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  1. 37702 has been in the collection for a long time and was part of the Rail Exclusive set along with 37798 in Mainline Blue. As they were a limited edition set I was apprehensive about going ahead with weathering and detailing - ultimately though these locos are made for use so I changed my mind! The model has had the plates fitted and I've started weathering the chassis and undeframe as well as the body side with a mixture of dry brushing and washes. At the moment I don't have an airbrush so I'm having to rely on these techniques along with weathering powders, unfortuna
  2. 37517 has just arrived with the weekly fuel train as the resident shunter gets ready to carry on moving some wagons around for the depot staff.
  3. My 66 has been generally okay so far - slight body wobble but I can live with that on an end to end layout. I definitely think it has been the noisey minority that have flagged up (in some cases, important issues), but this has detracted from the fact that this is a superior model to the Bachmann offering and that with a little more consistency on models coming through the production line will probably make the ultimate 66. Just my opinion!
  4. I've been adding various details to build up the scene this week - quite happy with the way it is turning out.
  5. Checked the pins and added some insulation tape and the fault still seems to be replicating
  6. Just tried to install a TTS chip into a Hornby 60 - once the chip is fitted the loco shorts out. Anybody else had this issue?
  7. Thanks for spotting that - the rail is in the fish plate and no step fortunately - I've just left a bit of an expansion gap to account for the heat in the shed..
  8. Having opened up the other scenic break into the fiddle yard, I've also been able to add a couple more storage roads which will assist with operations. In the scenic section itself I've added a crew mess room and put some ground cover in to separate the different areas. Going forward I'll continue to add the smaller details and bring the scene to life. Any comments are always welcome
  9. I've decided to open up the other line into the scenic section to create more operational interest and to make yard operations a little more prototypical. I had realised that in order to access the lower lines, the loco would have to draw into the repair shed which was going to prove frustrating and not very realistic. I'm going to have to modify the bridge slightly to accommodate it all, but should be fine.
  10. I've enjoyed reading through this layout thread and really like the track plan and idea behind the layout
  11. Progress has been slow on the layout recently, blame the summer weather and other hobbies. I've made some time to add some ground cover towards the back of the depot before placing a crew room building later on in the week. A sky back scene printed on to 3mm foam board has also been added which I think looks a lot better than the plain blue I had before. Looking forward to adding the smaller details going forward.
  12. They are a business at the end of the day, this current stock needs to sell one way or another for maximum profitability.
  13. Every model has a fault - YES. Starting with the gauge and then each individual model has it's own specific faults. But is RTR too much of a demand? When you buy a Hattons Class 66, it's either an RTR model or a beautifully carved potato! Judging by the last 158 pages of this thread, I think you're right.. - It will be the ultimate one, when it actually works and when it's basic mechanics are fine. You got a perfect one? Congratulations! I bet you wouldn't be singing the same song if you got a dud. And I'd rather have the Bachmann or Hornby version than the Hattons one.
  14. Agree no model is perfect but you would at least expect it to run properly out of the box without wobbling like a drunk & AB bits falling off thus its a tooling issue that needs to be rectified, plus there is that lighting issue on the large round headlight variants that nobody can fix unless you're an electrical engineer. I agree with this entirely, no further comments to make. Why should we be grateful, its a Want not a need and it isn't yet the ultimate 66 but has the potential to be just that! I'm just thinking about the bigger picture here - the mo
  15. I understand the frustration with the issues that the 66 has been having - but surely no model ever produced has been perfect, this goes with the manufacturer too. Maybe we should just be grateful that Hattons have gone ahead and produced the ultimate 66 which in my opinion is a fantastic model - at the end of the day we could still be stuck with the Bachmann offering! Yes there are issues with the model, but surely it's not the end of the world to have to send it back and exchange it for another one - it is free postage after all! My thoughts won't be we
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