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  1. In a rare moment of "forward thinking" If I order from ultrascale about now I will have the goods to hand when I actually do get A Round Tuit ;)

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    2. Metr0Land


      Yes round ones are very difficult to quarter, the square ones are much easier

    3. BigAndy


      Took about 5 months for my order to arrive!

    4. Simon Moore

      Simon Moore

      Phone call to Alan Gibson. There the next day ; )

  2. That's one hedge tamed... 6 foot tall and nearly as wide!

    1. RJS1977


      Enough about the wife, how big's the hedge?

  3. for some reason im wide awake!

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    2. HeeleyBridge


      Getting in training for Saturday's show Mickey?





    3. bgman


      Check ya pulse first mate !

    4. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Well, I'm wide awake too, but then again, it is just gone 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

  4. not a bad season for Barca.... didnt look as poetic as the Gunners though....maybe thats the standard of the opposition though....

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    2. Crisis Rail

      Crisis Rail

      Had a fiver on Juve - bugg

    3. Mickey


      treble indeed...but in spanish football that means beating RM twice :D

    4. bgman


      Barca? How longs the U.S. President been signed up for Arsenal ?

  5. I've just had a pre-made G&T sat on the terrace...must be summer! :D

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    2. bgman


      Hey fellas, Mikeys got the drinks out , party time at Mickeys!

      Erm.....where dya live mate ?

    3. Mickey


      under the dying embers of the June Sun just off the A57....

    4. HeeleyBridge


      Bit posh for West St innit Mickey?

  6. BBC 4 @22:00 - Te Nations Railway - The Golden Age of British Rail

  7. sore knee after missing a vault into the back of the pick up spectacualrly :) #redneck paradise no :D

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    2. Horsetan


      Sweet home Alabama, etc.

    3. 46444


      Would have been interesting with Daisy Duke! :D

    4. bcnPete


      "Them cotton pickin' duke boys"...assume your pride wasn't dented though Mickey !-)

  8. I must be getting old - I bought on of them shopping trolley bags with wheels on today :O Certainly beats carrying tins of paint round town though :)

    1. Horsetan


      I think you've forgotten that you posted this earlier.....

  9. "One Hit Wonders at the BBC" has got some reyt tunes on!

    1. beast66606


      I watched Kate Bush at the BBC, drool ...

  10. Of all the strange things to injure oneself on - a recoiling tape measure just sliced my finger rather harshly!

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    2. SHMD


      Ah ha! - Should have done a

    3. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      I hope that your wound is now starting to heal, Mickey, and that you are helping it along by putting your feet up and imbibing something medicinal...

    4. shortliner


      Try whacking yourself in the eye with the folded seam of a pair of freshly washed denim jeans - don't 'arf 'urt!

  11. oooh! a class 37 arrived at the front door!! NOT a real one!!

    1. BoD


      You would panic a wee bit if it was.

  12. The US Army soldier missing in oklahoma is a friend of a friend of mine.. hope they find him

    1. bcnPete


      Fingers crossed Mickey...

    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Yes, same here

  13. I have sooo much to do with this house Im thinknig Ill buy another one in June to take my mind off it all :D

    1. Horsetan


      That assumes you don't get priced out of the market by foreign investors!

    2. Mickey


      haha not on sheffield councul estates ;)


  14. Very pleased to hear all went pretty well at the show - No fear of the next blog installment being a slightly re-titling to "Kyle on a Bonfire" now then!
  15. I have jsut watched it running in the BHMRC thread and it seems to go pretty sweet in the video there
  16. Its even ultra neat and well presented to the rear! Good luck with it today!
  17. the mental gears are grinding!

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    2. ozzyo


      Grease lot of grease, you may also want to add a bit of grinding paste as well.

    3. NGT6 1315

      NGT6 1315

      And tripe.

    4. Mickey


      pork and Carlsberg grease my gears

  18. Sheds and Tools and Rock n Roll....

    1. bgman


      You running a D®ury ?

      In the back of a cortina !

    2. HeeleyBridge


      Starting a garage band?

    3. beast66606


      Dumbing down the lyrics ?

  19. Very nice and airy like trees look....but they are, or rather the pictures are, a bit 90degrees the wrong way on here.....
  20. time to go to the shops :)

  21. Someone has dug shirely willliams up form the 80s.....

  22. Yayyyyy!!!

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    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      A reduction on the large pile of tripe on the M6, blocking the way south...

    3. eastwestdivide


      "...large pile of tripe on the M6, blocking the way south..." - do you mean [insert least favourite Midlands town here]?

    4. Horsetan



  23. apparantly seals do clap

  24. For some reason Im laughing...a bit :D

  25. NOT POLITICAL...but outside the polling station ther are signs "IF you are here by ten PM you can Vote"....remember what happened last time when the studnets turned up en masse here :D

    1. Ravenser


      Which is why they've changed the law to allow you to vote if you're at the polling station before 10pm

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