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  1. Connectors are expensive, always have been in my experience
  2. any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-Pole-Pluggable-Plug-Socket-6A-Terminal-Strip-Block-HYPS-01712/263730714333?hash=item3d679356dd:g:aWgAAOSwFq1bEdVE
  3. arrrgh! bought a couple of Minitrix tipper wagons specifically for the tipping action, didn't notice the pins on the edges of the hoppers have been cut off!

  4. Richard is going to pop round to mine sometime and test his handset and cable with my demo rig
  5. APT/Pacer coupling is part number L5313, the pivot pin holding it to the bogie frame is L5370.
  6. I know of one at least who was prepared to travel from Nailsea on a regular basis to work on the diesels at the WSR. Last time I spoke to him he's jacked it in, wouldn't say why but muttered about "managment"
  7. I have loads of unpainted red 4 wheel coach bodies, maybe a workman's special into Rhywbeth Fel Pwll Glo is in the offing although I still have those Coopercraft/Kirk LNER 51 footers to build from 2007 ...........
  8. Photo on Accurascale's website suggests not (yet) it's probably on the snagging list
  9. That market has been saturated by the NRM/Bachmann version. There were examples selling at Warley for £150, quite a bit lower than the dizzy £200 odd that they were going for in the early days on eBay.
  10. Happens all the time. Years ago I was chatting to the chap who runs the pet shop in Hucknall, old lady in the shop complaining about the price of xyz doggy chow stating that it's x cheaper in Wilko's. On challenged to go and buy it from WIlco's then was of course told "Oh they've sold out" The laws supply and demand in a nutshell
  11. If it was the chap by the door nearest to us he did say something about trolleys, when I said I'd been doing this for 6 years he replied it was his first. Hopefully a newbie that needs retraining for next year. I did notice that the "normal" exit the other side of the food court was unmanned but folks were leaving by that route as I passed by outside. Sorry we didn't have chance to catch up and hope you can reconsider for next year, the show would not be the same without you
  12. Now that would have been the highlight of the weekend for me if he'd sat down for a chat!
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