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  1. I still do A mini me with a custom Ulyett Landscapes logo on the back of the hi-vis
  2. Pop me a pm or email when you are ready
  3. Interesting, was not aware of this. Are they listed on their website or is it one of those hidden items that you have to inquire about? I'd get a set to lay down for the future as doing a little modelling converting a Baccy Ivatt appeals more than just opening a red box
  4. You lot are horrible, I had never heard of the 3DS until now. I find myself browsing eBay for examples now!
  5. My lad went up to Leeds from Chesterfield on Friday to see his GF, outbound advance ticket £6.70, return a fiver. Booked through Trainline so add on the 80p booking fee. The free taxi (Mum) to and from Mansfield/Chesterfield are not a consideration to him though LOL
  6. happened to me too at at a show, I bought a very well priced Bachmann standard 4 2-6-0 from a seller there on the Saturday, Sunday morning got to the venue with a spare decoder only to find it was already chipped once I got the body off. I'm sure the trader had no idea it was fitted either.
  7. LOL that was the point it would have made too much sense to have put "10"
  8. There are 11 types of people who understand binary - those that do and those that don't
  9. Why? PPE should always be a last resort. If their risk assessment proves that the fume cabinet (an engineering control) adequately controls the hazard to as low as reasonably practicable then no PPE should be issued. Locking the door to the room would be more effective as it removes anyone else from the hazard
  10. Must get those Zimos ordered for the O gauge 08 and Pug ready for next year's Mansfield Show .....
  11. yep me too, good job as I had a time waster on the last £1 selling weekend, cost me 8 quid in postage all in - will have to go some to recoup that - every penny counts
  12. As opposed to my childhood which had the background noise of class 20's whistling away constantly. Grew up close to a colliery ......
  13. Easily done, I do it all the time on the lathe. Measure diameter, needs 0.5mm off, wind slide over 0.5mm, take of 1mm from the diameter LOL
  14. https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/model-railways/Heljan-spares.html?dir=asc&limit=24&manufacturer=205&mode=grid&order=sku&p=16&scale=452&stock=1&type=1979 give you a handrail, and seems to be in stock ....
  15. As a newbie you might not know about Gaugemaster https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/model-railways/Heljan-spares.html it's a right old pain to locate the right part and might not be in stock of course, but it's your best bet
  16. So, here's the current list of exhibitors for our show: Fourgig East - O Gauge - yours truly St Peter's Way - OO Gauge - Keith Morris David's Dublo - OO - the Rev David Fudger George's Train Set - OO - He's now 16 and is keen for lots of kids to come and have a play for a suitable donation Thomas (or something) - TBA - Ian Wigglesworth (Traction of this parish) Malcolm Hughes - TBA - Bygone Model Railways (may be Trix, may be not) Brookfield - N Gauge - Paul Butler Bedford St Giles - OO Gauge - Steve Kesterton (08221 of this parish) North Road - N Gauge - David Harrison Tremawn - OO Gauge - John Cotton Diversion/Umleitung - 00/HO - Steve Grantham (Steve1 of this parish) Radford Mill - OO Gauge - Sean Hogan of the ERS - our main layout in the lounge We will also have DEMU with a demo stand and the RCTS will again be manning their usual spot
  17. Cheers mate, I'm not out of the woods yet, another op is on the cards.... No more neverwazzas for now. Must finish off all those other projects, not least the micro layout!
  18. Think that was me Kit, I suggested that a surface mounted component may have been specified originally but due to component shortages etc an electrolytic had to be used. Mere speculation of course.
  19. Nope, sorry, the Hornby 25550 with the later can motor was the original "speedy" on my layout LOL
  20. So another stay in hospital gave me the time to get the lining finished on the 9MT so here's the right hand side completed. Only thing left is weathering, glazing and real coal added to the bunker. Loco is now back together and sitting in a modified Triang 9F box for safe keeping until I can find the time to fire up the airbrush.
  21. The first Oliver Cromwell had 6 traction tyres like Evening Star, I've got one (with a dodgy bodged up tender frame)
  22. If yoy have an R59S, then it could be this part you need... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Hornby-Spare-Part-S-8013-Motion-Bracket-for-R-59s-/184841609217?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  23. Hmmm, it is different on the 3mt, you can't have this one lol Looks like you need to get the right age part, the later Princess ones should fit, the one I have in stock is for an earlier version.... You need an S5056/2
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