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  1. I was at the EMGS/Scalefour Society Skills Day at Didcot on 14th March, ,which arguably does not count. Before that it must have been Leamington on 8th. The first that was cancelled due to lockdown was Ally Pally on 21st. Chris
  2. Are you perhaps thinking of 1957? Chris
  3. Hi Sheep Bloke! I'm sorry to learn that you have been under the weather. Almost two years ago I picked up a virus in Newe Zealand and had to live with it for two and a half months. I should have let it stop me from going here, there and everywhere like I usually do but I had this crazy idea that being ill is a minor incovenience and kept going when it was most unwise to do so. Should I come to be smitten by Covid I will know better. All the best, Chris
  4. It should be a simple matter to remove unwanted lettering with a smidgin of T Cut on a cotton bud and to apply enough crud - sorry, weathering - to disguise the possibly incorrect shade of green. Chris
  5. Alex Bowie was editor of the Constructor at the time when Ian Allan took it over, circa 1960. He went on to run a model shop near Norbury station. Chris
  6. I think you'll find that some 117s were sent to Scotland. Chris
  7. The extent to which today's magazines set the agenda for or reflect the interests of their readers is a moot point. For me, one unwelcome development is the addition of steam to photographs of model steam locomotives. For goodness sake stop! It is a waste of effort and an insult to the intelligence of the readership. Chris
  8. I'm not really interested! I thought the days of generic models were long gone and it is dispiriting to see Hattons and Hornby going yah boo sucks at one another over their four-wheelers. It's all very well to see a proliferation of liveries but I've been around for long enough to learn how to use a paintbrush! As for the SR parcels/luggage van, how attractive will it really be to those who have already Roxeyfied their examples? Besides, if it is really possible to have too many parcels vans, I have. A fleeting temptation might have been the Prideolino, were it not for the fac
  9. Here's the rub. I have relied for my information mostly on the Railway Observer but have also drawn on what is said in "Valley Lines - The People's Railway" by John Davies and Rhodri Clark for this part of the story. In autumn 1982 John Davies became Passenger Manager in the Cardiff Division, which in essence meant that he ran the Valley Lines day to day. His predecessors appear to have left him something of a mess to clear up and his maverick approach did much to arrest the decline in the fortunes of the Valley Lines. His approach of increasing revenue to offset increased operating costs
  10. 1985 Transfers: Withdrawals: January: 59333 [Tyseley] April: 53830 [Tyseley] July: 59031, 59359 [Cardiff Canton], 59340 [Laira], 59350/2/66/8 [Tyseley] October: Set 116390 [53829+59337+53879, from Ayr], 53827 [Tyseley] December: 53107, 53113, 53888 [Tyseley] 53827 was reinstated at Tyseley in December 1985 Conversions: Tyseley’s 53051 and 53072 were converted in September to Driving Motor Luggage Vans. They were reported as transferred to Chester in Jamnuary 1986. Disposals: none recorded. Other news:
  11. Music for funerals - aha [no, not the Norwegian boy band with ridiculously high voices] The last funeral that I attended was that of my Aunt Joan, who passed away in February 2019. Cwm Rhondda was one of the hymns and we did our level best to raise the roof of the chapel at Bridgwater crematorium, mindful as ever of Max Boyce who alluded to the ability of rugby crowds to make it sound the same as Delilah. If you are going to celebrate someone's life, sing in a celebratory way! My father's funeral in 2005 did not work quite like that. The three pieces of music were no
  12. Yes, if a yellow line touching a black line counts as single. I've been trying to find photographic evidence but Google is for once not very helpful. Chris
  13. That's true. When crimson was introduced in 1949 there was a line at waist level. It was dropped circa 1951 but could still be seen in the mid 50s. One of the last vehicles to have it was the diesel parcels car W34W. Chris
  14. Three coaches, three different designs and three liveries. Excellent! Too many fellow modellers still believe in uniform rakes. For me, pick and mix rules OK. Chris
  15. The three figure codes carried by express trains gave way to the alphanumerical ones from June 1960, when the four character numbers that we still have were introduced. At this time the South Wales targts were revised. This soon became a trap for unwary caption writers! The use of discs with numbers on them was quite widespread outside South Wales. Examples that come to mind include Paddington pilot locos and the bankers used on Dainton and Rattery banks. Chris
  16. "The Old Lamb and Flag" is also the title of a musical show produced for Preston Guild in 1992 by what came to be known as the Jolly Fine Company Company, aka Strawhead and friends. Chris
  17. I think you'll find that the red triangles denoted non-smoking accommodation. Chris
  18. It is no secret that I was hopless at sports and PE at school. I was gangly and unco-ordinated and found the whole thing pointless. Sports teachers were of a certain breed, at times verging on the sadistic. I had to manage team games without my spectacles. Imagine how I felt when I was tackled by a member of my own side in one memorable game of rugby. The pitch at Huntingdon Grammar School, being off-site, was grazed by dairy cattle, so you can imagine what I landed in when tackled. Although I disliked cross-country running I was actually quite good at it, good enough in fact
  19. I think it would be much easier to alter the underframe than the planking. I also think that your explanation for the varying widths of the planking is spot on. Chris
  20. There was no sign of it in my local WHS either. I have now ordered it from the publisher and saved myself £2. On past form it should be with me in a few days. I do not subscribe to Hornby Magazine but I was still awarded subscribers' discount, presumably because I do subscribe to Modern Railways. It would have been churlish to argue! Chris
  21. Thanks for the kind words, Eddie. I need to apologise to gentle readers for my unsuccessful attempts to present the data on set formations clearly. When composing the text in Word I use italics to show which vehicles do not belong to Class 116. Sadly this modest refinement does not come across when I copy and paste the text into the forum. I'm sure that a simple solution can be found. I will carry on with the 1985 chapter when I've had my tea! Chris
  22. 1984 The principal activity in 1984 was the continuing turbulence at Tyseley, where the gradual fitting of gangways continued, accompanied by the replacement of the original centre trailers with vehicles of Classes 115 and 127, the latter rendered surplus by electrification, and other changes in formation for which no explanation has been found. The sad end of Eastfield set 116391 should be recorded here. Withdrawn after a derailment and fire at Portobello, close to Craigentinny depot, in August 1983, the three vehicles [50836, 59347, 50889] were recorded in July 1984
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