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  1. One of the few remaining details to add to the body are the injectors which sit under the footplate tucked away behind the cab steps. From all the photos that I have of J6's seeing what they actually look like is a real problem. Then I remembered that I had taken a few photos of the Injectors on the side of the preserved J52 while it lived at Shildon. While I have a couple of good side views they don't show the pipes and how they fit. Then by pure chance I was looking through some photos that I took in the dark hall at York and found that I had indeed taken
  2. Modelling time has been in a bit short supply so far this week but I have managed a few bits and pieces. The key one being, on the back of a delivery of a second set of globe lubricator castings for the J6, I got them fitted. I had to order some more because I have misplaced the first lot but I am sure that they will turn up in due course... Still a bit of cleaning up to do under there.
  3. I am very grateful for Mike pointing out that I had the ashpan sides the wrong way around because it’s an easy fix (already done) and it was a detail that I was struggling to find. The GA I have only show’s an outline for the ashpan and all the photos I have the detail is lost in the gloom. I had forgotten to take photos of them before fitting so taking them off to swap them around gave me the opportunity to do so. I measured the space where they were to fit and cut a strip of a sheet of 10thou nickel 30.5mm wide. From this strip I cut two pieces each 17mm long. This le
  4. It'l be a bob to talk to your exalted self now then mate
  5. Thanks Mike, Typical, two ways to fit them and I pick the wrong one. I have a GA but it only shows an outline and all the photos I have are indistinct so I couldn't be sure. At least it's an easy fix. Thanks again, your help is appreciated.
  6. Today I rechecked the motor and gearbox on the centre axle with all the other axles in place. Sadly, it was as I feared, the tight fit of the motor in the boiler area pushed the compensation beam down and left the chassis rocking on the centre axle. So back to plan A fitting it on the rear axle and cutting into/the brake cross beam. Before doing anything drastic I took time out to knock up some ashpan sides and they have cured the gearbox visibility issue. That still left the gear touching the brake cross beam so I bit
  7. In between adding bits to the GCR Tank, After drilling and pinning the cranks which was thankfully uneventful. I cut out the axle in between the crank webs and refitted the connecting rods. I had to file a little of the sides of one one the connecting rods but very quickly all was rotating smoothly. So much so that I made a short video. Sadly my camera didn't focus too well on my hands but you get the idea. https://youtu.be/gvvgu-ix_GM
  8. This is a bit of an addendum to the last post with photos showing where I am at. A weak area of the kit which to be fair is admitted to in the instructions is the cab roof. It’s half etched and as a result besides being very thin it also has a tendency to curl in the wrong direction for the curve of the cab. I wanted the roof to be removable so I did exactly the same on this one as I did on mine. After fitting the curved ribs that are supplied, I cut a smaller piece of 10 thou nickel to fit inside between the ribs to add strength a
  9. The second of Chris's paintings hasn't been seen in public before. It's entitled "Heading to the Starting Gate" and is the last of Chris's large canvases at 24" by 36" Rather selfishly, this one isn't for sale it's mine The original photo copyright Simon Lathlane and hosted on the David Hay site was quite dark in places so Chris has really brought it to life and colour. She kept saying never again but I have persuaded her to do another view of KX from yet another period black and white photo which I will share in due course.
  10. Having looked at it for a couple of days I felt that the second runner wagon looked a little bare so I knocked up another toolbox and I added some hardware to them all. It's starting to come together now. A friend has just sent me some spare 'Crane Runner' transfers so I now have enough to do both runners (assuming that I can get them to fit of course. I am still undecided as to whether to line the counterbalance weight on the crane because the gears on the crane itself will prevent me being able to add any lining around the frame if indeed they were actua
  11. Things have been quietly progressing with the Class 5A and the number of etched parts is diminishing. The other thing I have been considering is the motor position and I have been trialling fitting it to the middle axle which would remove the need to chop some out of the brake cross beam. By nibbling some of the boiler/firebox former away it has allowed the motor to slip inside and run without any apparent issues. What I am not sure of yet, because I still have to test it, is whether it affects the movement of the compensation beams. There isn’t
  12. Since finishing off the house Chris has got back into painting mode and she has managed to finish of a couple of paintings that she has had on going for quite a long time. The first many will recall from her working on it at Telford in 2019 It's entitled "Summer Sunday at Gloucester Horton Road" As a friend of ours predicted when he saw it on as a work in progress, it's made a pretty little picture. Assuming that there is a Guild of Railway Artists Railart exhibition this year it will be entered for it (unless someone buys it first).
  13. Wow, sorry Phil you probably weren't expecting an answer after all this time, the Shed is Burton Shed
  14. In my quest to clear the workbench of its long time inhabitants I took stock of what was needed to finish the crane and runner/match wagons. It turned out that to do the bare bones of the build they only actually needed buffers and couplings. Then I recalled why the build had stalled. The buffers and couplings that came with the kit were a bit of a 'hotch potch' of different makes/types. I bought it second hand so I am not sure which of them might have been included originally. There were a couple of different type of white metal buffer stocks and a nice set of Slaters
  15. To close this particular build off, the Road van is lettered, although I cannot take credit for the fine job on the lettering, it was done by its new owner. This shot was taken part way through the process All lettered up and ready for the 'road'
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