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That's me on the left. The pic was taken in May 2005 at Port Shepstone, South Africa. Behind me is the Indian Ocean and this is the furthest south I have ever been.

I must have been one of the 15%. The record shows that I joined Brave New RMWeb on 4th October 2009 but I signed up for the old forum on 11th March 2007. Moral: you don't get rid of me that easily ...

As far as modelling goes, I am fumbling my way into P4. In the fullness of time I would like to model South Wales and know a little about that neck of the woods so if you post anything on that subject area expect me to jump in! Meanwhile, with that project on hold, I find myself helping with an existing P4 layout that was saved from ending up in the skip. What do I like more - threading chairs on a length of rail and dissolving them in butanone, researching our parallel universe [it's a very plausible might-have-been layout] or building a fleet of coaches to run on it? I'll let you know! What no-one knows at the moment, least of all me, is whether I can attain the standards that I have set myself. We shall see.


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