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  1. Looking good. I have been working on one for the last fortnight
  2. Thanks. I think I tried that right at the start but I will give it a go with the new board. Regards Mark Humphrys
  3. I have just been sent a new motherboard from Anycubic because the printer (Photon S) wouldn’t open any files a week after I did a firmware upgrade. I fitted the new board yesterday and it still has the same problem. Has anybody else experienced this before I go back to them? Thanks in anticipation Mark Humphrys
  4. Try Hexeal Chemicals limited. I have used them several times most recently in February this year. I paid £15.00 and the current price is £20. They have a UK website and premises and also sell through EBay. Delivery is by courier, Mark
  5. Thanks. I will give that a go. Mark Humphrys
  6. Here is my part finished version of Dinmore Manor. It will be in plain BR Black. I need to find the correct chimney from somewhere. Mark Humphrys
  7. I had a go at printing a boiler last year and also got a step at the front of the smokebox which coincided with the front wall. I had modelled it as a simple cylinder and the end walls had sharp internal corners. I found the solution was to put a generous fillet on the inside. I think what was happening was the step change in section was causing slight distortion when lifting off the FEP so the fillet introduced a gradual transition. Mark
  8. The brickwork is painted and I had added some etched parts. Still more work to do. Mark
  9. Thanks for your help. I will use 0.8mm which is nearly always under size slightly so that will allow for paint. Mark Humphrys
  10. Does anybody know the correct diameter of the stays on the front of a 43xx. The 4mm Mitchell kit suggests using 0.9mm wire but eyeballing this looks too thick scaling at 2.7” diameter. Thanks in anticipation Mark Humphrys
  11. Mark

    New Hornby Rocket

    I don’t have any dimensions but is it possible this model is to 3.5mm scale to keep the proportions looking right? Mark
  12. Mark

    New Hornby Rocket

    This crossed my mind too, but have they had to compromise the basic dimensions to fit between 00 wheels? The firebox and boiler might have been narrowed to fit so it might look odd in P4. Mark
  13. Brassmasters do some which are very good Mark
  14. I have never seen Brass Washout plugs so I have just looked and found the following heritage railways document that specifically rules out the use of brass. Where did you find they were made of brass? mark
  15. Mark

    MRJ 275

    I asked why WHSmiths put MRJ on the top shelf the last time. They didn’t provide me with a brown paper bag to disguise my purchase! mark
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