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  1. Bridport Town - Carrying On
    Bridport Town - Carrying On

    This is the new thread on my Bridport Town layout.  It carries on from the previous thread Pictures of Bridport Town that was very kindly started by Arthur Budd in the Narrow Gauge section, several years ago.  However, it not being in my ownership has caused some issues.  Therefore I have now started this thread, in the Layouts Section.  All further posts on Bridport Town will be here. 

    Previous discussions and photos are all still available in the previous thread.  I hope this doesn't cause too much confusion.

    All the best, Dave.



    I was always unsure about the position of the carriage shed at Bridport, right at the front of the layout, but that's the only place it would fit in the design.   As a view-blocker its far too big, and obscures the level crossing, as these with/without photos show:






    Operationally the carriage shed is a luxury,  and what is really needed is a town goods yard.  So the bullet has been bitten, and the plan is to replace the shed with a single siding goods yard  This will feature a small lock-up in corrugated iron on a brick base, and a timber-built loading platform.  A couple of sketches give some idea of what I have in mind:






    While I was at it, I borrowed the goods-shed from Charmouth to see how that looked:




    Still a bit big I think, so it's back to the lock-up shed.  Not sure if I will find an exact prototype, there are many variations on the theme, of just ndream one up for myself.

    Any thoughts folks?

    Cheers, Dave.

  2. Dapol 00 Gauge LSWR B4
    Dapol 00 Gauge LSWR B4
    48 minutes ago, Jenny Emily said:

    I’m not looking forward to the DCC fitting. As a trial run I finally fitted my LSWR #91 and boy does it punish you for a wrong move! Once I reassembled the connecting rods and wheels, I was able to get a Train-o-matic wired 6 pin in by placing the decoder in the recess of the tanks where it was an interference fit and coiled the spare wires behind the smokebox. It’s rather tight on space for any of the direct plug decoders I had and none would fit. 


    Normally, I find DCC fitting is a doddle. However, I admit that it's trickier on a B4 as the keeper plate needs removing in order to remove the *THREE* screws that attached chassis to the body (there are TWO at the front on my Guernsey in contrast to what the manual says with one of them really hidden!). But if the keeper plate is re-attached *before* separating the chassis from the body, then there is no risk of the wheel bearings coming out. As Jenny says above, it will punish you if you don't do this. Also, it does need a small decoder (more suitable for N than for OO). The keeper plate is also likely to have lubricant on it so keeping ones fingers clean is a must - fingerprints really show up on Guernsey!


    p.s. At least it doesn't require redoing the wiring as on my Hornby Peckett B2 where the wires are too short to fit Hornby's own decoder as per their instructions. Also, apologies for referring to "cheap" mobile phone earlier - cheap is a relative (and incorrect) term and I really meant poor quality camera one.

  3. Treehouse in miniature - great techniques for trees and wooden structures
    Treehouse in miniature - great techniques for trees and wooden structures

    Another amazing build by Luke Towan. The techniques are applicable to many other structures.



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