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  1. Ian J.

    Hornby - New Tooling - Terrier

    They certainly look better than the old Dapol tooling (that wasn't a hard bar to reach). However, the outstanding issue of the buffers being on rather than recessed into the end of the footplate remains, as do the nuts for the coupling rods on the wheels. I'm still reserving judgment and waiting to see what Rails/Dapol can do with theirs.
  2. Ian J.

    BBC News - Railway Modelling

    I saw that too. It seemed quite odd to see it. I'm so used to articles being aloof about railway modelling that one that isn't and feels more complimentary caught me out...
  3. Ian J.

    New forum software

    It seems different people are getting different results - I get random followed topics too, not ones that I'm actually following.
  4. Very a-Muse-ing... :)

    1. Hroth


      Its that Cantaloupe again, isn't it...

  5. Ian J.

    Canute Road Quay

    Nicely done. Nothing to do with Canute Road Quay, but what I'd like to see is a system that can handle multiple speakers over multiple tracks of sounds that can do suitable mixing live. So a bird sound could move across the environment as if it was flying from place to place. The same could be true of other sounds.
  6. Ian J.

    Dapol 00 Gauge LSWR B4

    I hope that 30093 will be done eventually.
  7. A kernel of truth - 4.10.0-38 still works better than 4.15.0-45.

    1. J. S. Bach
    2. Hroth


      Don't upset Linus, he'll have a grump for months....

    3. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      Back to Linux Mint 18.3, with kernel 4.10.0-38, all is working as expected. Shame, because I was getting used to the look of 19.1. There needs to be a check for a 'bug' somewhere in the latest kernel for 18.3/19.1, because it's not entirely right when it comes to network communications. Also, 19.1 needs better hibernation support. It seems like they've turned it off because they couldn't be arsed to face it.

  8. A minor niggle, but one that's persistently annoying. The three tabs at the top of the page have both a click and hover response. I find myself 'clicking' on the Activity tab as I expect that response more but that takes me to a different page rather than showing the items beneath it, and those items in the tab have to be clicked to get their drop down menus to appear, rather than hovered over. Can the tab behaviour be changed so that they have to be clicked on to change to that tab rather than use hover?
  9. Ian J.

    New forum software

    As a temporary measure, why not turn of the notifications?
  10. Linux. Grrrr.... :banghead:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Market65


      Oh dear. Well, I shall not upgrade from 18.3 for a while then. 

      I hope you can get those issues sorted out quickly.

    3. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      Linux is a pig to sort things out on when it isn't out-of-the-box. So much CLI crap, and no clues as to how to get things done because pretty much all CLI development presumes knowledge of how to ask the system what its current state is. Also, the online community is so CLI centric it gives answers that are always CLI based (partly because all the development is done for CLI and GUI is always an afterthought). I'd pay good money for a GUI-centric distro of Linux with all functions having GUI equivalents, and proper commercial software support. Linux Mint is closest I've seen to date, but even it fails dismally in so many situations when it isn't basic usage, or something goes wrong.

    4. Tim Dubya

      Tim Dubya

      bloody Penguins


  11. Ian J.

    Hornby - New Tooling - Terrier

    I hate to say it, but Hornby do seem to have 'rushed' their Terrier into production. Some of the things that aren't great aren't exactly difficult to get right.
  12. Ian J.

    New forum software

    OK. It's a shame, as I probably won't bother to check replies now as it's just about enough of a faff to not bother doing so. But we will have gained images, etc. Edit: I have experimented with the streams created a suitable status update stream, I will see how that goes. Is there any way to edit an entire stream's set up, rather than just the title? Otherwise it seems to be a case of deleting the custom stream and re-creating it.
  13. Ian J.

    New forum software

    Regarding the status updates, on the previous incarnation the replies could be viewed on the main page. It now seems that clicking to see replies goes to a page for them, rather than having them appear inline. Any chance the old inline method could be brought back?
  14. Ian J.

    New forum software

    That's sorted it, thanks
  15. Status Update Test

    1. Hroth


      1 - 2 - 3


      1 - 2 - 3





    2. 46444


      Is that a River Class?


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