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  1. The possibilities for expansion, though in the future, are something I wanted to think about now before I set anything 'in stone'. Initially probably only one power district is needed, but I will probably make two (one for scenic, one for fiddleyard). The third, if implemented, would probably divide the fiddleyard into left (PD1) and right (PD2) halves, leaving PD3 for whatever scenic section is inserted. The wire colour scheme, and the fact that almost every type of 'thing' is on a different bus, should help fault finding. When put in place I plan to do twisted pair for pretty much every wire pairing, though much more loosely twisted for the power wires. The wires aren't all the same thickness, though on this diagram they appear to be. I've modified my copy of the LibreOffice Draw diagram so that the key shows the sizes for each pairing. Essentially the power wires are 32/0.2, and the data wires are 7/0.2. I don't believe there's any reason why the power bus to accessory wires on the layout boards can't be 7/0.2 as well, seeing as any individual CBUS module wouldn't be taking the entire CBUS power at any time.
  2. It could be argued any DCC layout could be two wires to the track only. However, anyone using that has to accept its limitations, things like short circuits cutting all power to everything; reliability of the track as an electrical 'bus'; limitations on size (only one power district); etc. What becomes apparent in a more capable DCC system is, it's the simplification by usage of buses that makes things easier to wire up with no need for massive multiple wire cables to individual boards. My system has some more complexity in order to create a modular power district system that can expand or contract with however the S&P's modular boards are configured. I'm not even sure such modularity would be achieveable in a pure DC system, or at least it would probably be more complex.
  3. v1.1, with some tidy up, resizing of text and a wire colour key:
  4. It doesn't help that I haven't yet put in a wire colour key to help with what each wire is doing. The brown wire out of the CANUSB4 is a 6A for the 0V reference link that is routed via the layout to each power district (PD1, PD2, PD3) through a 6A capable plug/socket (PX0551/2). The light grey (stand in for white) and green wires out of the CANUSB4 are the signal only wires (low power) routed through a lower power capable (1A?) 8 pin din. The orange and grey wires out of the SPROG3 are also signal only in the same 8 pin din. Those get sent to the PDs via the junction boxes which, as they have only got 8 pin din plugs/sockets, can't handle 6A power lines. The red and yellow wires are 6A power inputs to the SPROG3 from PD1's SBOOST. The purple wire is a 0V reference link for the SBOOSTs and also goes via the layout for distribution, though it never needs to get back to the SPROG3.
  5. I've got something of a wiring diagram done: Needs work, but it's a start.
  6. How's this for a wiring diagram... This is my first attempt, using LibreOffice Draw in this instance. It really doesn't like the complexity involved in the diagram, but it's what I had to hand for now.
  7. Pre-orders have a separate section to the orders. I don't believe it's planned to update the order history, though it may be necessary to do so on a case-by-case basis for some of us. I have an incomplete old order and it won't be fulfilled anytime soon, so it'll need to be transferred across.
  8. Now if only Heljan did some more 33/0s in TOPS Standard Blue to put such decoders in...
  9. Ta, useful to know. I'll need to make sure I use non-earthed PSUs once I actually get around to acquiring them. Back to my earlier question, what would your recommendation be for a wire size for the SBOOST reference? You mentioned on the MERG replies that it doesn't have to be capable of the combined power of the SBOOSTs, but as I won't have a fixed number of them due to there being potentially n number of power districts, is it possible to have one wire size that could work for all possibilities, excepting making it humungously thick to handle very high amps...? Would 6A 32/0.2 be OK regardless of number of SBOOSTs?
  10. @Crosland When connecting a SPROG to an SBOOST, does the SPROG Tr A / Tr B to SBOOST In A / In B actually carry any power, or is it then just a signal path? The SBOOSTs obviously supply power to the track so I can't see a need for the SPROG to also output track level amperage. I ask because I'm wondering what wire size to use for those connections, and following on from that what kind of plug/socket can be used. I'd like to make use of 8 pin dins I already have for that bus, if it's only signal and not power.
  11. Yes, Judi's concern was the mains to PSUs element, not the layout side of the PSUs. My thought is that the SBOOST PSUs (and in fact all layout PSUs, maybe?) should also only have two wires from the mains and no mains ground.
  12. Hi Chris, Thanks for replying. I'm mainly concerned that I can't see the order I have in place on the new website. It's actual fulfillment is some way off due to Peco track supply delays, but without being able to see it I can't keep an eye on it. Ian
  13. @cmtrain Any news on orders placed but not yet fulfilled (so not a pre-order)?
  14. @Crosland Having reached a position with the CBUS 0V reference wire side of things with help from the MERG forum users, I now come back to a similar issue with the SBOOSTs reference wire. Can you let me know what you believe a suitable wire size / capability would be for that? I'm planning on using the same size of wire for power connections (approx 5A or 6A) around the layout as much as possible, but I'm concerned about my need for flexibility on how many power districts there could be. While it might only be two to start with, it could become three quite quickly, and end up as many as needed (five, perhaps even ten, or more, depending). Also, Judi in the MERG forum mentioned not wiring the CBUS PSUs to mains ground as a result of the laptop probably having cross-connection with the 0V and mains ground (earth?). Would the same be true for the SBOOST power supplies?
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