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  1. Hi all, Long time sub-forum lurker, first time poster. There's a very interesting clip on Youtube that appears to show 1630 in GFYE but retaining the lower green band on the front end. Link is here, 1630 appears at around 2:50. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRZ09mgjJOU&t=1s I suspect it's wear on the yellow painted over the lower band, rather than being purposely painted that way, but a new one to me at least. Does anyone have any photos of 1630 that show if it was on both ends or which end had this feature? The video cuts out at just t
  2. A long shot, but here goes. Does anyone have a Chinese-tooled Farish 31 body up for grabs? Livery, box, glazing, handrails, damage, weathering is all irrelevant really - I just need the overall shape. BR Lines and Farish can’t assist; does anyone have one lurking in their Gloatbox? I can promise it a good home and death by a thousand cuts; whilst offering a potential seller remuneration by all typical means. Thanks, Steve
  3. I’d love to know more about that! Wasn't the Bristol Blenheim that was converted into car was it?!
  4. Lovely stuff! The Hymek isn’t strictly rule 1; D7043 made it to Parkend and the Marsh Sidings in 1971. It arrived with a couple of brake vans and moved a few bits of DFR stock around in preparation for an open day. I have no proof of it hauled any coal or ballast but I have a photo of it at Parkend and cinefilm of it on the Marsh Sidings. I think D7001 made it down the branch with a ballast train, not not proof sadly. Cheers, Steve
  5. Thanks all for the comments - I’m glad they appear to be of interest. I will post a dedicated thread in time. Hi Tom, I’d never given the first back of Mk.2 FKs much attention; I hadn’t realised the windows were different! I don’t really have a use for them myself, but I’d be tempted to do an etch when I get around to doing the Mk.2Bs and Mk.2Cs. I would be inclined to make the etch the size of the grey panel. Mk.3s are an interesting one; do you base the etch around the Farish or Dapol model? I much prefer the shape of the Farish model but if you g
  6. If it helps with layout planning, I’ve got a range of etched sides that are very nearly ready to offer soon. They’re designed to be used with the TPM ends which should be reappearing in plastic at some point. I’ve done the CIG/BIG/REP/TC and three types of VEP. I should have a product listing up in the next few weeks. Cheers, Steve
  7. I wonder what the designer of the Lone Star A4 would think if they knew their model would one day be hauling something that's 'magically' made in a little box and, potentially, decorated with a by product of the space industry. I was going to say he may think it's all like something from the Jetsons; but it appears the diecast pacific even predates that. Cheers, Steve
  8. I'd be intrigued to see that in action. This is very good: It's far too bright for the traditional roller blind; but would look great on a more modern DMU for the destination blind. If it could somehow be combined with the 'matt paper' look you get on a Kindle, it could have real potential. Cheers, Pix
  9. Hi all, A little progress to report on the HST project mentioned above. Having spent a bit of time carving various Farish and Dapol Mk.3s about, I’m really convinced that the Farish solid-sided Mk.3 is the best in terms of overall shape. The roof curvature and angled ends capture the bulk of the prototype really well and the main failing of the Dapol example. With this in mind; I think the best approach for the Prototype HST will be to utilise the Dapol sides (as they have modelled the original style doors well) but with a resin drop in end (based around a remaster Farish base) an
  10. I’m sure Rolls Royce made some excellent cars, but their DMUs were bloody ugly. Pix
  11. Some good memories there Don; have you got any railway photos from the area? I hadn’t realised you were originally local to these parts. I’ve always thought that the stretch of GWML from the Reading Gas Works to the Vastern Road bridge would be a great model with the Waterloo lines in the foreground too. Yep, guilty as charged and just about the worst combination of an high-riding 1/148 loco and 1/152 smaller-prototype van as Chris pointed out. Normally the difference is not vastly noticeable but it certainly looks a bit odd here; I’ll have to be a bit more careful of
  12. Hi Jan, I think that's a good approach - for me, I'm not really much of an operator. I like building things and occasionally shuffling a few wagons around which I can do with JAPlank and Parkend when it gets set up in the living room. I've got mid-term plans a brick-built workshop in the garden so I may end up building a simple loop of track in there to get stuff run properly, an idea would be to have some modules that drop into the loop. Food for thought! I do like the '3D painting' style of layout, it means it can always be set up without dominating a space.
  13. Should a decent 2mm HST and Mk.3 appear (Paging Mr Kato-san) expect to see load of Hydraulics on eBay and the whole lot being moved forward several decades. Pix
  14. Hi all, This year has certainly seen an increase in modelling time – whilst I don’t think my free time has increased much, the lack of being able to do much else has seen an increase in output. Whilst it’s been nice to finally cross things off me ‘To-Etch’, ‘To-Remotor’, ‘To-Repaint’, ‘To-...’ list, I have had an increased feeling of ‘Well, what now?’ as each model is completed. I’ve also done a very good job of starting a whole load of new models, so my net outstanding workload has certainly hasn’t decreased at all. The vast majority of models I’ve been building don’t fit into ei
  15. Very low tech compared to all this 3D printing; but some old fashioned cut-and-shutting with home brew etches. Seasons Greetings, Pix
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