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  1. Gday all! Firstly I want to start this thread to as collection of modifications and improvements for the Hornby A1s and A3s for anyone to show off photos of theirs, and ask questions. Secondly, to increase my knowledge on the subject as I love them so much. Thirdly, this is also to stop me from starting a new thread every time I start a project because everything I own is either an A1, an A3, or an A4. (Except for Judy in my profile pic, of course) If this is already a duplicate thread, admin please delete. I tried to find one but have not. Ill start with a picture of my A3, Tranquil in the pretty blue. It was an old low detail, almost train set looking loco. (Yes, I am floor running, Sam's trains style ATM!) The loco and tender are sitting on Sandwich chassis. I ended up with a few too many 'Talisman' train packs very cheaply before the covid lock downs and stock shortages were an issue. There is a small change to the boiler underside where I had to cut it to fit the loco drive chassis. Turning it into a later style of body shell. The mounting points are pretty much the same. The main work was on the GN coal rail tender body shell as it is too wide to fit the new style tender chassis. Both side sheets were cut off carefully on the band saw. The loss of material on those two passes of the blade made the shell the perfect width to fit on the newer tender chassis after the sides were glued back on. Feeding the tender shell into the band saw so slowly, the cut was so clean and the join invisible after careful gluing. No repaint required. The high plastic coal that would have hidden the tender motor was cut down to fit back inside the tender at a lower position. All those changes make it look more like how the tender should look. On the Livery, I hope to add a darker stripe within the lining to improve the look of the lining. I also want to polish and weather the finish for that clean but in service look. QUESTION!: Can anyone tell me if the handrails are not to be painted to match the boiler colour? It seems odd to me that the hand rails are in bare metal on the boiler and painted silver on the cab. Have a good one, Ben
  2. Who else wishes they had done the A2/2 in LNER, Apple green! It would be perfect!
  3. Okay, will do that. I agree it will be easier to adjust the paintwork on the buffer beam if removed.
  4. Looks like I'll get away with it. It looks like early A1s had a buffer beam not much higher than the buffer oleo mounting plate. It has cracked along the line of the plate. Hiding the crack along that inner line/step. Judging by the mission in getting the thing, I wont try my luck getting a replacement. Looks like it runs well. Looks like an amazing model. I am seriously considering getting another one to rename. I absolutely love this model, and the great northern. So much charm in the as-built configuration. edit: might be getting hard to get now!
  5. I have just opened mine and guess what! Apart from that it must be the most gorgeous model they have made.
  6. Painted details around the boiler and valve gear. It makes quite a difference.
  7. Gday all! Having run out of some materials for my base boards and not being able to technically go and get more stuff due to lock down I went into another little side project. I picked up the P2 on sale from one of the local Hobby stores a year ago. I wanted to hop onto the Bugatti nose conversion or fictional non streamlined bandwagon for a nice little project. Having picked up the new and lovely A2/2 I wanted to practice some techniques on improving the factory paintwork. I used the P2 for the trial. I am not much into the flat paint phenomenon. I just wanted to share what can be done using nothing more than some cotton swabs, a little bit of polish and a dark wash. I focused the polish on the centre of the larger areas so that a wash could stick to the edges and also this gives the viewer that cleanish but not so new look which I like a lot. Vary the polish so that you leave some flat areas like the lower areas and the corners and those areas will look dusty and the wash will stick to this as well. It is a non uniform finish that catches the light in some areas. This sheen effect looks really cool moving around the train set. After I was satisfied with that I used a dark wash and tidied that up with a cotton swab and solvent. In the first two pics I try to show how it started. Flat and weird looking. You get the feeling like youre holding something meaty and expensive rather and plasticky and cheap. Haven't done this yet but will also get out the paint and pick out the details and cant wait to get to the cab area. Hope you like it, Cheers! Ben
  8. OKay, WOW that is a lot of info. So what I take home from all this is we must have up and down going the right way and all the others do their best but go the way they need to, to work. That kind of means it goes the way it can on my trainset?
  9. Martin, as always thank you for spending the time. You go above and beyond with us, I dont know how you do it.
  10. Insane. In all the good ways! Inspiring.
  11. I think my problem was I went for the landscape option but on every consecutive print attempt the printing promt didnt pop back up. I see how page origin works. I guess it is just where the track work I wanted to print ended up being in the room. Thanks Martin! (will check the Templot club forum in future... Doh!)
  12. Wow. Is this still going? how is it?
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