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  1. Yes I have a few they are almost similar to the L2 but look a bit more stumpy especially the D suspension towers where the insulators are hung vertically. I have some photos I took on a very wet rainy day of the ones to the west of York on the remains of the original XC 275kV line. Cheers Paul
  2. I did hear or read of one Britannia class locomotive that came to grief somewhere near Hazel Grove having become detached from the tender. The details may be in the Foxline book on the Manchester Central to Chinley line and possibly photos too but I don't have any of my books on hand to check. Hth Paul
  3. Yes they seem to be called polons in some places but pole lines is the same thing. Generally they can be anything up to 66kV but mostly 11kV and 33kV. Some of the larger pole designs especially those with twin poles can be 132kV along with the more recent 'Trident' design -see earlier in thread for drawings of these. Cheers Paul
  4. Yes John had a whole range of wagon transfers in 4mm covering ones for most of his kits and useful for other non-kit wagons too. Oh and a range of paints too. I might have a scan of his catalogue I can send yoh will check on hdd laptop shortly and PM you. Cheers Paul
  5. Excellent John that is great news on John Talbots castings I had wondered what had happened to them. I would certainly be interested in the bogie, suspension and buffers that he made. I will have to find his old parts catalogue lists. Did he mention about the TOPS era ICI hopper transfer pack at all. Many thanks Paul
  6. 60092 and 60011 within half hour of each other at Northwich this evening. 92 was doing the honours on the Tunstead to Lostock Hoppers drawing forward then setting back into the works 18:05 to 18:17. Running a bit later than expected at 18:30 was a STP path Warrington Arpley to Peak Forest headed up by 60011 with 66084, 66165 and two empty MMA box wagons in tow - wagons may be fresh from repair. A toot and a thumbs up from the driver Ian Jordan too as he passed through the station. Cheers Paul
  7. Hi John, glad to be of assistance. Of course I am sure that the fact that 8Fs hauled rakes of sixteen wagons will have no bearing on whether you need to ahem expand your fleet of hopper wagons from six upwards . And I really have no idea whether Hatton's or indeed Oxford Rail have any plans to re-run the model in new versions... it has been very quiet on this front sadly . And I have asked them both but very non-committal. Cheers Paul
  8. Sorry John, only just seen this didn't realise you had replied. Yes the post-war wagons ICI Alkali (later Mond Division) numbers 3284 to 3319 all had plate frame bogies 6ft wb from new and fitted oil axleboxes. In fact all of the ICI and Summers wagons had oil axleboxes from new. Regards Paul
  9. In 1961 you would have seen both designs of bogies operating together in rakes of wagons usually 16 at that time behind an 8F of course. Cheers Paul
  10. I think so unless he outsourced that part of the process - I know he did the resin and whitemetal castings. He may just have some etches still you never know - best check with John if you can. Regards Paul
  11. John, I used to use the Ratio ones when I used them on the old cast resin kits back in the 1980s - they still look good now again even though a 5ft6 wheelbase but visually probably get away with it I think. Cheers Paul
  12. Hi John, no problem the first book is more relevant for the history and finer details. The one saving grace for the Hatton's rtr model is that barring the letters and bogies the hopper body and chassis is the same for both pre and post-WW2 versions - you just have to match small letter with diamond frame bogies and larger letters with the plate frame bogies both running on plain front oil-axleboxes. To model the 1951 ICI and the John Summers wagons requires further alterations to the body on both versions. So you could easily model 6 post-WW2 wagons maybe - even new on delivery from Horbury works perhaps? Cheers Paul
  13. Ony draw back is the Ratio ones are 5ft 6ins wheelbase whereas the ICI Roberts ones are 6ft, not a big difference I know but slightly different shape but you might get away with it on the diamond frame versions. Not sure about the Cambrian ones guess they may be same bogie wheelbase? To backdate the plate frame version you can just add a axlebox cover to hide the roller bearing caps. HTH Paul
  14. Hi John, there was an etched fret of the large letters for John Talbot's Appleby Engineering resin and whitemetal kit he did for the ICI hoppers in the late 1990s but I would imagine these are no longer available now. Maybe someone with a 3d printer might be able to print some copy letters using the rtr model ones as a template and making a suitable set up for both letter sizes? Cheers Paul
  15. Hi John, they were gradually changed from around 1982 onwards until all 84 original diamond-frame bogie fitted wagons had all passed through Avenue workshops. The replacement plate-frame I believe came from the by then surplus ex-John Summers then British Steel wagons that had been laid up at Shotton once steelmaking ceased there in 1980. 13 complete wagons passed via BR to ICI Mond as replacements for ICI wagons written off in accidents. The plate-frame replacements were of course converted to roller bearings when they were overhauled. HTH Paul
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