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  1. Have I missed something as the MDF option has disappeared from the website page? I am very interested in these baseboard tops certainly for the different sizes 4x1', 4x2' and 2x1' for an industrial layout I had been planning. Cheers Paul
  2. I have asked Hatton's a few times in the past at shows and on the website chat and it seems unlikely they will produce any new versions at present. Cheers Paul
  3. The RMC PCAs all went within the past few years so they can be scratched off the list now - many were in store at Peak Forest for a while. Not sure if any MEAs or HEAs in traffic anymore. There was a small pool of HEAs put back into traffic for a flow a few years back. Some of the ex Railtrack green PNA ballast wagons came back into use with the ballast cleaner - the whole fleet of 250 were in store at Long Marston prior to that. Not sure if still in service? Cheers Paul
  4. thanks have info if you need any from the article I did for demu mag some years ago.
  5. Gets my vote too for some CBAs, two roof styles to model as well. I guess I will have to see if the lads announce them or continue my conversions.... Cheers Paul
  6. They should all be 107xx, 108xx, 109xx numbered Vee tank/Centre depressed tanks along with the later straight barrel Metalair tanks in the 106xx or 11xxx ranges. All the early 9xxx series Blue Circle/APCM wagons were gradually scrapped from the mid 1990s onwards with a couple preserved at Weardale Railway I believe. One batch of 109xx wagons were scrapped as these had hand brake levers instead of wheels. Cheers Paul
  7. Hmm I'd go with it been electricity supply to ROC and the 11kV pole line that crosses the A39 road appears to have sealing end feeds either side of where it crosses overhead on each pole. And so the three wires across the road are dead as not linked to the other side of pole cross arm, clearly seen on the pole seen next to road just on the bend where the track diverges. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi Ian, the equipment at the top could be ceramic insulators incorporating circuit breakers, then underneath could be either sealing end insulator parts - best way I can describe their shape is like a star wars white stormtrooper head helmet! Into this would go two or three phases wires then down the pole underground to feed local properties. Then immediately underneath is the metal cross bracing with the circular loop in middle. I am guessing it is no longer there to check? Cheers Paul
  9. Thanks Andy, Phil, Howard and all of the team and contributors that have made the time to provide content. The Heljan Class 104, well I guess modelling the Buxton area I will have to save up for one of these. I once had a cab ride home from Buxton with my brother and uncle on dark, snowy Sunday afternoon in the 1980s and given the task of sounding the warning horn for the crossings on the way home. Taking on Andy's comments about the slices of the modelling cake getting less and less and how it will all keep sustainable, is there any merit in setting up an independent g
  10. Continuing on from the last post I forgot to explain about the end supports that need removing and new ones making. The third batch also had more substantial support where the end and side body slopes met the inner chassis and a beefed up design was fitted from new and repeated on the Summers wagons too. The existing molded support part easily pops out from the model with some gentle prising with a thin or knife blade working slowly and carefully with stray fingers out of the way. The new supports also have the added complication of taking the vac pipe on the other side
  11. Hello, in the first lockdown I have been working on my hopper fleet to add and change details. And so, here are my five Hatton's I.C.I. hopper wagons that I modified. Why am I doing this you might ask? Well I want to model ICIM 19120-151 versions as they are different to the model as supplied, which models the first and second batches of hoppers. So you need to alter the bodyside ribs and strapping to represent 19120-151 and replace the end support plate that is much more substantial on the third batch only. So first job is to ensure you have the correct side of the wag
  12. Thanks for the second part of the article in the November issue. I can tell you one thing regarding the BULK SALT lettering the actual font is Grotesque No. 9, this was confirmed to me by one of the model transfer producers some years ago. I had some numbersets made up for the Procor PSA open mineral wagons that were numbered in the PR 255xx range that had the same style of lettering as on the Salt PGAs. I have six donor Lima PGAs now ready to make a start on cutting though will need to adapt or find a deeper mitre block to cut the bodyshells up. Cheers Paul
  13. The deviant pylon was it would seem had been demoted from being a D5S to just a lowly D2 based on field observations...
  14. Depends on the era you are modelling Kevin but as a summary this should help: 1963 Green Metro-Vick Co-Bos and English Electric Type 4s class 40s on trial 1964 to early 70s Green Derby later body style Type 2s class 25s along with one Darlington built 25 early body style. 1970s onwards BR Blue mainly class 25s any type along with class 40s 1980s same but with class 37s/45s/47s being used to often on roadstone aggregates trains. The usual limestone trains to Northwich were almost always 25s or 40s with rare substitutions by 45s or 47s. 1984 Pairs of
  15. No problem. Yes I have often wondered why they never left a connection from the ex-Midland lines coming from Peak Forest onto the ex-LNW now passenger line. It would have made sense to have kept it somehow. Both the Hindlow and PF lines used to have double-track junctions with the passenger either side of the signal box. I guess when the track layout was rationalised at end of steam into the 1970s BR decided there wasn't the need for it. Likewise they could have kept that new crossover intact after the diversion work was completed and took the opportunity to redesign the track and
  16. The sidings at Buxton were upgraded and extended to permit longer heavier loaded trains to come from Dowlow and be able to run round at Buxton before heading towards Chinley where they either head west towards Manchester or east towards Sheffield depending on the destination and operator. GBRf has just commenced a new flow of stone to the Birmingham area for HS2 work and the sidings extension was done with this in mind. Likewise empty trains can be longer too. What isn't possible is to send loaded trains out over the passenger line due to the gradients as mentioned and the need to
  17. Ok just wondered, I try and make a note of them on the Supergrid towers. I have seen yellow, blue and red on some towers and in substations and I presumed these denoted the circuit phases? Cheers Paul
  18. Do you collect the phase/circuit colour codes at all? Cheers Paul
  19. Many thanks will add to the article tonight to read again. Thanks Paul
  20. No problemo I have a stack of these models hoping to do the same conversion so wanted to ensure I get the cutting right. Mine will be ex-Salt in aggregates use for my Speedlow layout along with some 'Baby Salt' PGAs and other PGA wagons known to have worked in the Buxton area late 80s early 90s. Thanks Paul
  21. I received my copy in the post today as unable to find a copy on sale here in Northwich town centre. Even WHSmiths seem to have stopped stocking it and I have checked the last two weekends with no joy. Good to see the article on converting the Hornby PGA (ex-Lima) hopper model to the salt version. However a plea to the author is it possible to include a cutting guide diagram for the body and chassis please in part two? Many thanks Paul
  22. On this day 13 Sept 2014, I was travelling to Coventry to visit the RMweb Live show at the Ricoh Arena

    1. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      Struck me as an amazing show - destroyed for posterity by unfortunate timing and muted marketing (I can only assume to prevent it "cannibalising" other shows).


      I wonder how a similar event at the same venue would fare in a couple of years' time - especially if the marketing were more effective and it didn't clash with TINGS (or similar).


      Somehow, I suspect that some people might be too scared to find out ... .

  23. I received my copy on Tuesday and have had a quick look through and very comprehensive the book it is. I was wondering whether there would be any mention of the locomotives usage on the Tunstead to Northwich I.C.I. hopper traffic, on which the Metro-Vicks were trialled in 1963 and 1964. We have both used the same photo of D5714 at Northenden Jnc. on empty hoppers in our books. I managed to source two more photos including a double-header at Altrincham and from personal observations of a Manchester Locomotive Society member confirmed that 9 of the 20 locomotives were known to have been used on
  24. The two DRS branded HYAs were 37 70 6791 014-3 and 016-8 as confirmed from photos I have from Tom dating from 2010/2011. Paul
  25. Spot on Tom, I remember you showing me these photos at the time - no doubts they existed. Cheers Paul
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