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  1. The error in colour is what it is, if you're that bothered about it - get it resprayed. I'm really happy with how well these have come out - top marks to Hattons for getting them delivered before Christmas. Looking forward to receiving my 66789 over the next couple of days.
  2. Not much to report on over the last couple of months - here's a few photos of the layout at the Lincoln and District Model Railway Clubs Post Modernisation Exhibition. Still lots to do on the layout - I'm enjoying adding the smaller details.
  3. Here's the October 2019 Layout Update -
  4. Just started out with YouTube - please subscribe if you're able too! https://youtu.be/-U1Q0sVgaIM
  5. Looking good Mark - the hard standing has come out very well!
  6. Moved on a bit since the last update. I'm taking my time ballasting and adding the various scatters to build up layers. It's slowly coming together. The layout is due to appear at the Lincoln and District Model Railway Society Post Modernisation Exhibition on October 19th/20th.
  7. I've lost some motivation over the summer with this project, however here is a spot of colour...
  8. Small progress has been made with this project - most of the wiring is now complete and the layout is running very well. Moving on to the scenics next.
  9. I have to disagree with the comment regarding the Heljan 47 running capabilities - I've had several now and they've all been fine.
  10. Lovely work here Lewis. Keep us posted with further updates. Interested to know how you did the road over bridge?
  11. Interesting that the LLB and Biffa 66 don't seem to feature on the list. I would of thought that Bachmann may have tried to get it to market before the Hattons counterpart is released.
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