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  1. Ordered D6666 with all the bells and whistles last night after a detailed discussion with Phil about Exhaust roof panels suitable for one of the initial Laira allocations in the early 70’s. Just need to remove the air brake pipes and renumber it when it arrives. Mark
  2. The only oval buffers I have seen cast are the retractable types used on coaches which probably experience less wear than those on locos because they aren’t doing anything unless they are at the end of a rake. It is probably much cheaper to replace the head than to have to cast a whole new buffer and shank assembly. Mark
  3. This could be done as an aftermarket detail for those that want it. It shouldn’t be difficult to achieve by making a disc with the rivets on to slide over the rear of the buffer shank and bond to the rear face. Then just a case of dressing it in. Mark
  4. Seem to be missing the fire iron tunnel on the left hand side. Mark
  5. Looking excellent. I have no use for one of these whatsoever but I ended up ordering one last year. I am sure a special to Plymouth could be contrived in the early 70’s! One observation is the pickup material is quite visible above the bogie frames. Is there any intention to chemically blacken these? Mark
  6. I would go for the large prairie personally. Apart from the QC issues with the 47xx there are some pretty basic errors in the model. Mark
  7. Drawing issue no doubt. These things are quite easy to miss! The number of times early in my career when I did a design got it perfect on the screen and then watched all the mistakes present themselves as I watched the A0 printout! Another quite noticeable item is the overhang of the footplate above the rivets which is missing in this iteration. Mark
  8. Nice that you have captured the bevelled edge on the hinge. I had to write a CNC program for mine.
  9. One option to limit the side movement on the bogie is to allow more side play on the leading driven axle so the loco takes up a chord between the bogie pivot and the rear axle around the curve rather than a chord between the leading and rear axles causing an exaggerated overhang at the front. Agree though that some compromise is necessary to accommodate the wider market and with 00 there is the built in benefit of the narrow gauge giving wider clearances. Personally the clearances with the cylinders and slide bars are not a huge problem but for conversion to P4 the clearanc
  10. Here is a picture of a P4 Mogul. Clearances are tight in P4 but to be honest I think it would be quite difficult to achieve in a ready to run model and achieve the finesse of the cross Here is an image of mine from above giving some depth to the slide bars. These are etched and fabricated so the assembly method may not suit mass production so it would come down to casting tolerances.
  11. Good luck with navigating the minefield of variations! I will certainly be in the market for one. Mark
  12. They will need to be careful with the firebox. On some the mid boiler band is centred over the upper middle washout plug on the right hand side like 7826 on p51 and 7801 on p74 of the Lawrence Waters book and on others it is just in front of the middle plug as on 7806 on P67 of the same book. No doubt boilers were swapped around! Mark
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