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  1. ...and when will this particular prototype get a model...?
  2. Order changed, with apologies to Accurascale for cancelling a second time. Hopefully it won't happen again.
  3. I wondered if it would be. I tested bending a plastic ruler that was approx 2mm thick and it seemed to be fine so I figured that 3mm would probably be OK. I certainly don't want to be having to heat shape the barriers in order for them to fit, if I can possibly avoid doing so. I did look online at shop fittings websites to see what was available in the form of shelf barriers. I don't think they could be repurposed consistently enough for me, unfortunately. So I will be looking online for a polycarbonate supplier who can custom cut the material to 75mm strips of approx 1
  4. I think if the wheels are large enough, that shouldn't be too much of an issue. The tail-lifts I've used on rental Luton vans have an angled edge to them to roll things onto. It's also the case that the layout is pretty lightweight compared to some I've handled, as I've used lightweight sub 6mm thick plywood for the construction. I can easily lift two (currently 'empty') boards on my own, so I don't imagine the whole stack weighing a tonne. I remain concerned about overall 'stiffness' of the stack, I'm not really sure how well it would stay truly upright.
  5. As a postscript to this, I eventually found a way to hold the existing cheap warped 2"x1" wood legs I have in a more square fashion (using NoMoreNails and a known near-flat patch of bathroom floor). This enabled me to use up a stock of wood I had, and still produce a slender, lightweight leg. I had to fiddle around with some hinges I had and also acquire some stainless steel repair plates to use as diagonal braces, but it's worked out pretty well all-in-all. See my S&P blog in my link for pictures of the layout boards on the legs.
  6. I think I will probably settle on polycarbonate. I'm thinking either 62.5mm or 75mm strips of 3mm clear, in 1220mm lengths. The reason for the 'thinness' is to have enough flexibility to go round sub 900mm radius curves (but not much less that 900mm). Does this sound OK?
  7. Good questions. In the frame, the layout would be moved onto a tail-lift of something like a Luton van for moving home, or for moving into storage. Once in a house where it could be assembled, it would be moved by me one board at a time, not in the frame.
  8. The layout isn't in any way finished yet. I'm still finalizing any modifications to the boards before painting them, which is why I'm concerned for drilling holes for the holding bolts for a storage frame. I don't want to do that after painting. Thanks for the reply. That build appearance strikes me as a bit too specific for my needs. What I am looking for is a frame that can be more adaptable to whatever boards I might need to put in it, which could change over time.
  9. I''ve just checked, and 55 005 and 55 011 are plated, 55 001 is domino, the rest are headcode (of those that are of that era). Unfortunately this was something I missed when placing my order for 55 017, so it looks like I'll have to alter the order for a second time (from 55 017 to 55 011) as I'd prefer a plated over version.
  10. I'm not at all good at drawing, but I will try and rough something up and post it. The usage isn't for transport to exhibition, it's to protect the boards while in transit between places where I live, and also if they have to go back into storage again. Last time I had to store them the boards existing at the time took some damage because I couldn't look after them well. I'm hoping a frame could help protect them and help make them easier to move.
  11. It would be about going beyond just the station announcements and into other sound effects that would more likely emanate from areas of a layout other than the station (such as bird song, traffic noise, planes flying overhead, etc).
  12. Potentially up to 100m. But, I'm not aware the Bluetooth standard allows for many devices of the same type to be connected and communicated with at the same time.
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for any ideas, concepts, pitfalls, etc, of systems to store and move layouts around. This is in particular for my layout S&P, which in the main has very simple 'modular' 2' x 4' plywood boards for the scenic and straight fiddleyard sections, but slightly odd shapes for the ends where the fiddleyard throats are. My thoughts at the moment are around having some kind of base made of 2"x1" with decent sized pivoting wheels, and a removeable long handle that could be fixed at either end. There would be 2"x1" vertical side beams with blocks attached to
  14. To do speaker placement, either the set up would need to use some kind of IP speakers on a network (so that each could be individually addressed without having to have channels and the associated wiring for each speaker), or some kind of Dolby Atmos encoded system. Not something I'm aware exists for such as model railways at the moment.
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