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  1. That's a lovely layout, Zoro... and I agree with Phil, it definitely needs exhibiting if it can be!
  2. I've a sneaking suspicion that we walked down over that having reached Australia level from the north, and then saw the state of the incline once we were down!
  3. Yes, it's just to the north of it. I think that the top photo was taken standing next to the incline, or at least not very far from it!
  4. Thanks for the kind comments gents! The quarry was easily accessible the last time I was up there in 2008, though I did drop by this Easter and nothing much seemed to have changed. However, as it was snowing at the time I decided against a trip up some slippery slate inclines! Incidentally, if you do go up there, be careful on the inclines as a few of them now have holes under the trackbed where tunnels under them have partially collapsed. I'd seriously think of having a model of Dinorwic - it's a great prototype full of variety. The only (mostly) completed building that I've got on my
  5. I thought that the chassis for the two types of kit were the same which might add to the ungainly appearance of the 0-4-0 version - it's been extended for a pony truck that's not there! Mine's still in much the same condition as described on my blog here which is to say: Since the photo I've successfully (I think - the araldite is setting for the third time on the second set as we speak) attached both sets of cylinder drains and the lubricator and have made up a mounting lug for the dome. Once I can start handling things again, the next step is the whistle mount. I suspect that sh
  6. They're cosmetic wheels, included with the kit, and are araldited to the inside of the frames, with careful checking that it's not going to short out hence the flats! As the clearances are rather on the small side there are issues with having a functioning front pony truck on much less than scale curves - the Backwoods version calls for some rather ugly cut-outs on the frames. As it stands, the chassis is supposed to be able to negotiate 12" radius curves. Once the layout is wired up properly I'll be doing some testing... Sorry for the delayed reply, I've not been on here much of late - to
  7. With a substantially complete locomotive now on the workbench we now reach the point where I usually stall on the build and Linda has been no exception. I have several excuses (and excuses they are), but the main two being demands on my time from elsewhere and a pause whilst I evaluated some Microtrains couplers for their suitability. For ‘evaluated’ read ‘tried to get the infernal bloody things to work’ as the two bogies that I bought didn’t seem to want to uncouple with any of the magnets that I tried. Ah well, I’ve got a little more time available now and some of the actual Microtrains magn
  8. You're certainly not the only one - I've got a couple of Backwoods 009 kits that have been languishing in the boxes for 3 and 4 years on and off now. The kits are generally very good, but it's assumed that everyone who wishes to assemble one has the skills of a watchmaker! Having said that, I'm reliably informed that the rods on one are both slightly different lengths, neither of which matches the axle spacing, so it might not be solely my ability. I've done what many others seem to have done - get on with something simpler (in my case using RTR chassis) with the full intention of returnin
  9. That's a very nice looking model J - though I must admit, I've been following it on NGRM Online... and mine's just arrived in the post today
  10. Julia, that's absolutely stunning! I'm utterly gobsmacked, I just can't get my head around how small that is... and how much I want one! The lining that I've just bodged on my Langley one is probably the same width as the cabsides on yours... just don't show my other half or she'll demand that I sell off the 4mm stuff and recreate the entire FR in a shoebox (though that is appealing, come to think of it...)
  11. Just caught up with this, J - I managed to miss it over the summer! Very nice work, and far better than my first (and last!) attempt at modelling 1111 from plasticard - though you have made me want to have a go at it again. I suppose I'll have to find the drawings from somewhere... I like the curved window ends - I'll be waiting with interest to see what you do with the livery. A cross between a Pendolino and 1111, perhaps?
  12. I've been rather busy over the last few months so I missed the second half of this thread... very nice Simplex, carriages and hearse van, Andy... I may have to try some of these when I clear my workbench a little more!
  13. Thanks J It's on a Fleischmann 0-4-0 chassis (I couldn't tell you which one - it's whichever one the FR shop sold circa March/April 2008!) The progress isn't just to clear the decks for Brian's Hunslet - I've been frustrated by my lack of progress due to other constraints for a while. It's definitely part of it though, as my other half won't let me start anything new until I've finished what I've got!
  14. Very nice work Frank - to me, it's the little details like this that really make a model. Probably why I never finish anything!
  15. The drawings that I have show Taliesin as 22' 3.5" over buffer faces and Moel Tryfan as approx 21' 5" over the same - so pretty close. Both are 6' 8" wide. MT is 8' 9" from rail top to chimney, but Tal is only 8'. In short, they're pretty close, but it's worth noting that as the drawings that I've got are of the 1999-built Taliesin, it's to be expected that the loco will be somewhat bigger as I believe that it was built at around 13" to 1' scale! I've seen models made of Taliesin using the Chivers NWNGR kit as the basis, so it's certainly feasible. If that's what you have in mind, I'd advi
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