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  1. https://www.nymr.co.uk/war-department-2-10-0-no-3672-dame-vera-lynn
  2. I've checked through my stocks and sadly I don't have the bogie, wheelset or axle for this loco One thing to note, looking at that chassis on eBay it seems that the bogie has been drilled out and filled with a grey filler of some sort, probably because the bearings have been replaced already ....
  3. @Owen E First of all I'd establish if it is the motor or the chassis that's at fault. Remove the motor, it's only one screw and a clip, and see how well the chassis runs without it. If it binds or sticks etc then the wheels may be out of quarter. If the chassis runs fine then we can start to look at the motor.
  4. Buffet Second and DAV4 - See https://www.apt-p.com/APTConfigurations.htm
  5. of course! the buffet car did get finished though, well ok, no interior yet LOL
  6. I also made a start at the beginning of 2018
  7. I'm DCC and have just done my first manual SMD PCB for a project being developed by a MERG member ... I suppose I'd better test it
  8. I had to combine my Christmas and Birthday money to get the APT. I did have the HST too
  9. Depending on how well it would sit with my "heritage" set and if I could modify the couplings etc I might be interested in one of these on it's own, especially if discounted
  10. Thanks John, He's much better, actually sat with me as he's come round for tea with my sister Cheers Ian
  11. HI John, I had hoped to arrange a time for Richard (Hucknall Byron) to call round over Christmas but my father was rushed into hospital on Boxing Day so my time was otherwise engaged We have yet to set a "date" for him to call round, but it will be soon
  12. Fact is he couldn't have refunded even if he wanted to - the money had already been spent many times over on refunding previous failed projects and costs incurred getting the APT to where he was (scanning, cad work etc etc)
  13. Unlikely, and even if they did surely they will get the colours right this time so new intermediate coaches will stand out like a sore thumb .....
  14. hmmmmm so 78010 is the most probable visitor to a North Notts coalmine in 1959?
  15. Here's hoping that they produce it with a more "Bachmann" style unlike the duplicated class 4 4-6-0 which did not ring true to me with it's blinged up fittings etc. It will have to be stunning to justify the cost for me, but if it is then I might not be able to resist. Die Cast boiler etc would make it a really good hauler and we know Hornby can do these really well now ....
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