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  1. Hattons are now showing CAD images along with pricing and delivery information: https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail?id=927&utm_campaign=mar-0748-heljan104rrpconfirm&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Klaviyo&_kx=g1L_bsdxDnXv0HJ3Egnf4kS1YkZ_2Tg1kAr-Izee_-batwpFjwwesSxtsYwMv0Rh.JGQeXh
  2. May 1979 - 80 Marshalling Circular has it down as the 07:47 SO Sheffield - Skegness (11:39 return from Skegness) and comprised of the following: A BSK B,C 2 x TSO D CK E,F,G 3 X TSO H BSK The service operated via Nottingham between 26 May - 15 September and was formed from Eastern Region stock.
  3. Apart from the lack of radiused corners to the box, the shape appears to match the one on a Regional Railways station sign.
  4. In the course of posting information from a Section K timetable re: headcodes for freight workings within the Gloucester District, the same timetable (dated June - September 1961) also contained information on Banana Trains from Avonmouth along with details of shunting / banking duties for engines which may be of interest.
  5. Gloucester District Freight Section K June - September 1961
  6. A switch to the North East with codes from NER Section E covering Darlington, Saltburn, Scarborough, Penrith, Crook and branches passenger services from June 1961:
  7. Taken from Western Region Section B - Bristol District Freight June 1961:
  8. Another set from a Western Region Mandatory Freight WTT dating from May 1975:
  9. I think that Table B would only apply to movements that originate within the Plymouth District so in your scenario it would keep 0Z91 throughout.
  10. I'm in the process of disposing of a number of Working Timetables on line and whilst checking through each to make sure all pages are present I've found a number of specific 4 character headcodes used in different areas which may be of use to some. First off are those taken from Plymouth District September 1960 Freight & Passenger - I'll post more as and when.
  11. Ordered a couple of sets of the 3D custom transfers on the 16th October - delivered a week later. Great service as usual and I'm well pleased with them - hopefully will be able to do them justice when applied!
  12. Class 11 No 12074 at NCB Swalwell Disposal Point August 1972
  13. According to "A Pictorial Record Of L.N.W.R. Signalling" by Richard Foster, Scout Green was built in 1871 and was in use until 1972.
  14. If extraction of flammable vapors are a possibility then you really ought to use a squirrel cage blower / extractor unit such as this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SSCYHT-Extractor-Centrifugal-Extraction-Ventilation/dp/B09FQ3MGML/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=squirrel+cage+extractor+fan&qid=1631282398&sr=8-4 On these the extracted air is not exposed to the electric motor thus removing a possible safety issue whereas the normal bathroom type extractor fan has the fan motor within the extracted airflow.
  15. It's the revised edition from 2009 as listed below: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Petroleum-Rail-Tank-Wagons-Britain/dp/0905878094
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