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  1. It seems the issue with the 'Item 51' ribs is still causing a few small issues so I have updated the instructions again to clarify the situation even further. The updated text is on page 5, everything else is unchanged. Ian APCM _PVV_ instructions 15-3-21.pdf
  2. Cellotape works equally well Rik, just stick a strip onto a piece of glass or plasticard and cut it with a scalpel. That’s the method that I used for the Gresley BG and it was fine. Go over it with a black marker pen to make it easier to see. Ian
  3. You’ve got no chance Bob, I’ve been relegated to the Conservatory and the Loft. Ian
  4. Nice job Bob, you've made a really neat job of the door recess rims and the rest of the van is really well made with no visible solder. Well done. Ian
  5. Hi Dave It’s principally the section covering the van side overlays and the item 51 ribs. Ian
  6. Just a quick update gents, I have been in touch with everybody who has requested one of these kits, so if you haven't heard from me, you weren't on the list. Two of the people who requested kits haven't responded yet so if I don't hear from them within the next week there will be a couple of kits going spare. I have been building another one of these vans myself from the latest batch of etches and have made a couple of small changes to the instructions. The changes are purely to expand information already in the instructions on the CD's I sent out to make things clearer. I suppose
  7. Just a quick update for those who have requested any of these kits, I have now received the etches. I will get them wrapped over the next day or two and roll the roof sections to go in the kits, which will take most of tomorrow morning. I will contact everyone who I have on the list over the next week or so. If you haven't heard from me by the middle of next week, you are not on the list. There should be a couple of kits left over as I ordered a few spares just in case, so if anybody else wants one please pm me. Needless to say it will be on a 'first come first served' basis.
  8. Cambridge custom transfers fit correctly. ian
  9. Well, it's more or less complete now, I just need to get the livery painted and decals applied. A number of members have asked to go on the list for one of these. If anybody else wants one, please pm me over the next week or so. I will be ordering the etches for these kits at the end of the holidays. Ian
  10. Yes, and to think it all started nearly 20 years ago with an Anhydrite wagon I take it all is well with you and yours in Spain, stay safe. Cheers Ian
  11. The springs are now in place. These are a commission from Justin at Rumney models and are a beautiful piece of 3D printing. I've test fitted the MJT compensation unit and it fits nicely on the little bracket etched into the floor. Ian
  12. O.K. you are on the list, I'll confirm pm in a day or two. If anybody else want to go onto the list can you please pm me as it is easier for me to keep track of who is who then and it doesn't clog up this thread unnecessarily. Don't forget I have a separate thread covering the build for this one here:- https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/160403-apcm-bagged-cement-van-in-4mm-scale/ Ian
  13. My sincere apologies for the error in the instructions, I just hadn't spotted it. It's the old 'familiarity breeds contempt' syndrome, having assembled so many of the things you just do it without checking. Thanks for the 'heads up', I have rectified the mistake in the instructions so nobody else should have the same problem. Nice work though, keep it up Ian
  14. Thanks for the kind comments gents, a bit more progress too. The roof is on and the rain strips are fitted. I've fitted the buffers as well. These are lovely little castings from the master, Dave Franks of Lanarkshire Model Supplies. The coupling hook is not in place on this one as I am going to fit an operational one and that doesn't need to go in until the thing is painted. I'll post more photos in a couple of days, life keeps getting in the way at the moment. Ian
  15. Hi Gilbert I have put you on the list, I'll be in touch by pm to confirm with you. The transfers are John's, Cambridge Custom transfers.
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