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  1. And this one finished on £82 no further bids too this evening.
  2. Yep and the weathered ones a pound more bargains for £25, though the 6 coded ones took a while to shift, perhaps not as much demand for those post-I.C.I. with the letters removed. Cheers Paul
  3. It would appear so that there us unsatisfied demand for these wagons. Even the new HMag supplement on BR LMR train formations makes note that these models are highly sought after now. I would be very pleased if they did some more of the 4 and 5 coded versions and pretty please the Summers, British Steel and later I.C.I. Mond versions of these slightly smaller wagons. Oh and do the diamond frame bogies with roller bearings fitted too. Cheers Paul
  4. In fact there are a few more sales to report some I had not seen myself as well. A single 5B model for £48.99 + £4.20 p+p might have been buy it now? A single 1A model £53.52 + £4.20 6 bids Another 1A at £49.51 + £4.20 4 bids A set of 4 6CW £119.50 + £2 from Rails oS eb shop bin? A pair of models 6CW/6DW £59.50 + £2 also from Rails eb shop bin? A set of 4 6BW/CW/DW/EW £117.00 + £6.50 7 bids Another set of 4 6BW/CW/DW/EW £80 + £6.50 1 bid A single 1A model £22 + £3.60 p+p bin? The pair of models previously mentioned were both 6CW and sold for £83.06 + £4.20 with 8 bids. The one yesterday sold for £64 had 24 bids. Cheers Paul
  5. Recent sales on bay of E show the demand is still there for these models. A pair sold not long ago for £83+ and today one single wagon (ICI005A) with a removable stone load sold for £64 with the lucky buyer having an extra £4.20 postage. Cheers Paul
  6. Further to my original post, I forgot to add that power station fly-ash is being brought in to Hope using PCA tankers too and has done for a number of years now - definitely from Drax power station but times exist in Real Time Trains for paths to West Burton ps too. HTH Paul
  7. Hope Cement works is a good example to do some research on but essentially it has both a limestone quarry to the west and a shale quarry to the east and uses both in the production of cement. I think gypsum is brought in by road but would have to fact check that one. Coal is currently brought in by rail from South Wales but in the past has come from Ayrshire, Immingham, Yorkshire coalfield too I would imagine. Recycled materials including rubber tyre waste has and may still be used too to fuel the kilns processes. Outgoing traffic is of course cement both in bulk form in the likes of Presflos, Cemflos, PCA 'vee-tanks' and straight barrel tanks, along with the newer JPA tanks. Also dispatched in bagged form too loaded into 2-axle vans like unfitted and fitted versions including the Palvans, then later air-brake vans. With a resumption of van traffic around 2001, VGA/VKA vans were used along with bogie Cargowaggon vans with seven repainted into Blue Circle Cement yellow livery (like the Heljan OO model). And the works is quite a compact site though was updated and changed around 2007/8 as traffic expanded and new bogie tanks arrived. Plus it has that nice single track linking the works to the main exchange sidings at Earle's Sidings on the main Manchester to Sheffield Hope Valley line. There is still a good amount of traffic that goes out by road tankers. HTH Paul
  8. Yes the version 6 models without letters took quite a while to shift, perhaps not as popular as the others. Cheers Paul
  9. I was told some time ago by someone at the Hatton's shop that they own and have all the tooling for the ICI hoppers... Often wondered what happened between H and OR for two very similar models of the Warwell to be produced within a few months of the other model. I for one would love to see some more hoppers made given some of the prices they go for online (£83.06 for 2 the other day on hebay). Cheers Paul
  10. The final models (ICI006DW) have now finally sold out on the Hatton's website when I checked not long ago. However, I received a wishlist email alert from Hatton's this afternoon just before 3pm to say that 1xICI006CW and 4xICI006DW had been listed in the pre-owned section for today.. by 7pm all 5 had been sold, so someone is a happy person. Clearly still demand for them still it would seem. Cheers Paul
  11. Hello, I have recently inherited a large collection of railway transparency colour slides and some are marked in capitals TRANSFOTO, with TRANS in narrow script and FOTO in bold wide script. Has anyone come across this name before? Was it a railway related film processing company or something else? The wording is in black and at the bottom of the white frame the usual capitals VIEW FROM THIS SIDE. There is no film processing info on the front or back of the frame unlike the other 1,000s of Fujichrome mounts, which have this printed on. I have attached a photo of one such slide. Talking of which has anyone seen a way of scanning and reading the film processing info e.g. 060896 T3G32544 30, which is the date ddmmyy then maybe a processing code? then the frame number. Thanks Paul
  12. I have some experience of having a book published for me and doing my own publishing. First up was my I.C.I. Hopper book with the now defunct Cheona Publications, I was very much part of the publishing helping the late Peter Midwinter with typesetting the text, captions and scanning in original photos and slides and tweaking them in Photoshop. The only bit I didn't do was the compiling of the Quark Express output files as Peter did that and took the completed CD disc down to the local printers we were using in North Wales. A few alterations from the first proof including changing some photos from colour to mono helped to bring the price down and had no choice in a way to do it. For this I did receive some free copies but most others I brought at discount if I needed more. Second publication I did was a self produced one to commemorate two railway anniversaries at Hazel Grove near Stockport where I am from. For this one I did all of the typesetting and produced the output disc, and at the time I was able to utilise the local authority print shop who kindly did the final prep and proof copy to make it print ready. They obtained some quotes for printing costs for 300 copies and I went with the one they recommended, that wasn't the cheapest or most expensive but I was very pleased indeed with the final booklet they printed and bound. Being my own booklet there was little in way of royalties and still have a few copies of the booklet left all these years later. Ian Allan brought and sold a good 100 or so copies via the now closed Manchester store. Third, fourth and soon fifth books, I approached Amberley Publishing having had a conversation with John Dedman, who had back in 2018 had his book on BR wagons published with them. This time it was a case of preparing a suitable 180 images, captions for them and an introduction text maximum number of words 10,000 though some leeway with that. So I prepared all my own images to their specs, though they can do scanning etc. for the author if required. Once submitted they typeset it for you and you get an emailed copy of the proofs to check and return usually within 5-7 days then a short while later they will email you a copy of the proposed front and back cover, and if agreed it then gets finalised along with any proof amendments and goes to press. As an author you get a quantity of free copies about a month before the publication date and you can buy further copies in yourself at a discounted rate. You can resell these onto friends, family or supply them as royalty copies as needed but you can't supply to trade or shops yourself. Generally the print runs are about 500 copies initially but no restriction on them reprinting the book at a later date say. My first book in 2019 with Amberley was Freight in the Peak District, my second was delayed last year due to pandemic but came out in July and is The Hoppers: Limestone traffic. I had quite a few royalty copies to distribute for that one as used a lot of archive photos from steam and BR diesel eras. My next one will be released next year I guess and will be Wagons of the Peak District and is in effect a follow up to my first Amberley book. So far I have been very pleased with the reproduction of the images and the book quality, I have seen and read other comments elsewhere about quality but you would have to make your mind up on that one. Hope this helps Cheers Paul
  13. First time tonight I have sat at my worktable for a good few weeks.. just not had the chance and to a degree the inclination to do any modelling. In mid-April I quite quickly came into possession of a large quantity of slide transparency boxes, mostly the twin 50 slide boxes that Jessops used to make x120, along with 3 of the 80 slide carousels plus 10 stack boxes that each hold 500 slides I think. To cut a long-story short it was either rescue them and cart them home or potentially they would have been disposed of. Still got load more to collect at some point soon. Plus I arranged to purchase 20 of my favourite ever wagons from my friends widow too. So that side-tracked me somewhat especially finding room for the stack of slide boxes yikes. So tonight I tidied up my work table so that has made things a lot better. The MEA to SJA conversions of the Bachmann wagons are pretty much complete, the Accurascale PCA is in process of changing from STS version to Blue Circle version, POA to PSAs in hand just need to restart those but need to strip the paint off the now shortened height bodies, so they will need dunking in jar of superstrip if it is still potent enough. So all in all feel better in a way just tidying up. Oh and a nice OO twin van model on its way from Cornwall using some birthday money. My blog on here way out of date too oh well. Cheers Paul
  14. The ICI 5 plank wagons were also used on a block trainload working of limestone to the Middlewich works as well as the 23ton bogie hoppers were too large to be handled at this works. So they used the wooden open wagons on this traffic until sometime in the mid-1960s, after which many of the wagons were stored then later scrapped in the old works sidings just to the north of Great Rocks Jn. I have several photos of the wagons and them being hauled in a block trainload too. The Airfix version was later re-released by Hornby and has appeared in their range over the years, Bachmann also produced a more accurate version, then the Oxford Rail one is same again more accurate. Cheers Paul
  15. They are or were using a rake of MEAs on Masborough to Cardiff Tidal flow empties recently, believed to be scrap metal flow according to info on flickr. Additional - might actually be furnace slag going to Rotherham from Cardiff. Cheers Paul
  16. Hope you don't mind me annotating one of your photos to illustrate, the blue line denotes approx position of suggested crossovers to permit an inbound and outbound via fuelling point, which would be to the right of second point heading out towards the fiddle yard exit. Cheers Paul
  17. Looking good, just wondered if there is any merit in adding in a crossover between the two lines to the left and below the running sheds? That way you could bring locos in on the existing track leading to the fan of dead-end sidings, then shuttle them into the headshunt on left, across the new crossover and onto the fuelling point outbound road, where locos can either depart off scene or if need further examination retire to the shed for further inspection work. Loaded then empty TTA fuel tanks could be parked on the remaining stub end of the second line above. Cheers Paul
  18. I have just today had an order with a well known German supplier of gear wheel pullers refunded via PayPal. Upon enquiring why they came back with false information, which I suspect has got lost in translation somewhere. Upon further emails it is the fact that it is a GB UK address that the item is to be shipped to. Having first looked into buying this item on behalf of my uncle at the end of 2020 and then again at start of this year when there was seemingly no option to select a GB UK address, I thought leave it a few months and try again. I couldn't see anything on the translated version of their website stating they will no ship to GB UK addresses so went ahead and ordered said item. I have politely suggested they amend their website again if they are not willing to supply GB UK customers to avoid further issues with orders until such a time things are fully resolved regarding sending orders to the UK. Cheers Paul
  19. Yes most towers tend to be painted in a light grey or silver hence the term 'silvering up' when painting the towers. Towers are often given a strange shade of yellow undercoat just prior to being painted the final coat of grey/silver. Not come across any green ones but that is not to say it happened. Obviously weather and local environment will have an effect on the paintwork too as will age. The tower stubs at each corner of the tower where it disappears into the concrete foundation is usually painted black with a bituminous type black paint I believe? Cheers Paul
  20. Hi Simon, no worries I thought that might be the case, but nice to see the prospect of some diverted hoppers being modelled with some trusty Rats in charge. I look forward to seeing how the layout progresses. Cheers Paul
  21. Sounds a good project indeed not too far from home. A good guide to length of main platform 2 line in real life is 1x37 + 19xPHVs + 2x31s or 2x37s or 2x37s + 20 PHVs + 2x37s that just fits in before the crossover. In later years the station bufferstops were moved back towards the signalbox - I think this was to allow storage tanks to be installed? In the days when the hoppers had to be diverted via the Wessie line to Stockport. Cheers Paul
  22. Possible but would cost £xxxM to move and redo the station. Up until 1985 there was the Down layby siding on the Buxton side of the Chester Road bridge running as far as the next bridge the ex-Midland New Mills South to Cheadle Jn. (formerly Heaton Mersey) and I don't ever recall seeing much use it but it wasn't electrified and when the line to Hazel Grove they chose to electrify the remains of the former Up and Down loops, which started around the site of the current Woodsmoor station. This Down layby was in part reused to slew the Down line from Buxton and then the abandoned portion of the Down itself slewed to join the Up line to create space on which to start building the Chord line. There is or was room behind the Manchester platform to in theory take another platform face as a bay now, however some bungalows were built on the Chester Road end of the land some 10-15y years ago. A new or extended footbridge would be needed at the other end to allow the Hatherlow Lane footpath to continue. This extra platform could have been made into a bay or even better a through platform for extra operational capacity. Not much chance of extending or double-tracking the Chord line unless you want to buy a lot more land off the Diocese of Chester and exhume xx number of graves. A pity the 1930s LMS chord scheme never went ahead to link the Midland with the LNW lines further down the Midland lines joining the LNW near to Woodsmoor Lane overbridge. What happened to the idea of reinstating a single track for freight between New Mills South and Chinley North Jn.? Cheers Paul
  23. In the past twenty years I have visited Earle's Sidings the works shunters would either be Blue John or one of the various Class 20s hired in. It has been quite a while since Blue John has left the works from my own observations. I don't recall seeing Blue John go any further west than the siding it was reversing a rake of tanks into. The 20s certainly traverse the through lines and I'd have to double-check photos but also the Down Loop next to the main Down Hope Valley line too. Usually a rake of 16 PCAs would be brought up from the works and once in the east end headshunt, would be propelled back into one of through sidings. Rakes of empty tanks have been known to be propelled backwards either by the class 66 and split into two rakes using both lines of the east headshunt, left clear of the works turnout. Usually the 20 would be waiting just on the branch and would then move forward to couple to the first half rake then draw forward then back to collect the second half. Then all coupled up it would take all 36 down the branch for reloading. HTH Paul
  24. Not heard of that but they do tend to phase out quads for twin or triple bundles now on the L6s depending on loading I guess. I know someone who may know so will try ask and report back if hear anything. Cheers Paul
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