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  1. TDG being a Siemens motor bogie would make me think something along the lines of Class 700.
  2. I wouldn't expect so but we'll see I suppose. Oxford (Diecast and Rail) usually do three announcements a year. January, May and September.
  3. A nice idea and looking good so far. Do you have any thoughts/ideas on how you're doing the backscenes as of yet? I also rather like the flag in the background, very conducive to layout building.
  4. All being well I should be attending the show next year and can't wait to get my hands on (at least) one of these!
  5. Was looking forward to the chance to visit this year, despite not being an O Gauge modeller per se. Unfortunately other things cropped up and I can't make it. Would love to see some photos on here of the layouts. Hope everyone who does go, has a good day.
  6. Looks like that's the O Gauge sample if not mistaken which explains the metal chains/springs etc. Layout of the detail should be the same though I expect.
  7. Great update with the sound recording. Always love seeing/hearing about the work you guys and Legoman put in to getting these sound projects right.
  8. Despite not having a DG on order myself I hope things turn out well with these as I do have a number of other Oxford items on order. I am sure we will find out before too long.
  9. Looks like an error on Rails' behalf. Other stockists are listing this as OO9. If memory serves, that code was part of the second batch announced not that long ago.
  10. Wasn't that brochure produced/release with the January announcements at the Toy Fair? First time I've seen it available on their website though.
  11. That's some mighty impressive scratch-building. Sorry to hear about your cat but hopefully you can get back to the layout in due course. Look forward to seeing when you do.
  12. I'm sure the Diecast part has had a few releases but has Oxford Rail released anything since their last batch of announcements? Maybe they should take a look at Dapols new stance and announce less products but then actually release them.
  13. Were they definitely new? You'd expect that Oxford would want to be shouting about this type of thing but a lot (if not all) of their projects have gone very quiet. I'd love to get some updates, especially on the Mk3s and carflats.
  14. Potentially this one? https://www.railengineer.uk/2017/03/23/scotrails-new-hsts/
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