you to add to an existing board; there are many possibilities to add those finishing touches please check out our Facebook Instagram and our website www.thelittlelayoutcompany.co.uk
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