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  1. Minimal movement is advisable here today. The only action is swatting mosquitos.
  2. My father couldn’t wear a wrist watch either. They just stopped. He had a pocket watch. When he was about 60 he was given an inexpensive Sekonda and that seemed to work well. I didn’t wear a watch after I stopped work but started again when we went on cruise holidays as I didn’t want to miss coaches when on day trips . I have a plastic body and strap watch that charges its battery in sunlight. It was also very cheap. It does keep time well too.
  3. I tried to use some new Vallejo filler on a model (car) recently but I couldn’t get to to behave as I wished. I found some Milliput in an old box in the garage. It must be from last century. Anyway I mixed it and it was fine. I was able to fill and sand it perfectly. I was impressed. Aditi was impressed that I had been able to find something.
  4. I don’t really know much about the coast around Formby and in my ignorance for some reason thought until I looked it up today that it was part of Liverpool.
  5. Hello Bill. I cant think of anything abusive to say! Hope you got your magazine. Tony
  6. I did modify a couple of short straights to cope with odd situations. Then similar parts became available. I think when we first had such toys only Brio existed and then clone versions appeared.
  7. There appear to be a few track pieces not available when our carpet was covered in Brio.
  8. The Meccano lineshaft was very popular with my students when I taught physics. They liked any excuse to see the steam engine.
  9. When our previous central heating pump was installed by the house builders it had no clearance to enable it to be removed when it failed . I thought I was going to have to cut it out but by using a scissor jack I managed to lever the pipes enough to get the pump out. The present installation is done properly though I won’t be replacing pumps as I don’t need to do such a thing as we have a service contract now. Tony
  10. We had an Early Learning Centre climbing frame that was still fine after 10 years when we wanted to dispose of it. At that time it seemed impossible to even give used garden toys away but next doors grandchildren liked it so it went over the fence. Later on when they moved to Wales the climbing frame followed as have a number of out grown bicycles.
  11. I think we have the only house in our road without a conservatory.
  12. Some of them seem to be called orangeries.
  13. The video circulating on Twitter at the moment of the chap trying to stop the Voyager rolling away has the cameraman commenting that he is wearing hi vis so that will help.
  14. My brother in law occasionally asks my advice about things to do with his computers but I can see a few model railway queries heading my way soon. He has his approximately 50 years old trainset stored in the garage. His daughters (age 8 and 4) have found it and seem to think it will be a great summer project to get it going. Tony
  15. I didn’t know what a Loggie was so turned to Google searches. Most examples were not likely to be anything to do with Hippos so I did a military language search and discovered the answer. My mother’s evil stepbrother taunted her for most of the early 1940s trying to frighten her about being called up into the Land Army (she was too young in fact). He thought he wasn’t fit (missing eye and part of lung) enough to be conscripted but was called up into the Pioneer Corps who it would seem became Loggies eventually. Tony
  16. Definitely old enough to count as history even in the 1960s. I suspect I am not the only person who recalls having to write about the Taff Vale Railway for the British Economic and Social History O level.
  17. We had paneer for lunch; cheese and pea curry is a favourite here.
  18. I wasn't too sure how much petrol was in my car. I didn't look at the gauge and I thought I will just check with the cars app. Bit worrying as the location map initially centred on Chad. I have enough fuel to get to Barnard Castle and half way home. Tony
  19. My Facebook page yesterday had an advert from the Falkland Islands letting me know that it is the ideal place for a holiday.
  20. It hasn’t turned up yet and as there was something I particularly wanted to read I thought I would try a download edition (successfully purchased) as I am currently confined to the house! Thank you for the offer of help, much appreciated. Very best wishes Tony
  21. Hi. Are some subscriber copies still perhaps delayed? I am happy to wait if there are known distribution problems or should I assume it has gone missing by now. Tony
  22. Here is one before I refitted the body. Decoder sits on top of motor.
  23. Thank you. I won’t now have to take the body off again.
  24. As promised. Ruston with body removed, blanking plate removed, Gaugemaster DCC23 inserted. I unwound the tape from the socket after removing the blanking piece. Some I put on top of the motor and some inside the bonnet top (just in case). If I were less idle I would have looked for my supply of Kapton tape. I checked everything was ok and reprogrammed the decoder from 3 to my chosen number. I positioned the decoder on top of the motor and reattached the body. A sensible person would have taken this opportunity to somehow insert a driver. Hope this helps. Tony
  25. I will report back tomorrow. I now have the loco and the Gaugemaster decoder. Tony
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