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  1. Hi John I did the roof detail based upon photos and a drawing in one of the books, a snippet of the drawing is below. As you say things may have been modified later but I have no evidence to confirm that. Perhaps someone from the GWR study group might be able to shed some light on the reasons for the differences. It was a pain to draw up but the end result is pretty convincing. Ian
  2. That's a relief John, I did look at doing the 7mm version, but only for about ten seconds Ian
  3. Sorry but I sold the rights to this kit to Shawplan many years ago. Brian has since sold it on again so it probably isn’t available any more. You could try contacting Rob Pulham in the post above as he models mainly in 7mm so he might not need it anymore. Ian
  4. I heard the terrible news this morning from another friend of Mick, it is an absolute tragedy. My deepest sympathies to his wife Anne.
  5. Lovely job Mick I am very impressed with your rendering of the Teak finish. It looks like you might have done that once or twice before Ian
  6. Hi Simon I am pleased to hear that you are enjoying the build, it’s not the easiest model to build but makes up into a nice van. It wouldn’t be cost effective to do a 7mm version, every time I have redone a kit in 7mm in the past it has never covered the cost of doing it. The other problem is that the spring and axle box were a special commission from Justin at Rumney Models and I don’t know if they would be available in 7mm scale. Ian
  7. Quick update for those who have requested one of these. I have received the etches so I'll get them packed over the next few days. I'm waiting for a delivery of castings from MJT/Dart which might slow things down as they sometimes take a long time to deliver an order. On the down side, I have just received the invoice for the etches and they haven't worked out to be as cheap as I had thought so I'm sorry to say the kit price will be £62 not the £55 I was hoping for. I'll be in touch with everyone on the list over the next week or so. Ian
  8. I have ordered all of the etches and had the quotation back. A bit of good news, the etches are not going to be quite as expensive as I had originally thought as they have been able to fit two frets onto one tool for a couple of them. It looks like the kit cost will be £55 now instead of the original £66. Ian
  9. I've now got the model back from my friend so I thought I'd post a couple more photos of it which I have just taken. I'm ordering the etches this weekend for those members who have requested one of these. Delivery from the etchers is still around 5 weeks so I'll contact everyone again then. Ian
  10. The paint job is now complete thanks to my friend. I will be ordering the etches for those forum members who have requested one of these next week, so if anybody else wants to go on the list, please 'message' me. I will contact everybody on the list before I order all of the etches to confirm their request as I don't want to be left with a lot of unwanted etches. Ian
  11. A couple more photos of the paint job my friend is doing for me. They are really starting to look the part now. Ian
  12. A friend of mine has volunteered to paint this one for me. My painting equipment and paint booth are in the loft and with this gammy leg of mine I just can't get up there. Here are a couple of photos he has sent me of his progress, the primer is now on and the roof is painted. I've been trying to find out more about the East coast traffic, I believe without much by way of firm evidence that they were used out of Yarmouth and Lowestoft in the 1950s, while common sense suggests Grimsby too. Does anybody have any firm details on this or any other information about their use on the East coast? Ian
  13. Sorry Justin, my sincere apologies for the oversight. The error has been rectified Ian
  14. The castings are all now in place, the buffers are Dave Franks (LMS Models). The buffer was originally his B019 but they only have 13" heads and this model needed to have 16" heads. Dave made me some with the 16" head and has now added the modified version to his catalogue as B054. Springs and axle boxes fitted. The spring is one I commissioned from Dave Franks with a master modified from one of Justin Newitt's (of Rumney models fame) castings (with his permission of course) and the axle box is from MJT. and finally the vacuum and steam pipes are in place. The vac pipe is another of Dave's lovely castings and the steam pipe is from 51L I'll get the model assembled, take a few photos of it and post them later. Ian
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