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  1. It's not a program I'm aware of (I was only born in 1969), so it's not a reference to that. I was looking at the pictures of my boards and the phrase just came to me.
  2. The strips of plywood have been cut to length for all the outer frame parts of the boards. There's some additional cutting to do for reinforcing the board ends so they can take alignment dowels. The ply is only 6mm thick, so not deep enough to drill for the dowel parts and still have something to put screws into. Also, cross members still need to be added, but I'm waiting till the outer frames are in place before sizing up and cutting those.
  3. A bit of playing around in MS Word 2010 for a modern style logo. Imperfect, but then so is MS Word: I need to come up with a more traditional one, but they're somewhat complex to design so that might be a while, if ever. I've marked out the frames for the fiddleyard boards on a set of plywood strips that I had cut may years ago. I hope to cut them to their lengthwise sizes tomorrow.
  4. Another day in paradise, courtesy of a menace called Dennis.

    1. Hroth


      The wind strength here isn't as bad as Ciara was, nor is the length of the forecast blow.


      Its just odd that they seem to turn up at weekends...

    2. Mallard60022


      More rain here  this time in North Notts but not such a violent show today. I think the main storm was further north than anticipated.

  5. OK, I see now. I was looking for a 'public' option on a private message... :huh:

  6. Just testing too!

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      OK, that works, then!

  7. By mistake usually...


    Click on someone's name or avatar and their profile page will open. At the top of the "Activity" area is an edit box with the legend "Write a public message on <member's> feed..." Type into that and hit "submit". (The word "public" is emphasized...)

    1. Mikkel


      Yes, I think most of the time it's actually intended to be a PM. I await with interest the day when a manufacturer uses the feature to inform Andy about a supersecret forthcoming announcement :D

  8. Like this...

  9. Some status updates seem to be directed to a given individual - how is this done?


    e.g. User1 > User2

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      If you click on a user's name it takes you to their profile page and the box at the top is to send a public message which appears on their feed and shows up in the status update box.

    2. Worsdell forever

      Worsdell forever

      Some of them ought to be private though.

    3. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      I just provide the tools! :)

  10. Very nice shots there. However, I tend to think it's better to drip feed a shot or two per post, over a period of days, than just to batch them all up in one post.
  11. I've cleaned up and checked alignment (by eye) the six main boards for the fiddle yard throats left and right. The images here show them on the largest flattest area I have at the moment, my kitchen floor. The room where they will eventually be set up is a bit clogged with detritus at the moment: There is a little bit of warping visible in the left lower centre board, but that will be flattened out once the framing is done: There is the odd gap that looks worse in the images than in actual reality: The more noticeable gaps between upper and lower curves are not critical as no track will be running over them, and they're close enough to my eye to be OK: Again, the slight warping is visible here, but will go once framed: Overall I'm reasonably pleased at how they have turned out. Next I have to tidy up the four small spacer boards, then get everything framed up.
  12. Following on this discussion, I've been thinking about trackwork. I'd like to model 60 foot bullhead, but I don't know if that was practical 30 or so years ago, let alone today. I imagine flatbottomed would be cheaper for a railway to buy, or get 'second hand'. Also, would it be realistic to have that in 60 foot lengths rather than CWR? I gather most heritage operations use 60 foot track lengths quite a lot for nostalgia reasons, as it gives that 'clickety-clack' sound and feel when running over it. How would modern units cope with it, and modern wagons?
  13. My sympathies go out to Kerry. Since I moved out of London I ceased shopping at The Signal Box in Rochester, where she (and I believe Vernon) had been involved, and unfortunately have never managed to make it to Invicta. However, if Invicta attend a show I pop by their stand and say hello to Kerry and the rest.
  14. Gearing up for SB LIV :)

  15. That's significant information, Mike, many thanks. A fair bit of my imagined line's distance is through rural areas and when I do some of the vignettes, they'll be of plain line through such rural environments where such occupation and accomodation crossings might be likely to feature. So very useful information and highly likely to make a difference to how I model the line.
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