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  1. Yes there all on the same bus ill look into the snubber and see what it’s all about
  2. Hi I’m after some advice if possible. I’m running an ECoS 50210 unit on a layout that has 46 digital cobalt motors, these are wired into the dcc bus and have programmed well. However I have 11 motors that will run perfectly and then they lose there address. They programme in again fine and run for a while but lose there address again, always the same 11. Iv sent the motors back to dcc Concepts and there fine and Iv fitted a brand new batch of 11 but after a while they do the same. Can anyone help??
  3. It’s all ok I’m out of the cage and sat comfortably with a cold beer in hand.
  4. Hi Andy hope your keeping well since I last came over, I bet the workshop looks different now
  5. Hi Ian it has been a while hasn’t it. The business has taken over from personal projects but I wanted to do a little something I can play about with. I think it will be a keeper, the advantage of this is can be extended with Tims super boards. The hoppers are of course Cavalex Models and just outstanding, weathered and detailed in house at little layouts. I must get more to make up a decent rake. what have you been upto recently?
  6. Its been a while since posting anything of any substance on here, in a way that is good as its a testament to how well The Little Layout Company is performing. I only ever build layouts for myself when its for our trade stand. But on visit to Tim Horns place i picked up a small 2.6 x 1 feet photo scenic board.As usual my mind started thinking what can i build and once i had the board home i thought that its time to go back to basics, where the little layout company started, with small micro boards, minimal track and lots of detail. It wasnt long before i had a few lengths of peco bullhead and a point on the board, wired for dcc and a cobalt digital motor running the point. The next phase was what do i do next, how will the scenics work and how can i get a few elements of industry, greenery and detail into this small space. A rummage through a few boxes ( as a businesss building layouts i have a lot of odds n sods boxes ) I found a Bachmann building a scalescenes half printed kit, a model railway scenery wall kit and a few chunks of rubberised horse hair. The backscene was an off cut from a job so that went in straight away. At this stage i was only a few hours into the build and it felt great being back on the micro layout builds again so i cracked on. sleeper grime was aerosoled on the track work and while drying i made up the wall kit. I want this to stand proud of the backscene to give it depth and a slight angle so this was packed out with 1" of foam. then i had the thoughts of what to do with the gap on the top. Rubberized horse hair, of course, brambles. A bit more rummaging found the right shades to match the backscene trees and foilage. using peco layering spray i added different colours and statics to build up the foliage on the horse hair and then they were stuck in place. Once the sleeper grime track base coat was dry i used dcc concepts fine N ballast just lightly ballasted in and then the usual pva mix to seal, once dry the track was weathered with an airbrush using railmatch roof dirt and weathered black then the chairs brushed with dark rust.# the foreground scenics were an easy job, sleeper grime base coat with fine silver sand sprinkled on then repeat a few times until you have a noce uneven gravel and mud base. deluxe materials aqua solution was used for the puddles. I used a Chris Nevard technique using das clay and stippling it into the ballast and track for the covered areas in front of the gates. Lots of barrels and pallets and odd junk help to make the scene. Im pretty pleased for around 10 hours work.
  7. I don't want to hijack Martins fantastic thread but i wanted to say thank you for all the kind comments in regards to the base frames for Martins layout. Alan our carpenter and my farther in law is doing well and fighting the fight. He takes pride in his work and is the backbone of our success as a business. This was a huge undertaking given his health and getting kind comments like you all have made gives him and us a huge lift. We are looking forward to the next stage of the build for Martin, thank you again. On a personal note, Martin the stock is superb and i may have a couple of locos for you to look at of my own. I am looking forward to creating a fantastic scene for this great looking stock.
  8. The loco looks superb, very nice weathering and detail. Fantastic
  9. WOW i am so pleased to see it out and about still, thats fantastic
  10. After some advice, i need to match the point throw on the screen to the point direction on the layout, how do i do this on the screen on the ECoS 50210
  11. Looking superb mate The shot from one end to the other is outstsnding
  12. Looks superb mate some stunning scenery
  13. Looking superb mate Really does look awesone
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