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  1. Hi all, Can someone enlighten me as to how to go about reducing the height, and if necessary the thickness, of flanges on older models? I have a model of a Bachmann WD 2-8-0 that is from a quite old production run and its flanges are far to deep for modern track, so I'd like to change the flanges to make them smaller. I've done a Google site search of RMweb and couldn't find a thread that answered my question so that's why I have started this one. If there is an existing thread then I'd be happy to be referred to it. TIA
  2. Another visit from the Black Dog...

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    2. ruggedpeak


      Not a great time of year but I hope it leaves soon. All the best

    3. Dungrange


      Yes, it's funny how he seems to visit more at this time of year.  Hope he leaves soon, but don't send him back to me.

    4. Ian J.

      Ian J.

      Somewhat better now. Sometimes it's just a day or two, other times a week or two. Fortunately it's not a frequent occurence for me.

  3. It sounds to me like you're having the same problem I had when starting to use Templot - trying to use it as a point and click conventional Windows-style program, and also as a ready-to-lay track planning program, not unlike Anyrail (which I also use now). Templot is not, and arguably cannot be, either of the above. It took a while for me to get used to how to do things, and yes I got frustrated too, but once I got my head round it, it made more sense. Templot is for constructing track as per the prototype, as might be done on a more precise scale model, rather than for quickly creating simple RTR track plans (as Anyrail is designed for). So it's never going to be simple. Much pointwork on the prototype is made for its given location and can't easily be transplanted somewhere else, and Templot is very much for that style of track building. So if you're using Templot for scale track, persevere and you will get there, and you will find Martin Wynne and others here will try to help you through. If you're just wanting a ready-to-lay planner, I'd suggest a different program such as the likes of Anyrail, Winrail, etc.
  4. Thanks Andy. I don't have too many ignored topics, so it's not difficult to find one. They appear to be in the order of the date of the last post to the thread. There is also a 'sort by' drop down in the top left of the list of topics.
  5. Hi all, Can anyone enlighten me as to the last year that a Class 121 was in all over blue (with yellow ends)? TIA
  6. Hi, I've just noticed that ignored threads don't seem to appear in the main forum area for them, when in past RMweb incarnations they were still visible but hidden from search results. Is this a bug or has the implementation changed? If changed, is there anywhere we can go to see a list of our ignored threads (similar to the list of ignored users)? For reference, I ignored the Kernow 4TC thread some time ago, but wanted to review my view of the model. I couldn't find it in the https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/271-kernow-model-rail-centre/ area and had to do a Google site search to find a post in it instead. TIA
  7. I created my own tag (sandp) for me to track my entries relating to questions for my blog project, but I can't get much if anything to return for it.
  8. I used the vacuum moulded flush glazing from South Eastern Finecast, and painted the inside of the windows black to reduce the look of the depth of Lima's plastic. Also, all hand rails were replaced with wire, which necessitated a complete repaint of the model. At the time I had to do that with a brush as I didn't have an airbrush (and though I have one now I still don't have a suitable place to use it still ). Send me a PM with an address and I'll post out a couple of the roof fan grills (as on next to my model in the picture), no cost. I don't have any other parts that I can positively identify as belonging to 33/1s unfortunately.
  9. A picture of my very old detailing of a Lima 33/1. Note this was based on Lima's 33/1, and not a 'conversion' of a 33/0 to a 33/1: This is perhaps the most important of my Lima detailings, and perhaps my most precious. It represents my best detailing and weathering effort to date. Despite the introduction of the far superior Heljan model I hold this to be my favourite model from that period in my life just because of its emotional memory for me.
  10. I have some etched roof fans in my spare parts box from many decades (!) ago which I never used, I think they are the ones from the class 33 detailing kits.
  11. Craftsman used to do a detailing kit, I think it had the roof grill in, not sure about the side grills. I never replaced the grills, just used the pipework.
  12. Ian J.

    The Engine Shed

    Is the dome on the Black Five on the wrong way round?
  13. I would hope, with the various plotical parties talking up improving railways, that at worst any line with a connection to the national network that couldn't be kept running as a private concern would 'simply' be absorbed back into the national network (with the necessary upgrades to meet full normal standards of operation).
  14. It's not the width, it's the depth of the flange on older UK wheels that can cause problems on the Code 83 crossing, if I understand the issue properly.
  15. Thanks all. By small, I mean along the lines of the various model TMDs I've seen at shows which have a one loco maintenance shed, and just enough siding space for four or five locos. I suspected, as others have alluded to, that the addition of such a small shed is mostly invention, and that such a small amount of loco space is more likely at a fuelling point that has no maintenance facilities. As such I just wanted to confirm if there were any such small TMDs in the real world.
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