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  1. Those drivers look really smart Jerry - are they from ModelU?
  2. Passed a rake of these new cut down hoppers at Peterborough last Friday, they were on shed at the GBRF depot.
  3. Rails have got the NSE 121 on discount for £199 - just wondering which sound file this has on board? Is it one of Bachmann's own ones?
  4. Hopefully this is something they may do in the future, it would be really beneficial for many I would imagine. Yes got plans for more, plenty of projects lined up. I've really enjoyed working on these 2.
  5. The modelling mojo seems to have come back over the last few weeks. I must admit I do struggle to keep up the enthusiasm at times. Today I've used Halfords White Primer to add a first coat to the low relief factory unit and steel terminal building. These will be painted up over the next few days which hopefully should make them look more interesting. After this I'll add some further details such as guttering etc. 60091 is now complete barring some weathering for which it will join the queue. This is one I picked up off Ebay a few months ago now with the plan to model 60091 in its 1990's condition with An Teallach nameplates, older style warning flashes and coal sector branding. The model was stripped of its original numbers with thinners, gloss varnish applied, transfers on and then finished off with Humbrol Acrylic matt varnish out of a rattle can. It's got a ModelU driver fitted with some further details such as a hi-viz vest, bardic lamp and safety hat. Really pleased I pushed myself on this one, very happy with the results and it will look great with a light weathering in time. Most of all it looks superb behind the @accurascale JSA coil wagons. Just needs a sound chip now to complete.
  6. Excellent service from Steve, ordered a few bits this week and promptly dispatched and received.
  7. More progress this morning on the first layer of ground cover.
  8. I'm happy to finally make a start on some of the ground cover for the layout. I had been putting off sorting the backscene out for a long time as knew without this I couldn't progress further with the scenery development, glad that's done now so we can move on to the fun bit. The plan for this area is for a subtle tree line towards the back with some hopefully effective static grass on the embankment. Thanks for looking.
  9. I've always been very fond of Hornby's Class 60. It's stood the test of time and is still an exceptional model even in 2021. The lighting could be improved and brought up to modern standards, but the all important face and dimensions of the model are relatively spot on. Fortunately I can have a few of these Type 5's on the layout as they regularly hauled steel trains back in the 90's. Back on topic though, 60026 is being re worked into 60022 thanks to Will (Temple Mills) photo of the very loco he posted recently in lieu of his next layout project. As much as I love the named 60's, a run of the mill example is more my preferred taste. Everybody has different methods for removing numbers, I've always got on with Isopropyl Alcohol and a cotton bud gently running at the number, make sure you mask the area up well and change cotton buds frequently. After this I'll mask up again ready for some gloss varnish before adding the transfers.
  10. Further progress has been made this weekend, probably not the most exciting of tasks but these jobs need doing before I can move on to any scenic work. The backscene has now had 3 coats of paint and I'm now happy with the result. I've turned my attention to the concrete pads associated with the steel terminal, building up the concrete effect. Hoping to make a start on the cutting in the near future, it will be nice to get some greenery on the layout finally. Thanks for taking a look. Chris
  11. Firstly I would like to apologise for not keeping this thread up to date. In the summer, I naturally take a break from modelling to enjoy the nicer weather etc. However now we're entering into the new modelling season I have turned my attention to the layout once again. Work this week has involved stripping the wallpaper from the backscene, sanding, priming and then applying the first coat of paint using a small roller. It's coming together well, once this is complete I'll be able to turn my attention to the scenics. Thanks for taking a look.
  12. Where are we up to with this model? Is it due to be released soon?
  13. Lovely work as usual Jerry. Not my area of interest, however the 90's are looking very nice!
  14. Yeah agreed, there's a thread for the 158 and 170 to discuss those models in.
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