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  1. It's a fair point and one which I had not thought much about until now, but personally, I got back into modelling after the birth of our fist son. I'd like to think that it was the prospect of building a railway with him but in reality it was something to distract me from the trails and tribulations of fatherhood! I was very much into trains etc as a kid though
  2. This just popped up on a saved search https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363060481544?ul_noapp=true not for me, but nice prezzy for someone with a passion for APT- Mr Tilt perhaps?
  3. Not sure the wife would agree with the Gentleman, but sorry in any case, I ahve used my spare chassis to repair someone else's loco in the meantime. As has been said you can get 3d printed axles from Shapeways.
  4. On the original question, I use microswitches on the MERG servo mounts, I don't find any problems with them TBH. MERG are producing a single servo driver PCB though that can include a relay, very much a personal choice really. Oh and I have used a frog juicer where I have no moving blade on a fixed crossing, but then I am DCC and always will be
  5. Many attempts have been made to eliminate servo twitch on start up at MERG, the current idea that myself and Geoff Church amongst others are championing is the use of an LM217/317 regulator configured to provide a delayed 5v supply to the servos independent of the control circuitry. In this way the PIC is up to speed and ready to control the servo way before it has enough voltage to start working. Seems to have solved the problem for us. I have produced my own PCB too Much smaller than the standard MERG offering, with a few niceties that I don't use (ICSP series resistor network on the inputs) removed. I have included AC/DCC rectification though as the next generation of standard MERG pcbs will be 12v DC powered only. I have found that simply gluing aluminium foil on the underside of the baseboard where the servo wires run connected to 0v has removed all twitching caused by the passage of locos over them. The Servo4 boards have always had one fixing hole connected to 0v which with a metal spacer onto the foil provides a handy connection.
  6. hmmmm, will have to check my Golden Arrow/R2785 Crosti conversion. Which part is affected?
  7. Ta, it is 8 ft scenic though, a bit bigger than your shoe rack
  8. The crux of the matter possibly. There are groups of people who want to help, promote the hobby/scale/etc and those who want to sit on committees.
  9. Personally? There's not a lot the GoG could do to persuade me to join as I have never seen any need to do so. My GWR themed BLT got built, published and exhibited perfectly well without GoG assistance. Having said that, I'm not a member of any club or society apart from MERG RMweb has provided all the assistance I could have ever needed
  10. Bad news for the turnouts on Fourgig East I guess once one TT300 fails I'll have to rip out the others and go MERG servo driven, which will then mean using my new project to control the signals too!
  11. I agree with this, on my current layout I'm using Peco OO-9 narrow gauge turnouts with the spring removed being operated by servos. A microswitch does the frog switching. I got a "beep" from the MERG DCO when operating the turnout. Basically the switch was operating before the blades had moved from the stock rail. A quick tweak of the microswitch lever and all sorted.
  12. Sad, but not unexpected. A good man sadly gone. I only ever dealt with Adrian over the phone and email. He was so helpful in sorting out what I needed to complete a second hand O gauge wagon kit that I had aquired. Photos of random bits were emailed and missing parts arrived in the post for the cost of a return stamp or two. I'll leave these images as part of his legacy of product and service to customers.
  13. A little "light" reading on Wikipedia on the subject https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rectifier#Full-wave_rectification
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