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  1. I've been thinking (dangerous, I know ) As it's a good runner I am of a mind to keep my current loco rather than send it back. My reasoning is that the other screw for the bottom moulding is loose in its thread, and I remember reading someone else here had the same issue. If that's the case then it's not impossible that any replacement will also have loose screws so I'll need to remedy them anyway. I think I should be able to drill out the existing stub. I'm not sure whether it will leave any thread behind, but I will need to find another way to keep the moulding attached anyway so that's arguably a non-issue. However, all this demonstrates that quality control is at issue again.
  2. Well, not good news. I received my 18000 today, but one of the screws to hold the underside tank moulding has had the head broken off and left the stub in situ. It's tight enough that I can't budge it and don't have a suitable tool (not even sure what I'd need) to try and get a bite on the stub to turn it to remove it, or to drill it out. So it looks like it's going to have to go back. Annoyingly it runs quite well (albeit I could only test on DC as I don't have my PC set up with JMRI at the moment), once I'd eased the contacts out to get better contact with the wheels. Bummer.
  3. If enough people register interest with Hattons, then they will most likely do another run. It would be silly to turn down the opportunity to make money from tooling that will probably have paid for itself on the first batch.
  4. I'm still waiting for mine too, black/silver with sound. As only my small test oval has R2 curves, mine will be tested on a simple straight length of flexitrack for now as my main 'layout' is still nowhere near track being laid.
  5. I like the idea of DCC controlled brakes on non-powered vehicles. It would allow trains to be stopped on an incline and have the loco detach without the train rolling away. Just need to remember to release the brakes before moving off...
  6. That's deliberate. I don't feel that the modernisation plan's 'pilot scheme' locomotives count as 'prototypes' for the purposes of this list as there are too many of them in each batch.
  7. Nothing yet. I think it might be a week or two yet. Certainly the sound fitted ones will take a little while longer.
  8. I've edited the original post to categorize things better. I haven't added some items mentioned yet, but I will eventually.
  9. I can see there's a need to be more detailed with this subject to get better categorisation, so when I'm done with work today I'll revisit the original post and split out the 'designed' and 'test bed' items, and also create sections for locos, units, etc.
  10. I'm not counting steam locomotives for this, just the non-steam prototypes.
  11. Valid point re the internals. I still see them as 'test beds' rather than 'prototypes' though, being that they were based on previously existing platforms.
  12. For my part, anything that was a 'test bed' doesn't count. Class 48s, 47601, 47901, 87101, etc, not counted, they weren't their own designs as they were based on other platforms that either became or already were existing classes. I was thinking of any non-steam locomotive (and that can include DMUs / EMUs) that was a one-off in the British Railways era, or part of a very small definitely experimental class. So not the initial Peaks, the D6xx Warships, the 4DDs (I think), etc.
  13. Hmm. I had a look to see if there was anything else, but didn't find anything. Odd.
  14. I'm putting together a list of the mainly diesel prototypes that were around just before and at the beginning of the British Railways era (1948 onwards). I'm sure I'm missing some, so any additions welcome. I will add known manufacturers of OO / 4mm versions at some point. I haven't added the various shunters that were precursors to the 08, but I can do for completeness if necessary. Locomotives: ----- Prototype External Designs: Diesels: 10000 & 10001 (Ex LMS) 10201 / 10202 / 10203 (Bulleid) DP1 (Deltic) DP2 (not counted as a test bed as its body, though similar to a Deltic, isn't actually the same and wasn't reused from a previous Deltic) Lion Falcon Kestrel 10800 'Hawk' 11001 10100 The Fell (? is this a prototype ?) 41001 / 41002 (HST Power Cars) DHP1 Electrics: 89 001 Gas Turbines: 18000 18100 GT3 ----- Test Beds (that is, a re-used body with different internals): Diesels: 47 601 / 47 901 Electrics: E1000 / E2001 (ex 18100) 87 101 ----- Shunters: (to be completed) ===== Units: Diesels: Lev 1 / 2 / 3 RB004 140 151 210 Electrics: 20001 / 20002 / 20003 (Bulleid/Raworth) 2 PEP (446) 4 PEP (445) 4DD Gas Turbines: APT-E
  15. It sells to me because I have a 'Prototypes' collection that I'm building, ostensibly for a fictional 'Prototypes' day on the S&P. I have no possible use for it otherwise
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