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  1. At this point someone would be going on about Blockchain. I don’t know how that works and I can’t imagine any reason for me to need to know.
  2. I purchased some very nicely wired modules from someone in the same club. They had been checked and were fine. I couldn’t take them home with me at first so they were stored in the clubs storage shed at the farm in darkest Essex. At the next club meet it had been -15C overnight (not usual hereabouts). Things didn’t work. A few wires had contracted enough to disconnect. While I was sorting this out I had to listen to one of the other members going on about how the module must have been incorrectly wired, club standards etc. I did point out that it had worked before being frozen so unless some
  3. I had a very frustrating similar problem. I had cut the wire links under some Peco points. However the bit of rail forming one side of the vee moved a bit making contact where there should have been a gap. Soon fixed with some epoxy glue.
  4. People may have got the impression that I am a kind person and not too keen on extreme punishments but I find myself frequently very annoyed at scammers. They seem to have given up having conversations as most people get suspicious when “Steve from Manchester” calls and now use robot voices. I know Aditi was sometimes likely to use the most critical thing to say to such (non robotic) callers “what do you tell your mother you do for a living?” A lot of the scammers used to be based in Bangalore. I did say to Aditi that her cousin who lives there is a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force and
  5. Will you need to lift track to fit an insulator or just cut a rail to make a gap with a Dremel?
  6. Just replace your decoders with fission chips.
  7. The word for cake and placenta in Latin is Libum so do be careful.
  8. The official instructions for removing the motor from our food processor only result in plastic shrapnel flying about. The YouTube video method works nicely. They show which parts need to be obtained as one part always breaks.
  9. There are lots of really useful YouTube videos for automotive problems. Unlike some hobbies where you want to know how to remove the body of a loco to fit a decoder and it turns out to be someone with a very annoying voice getting excited about removing the tissue covering the box. Tony
  10. Nice to know that someone else finds it amusing. New series available on Netflix.
  11. The Brio came before and after the Lego/Duplo trains at our house. I noticed recently that Brio not only had motorised locos now but some form of remote control.
  12. I hadn’t really thought of it until mentioned above that the north end of my model railway is actually pointing north. Probably the most accurate part of its construction!
  13. My aunt (Mums sister) and uncle lived as lodgers in a house over the road from my Dad’s parents. I was about 4 and staying with my grandparents. I was taken over the road to visit Aunty and Uncle. There was a lot of shouting. Apparently my Aunt’s ginger beer had exploded in the airing cupboard soaking everything. I think my Gran helped with the laundry.
  14. My brother in law as a hobby started making all sorts of fermented products including fermented dairy drinks. I suspect if you had jugs of strange looking beverages bubbling all over the house, the ban on purchases might be eased.
  15. I suppose because I am interested in politics I didn’t mind a few quiz programmes being postponed due to the events in Washington. Though I don’t see why it couldn’t be shown just on the BBC news channel instead of BBC1. Unfortunately due to the rotation of the earth something arranged for lunchtime in Washington is going to interfere with the tea time news in the UK. Things involving the UK Head of State would be early breakfast time in the. USA.
  16. I am supposed to be losing weight but the nurse at the heart clinic is pleased that I have a good appetite. My blood pressure wasn’t very high (except when being measured by anyone other than my GP) but I do feel “better” after starting the medication to relax blood vessels and reduce pulse rate.
  17. There was an amusing follow up to the angry geographer. Many of the staff were Welsh and were quite amused that I had never heard about sheep allegations. I said that I genuinely had not and I hadn’t even known that Roger the geographer was Welsh. All the other staff said don’t tell him that as that would really upset him.
  18. I hadn’t been teaching very long. I was in the staffroom when the head of geography asked if anyone had a copy of that weekends Sunday Times magazine with an article about British sheep breeds. I said I had and I would bring it in for him. I quite innocently asked why he was interested in sheep thinking he was going to give some geographical answer about breed variety still being regional. Except he absolutely erupted with anger about “you ****ing English and your obsession with the Welsh and sheep. I had to have his outburst explained to me.
  19. I have no idea why but my very grey dog was officially a blue roan.
  20. I cant for the life of me remember where I came across the statement, it might have been in an art book or something similar “Chromatography; or, a Treatise on Colours and Pigments, and of their Powers in Painting” published in 1835, the chemist George Field wrote that gray “denotes a class of cool cinereous colours in which blue predominates,” while Field reserves grey to describe a more neutral shade. However, such nuanced distinctions are not observed in popular usage today. The above perhaps?
  21. When Dad was in the army they once had to collect a replacement tank from a Guards Regiment. Dad said it was beautifully lined out. They had been told to see it working before they returned with it though.
  22. We get gulls and pigeons. Gulls v crows is a common event down at the park.
  23. Not as many sparrows round here as there used to be. Plenty of mig welders on the industrial estate though.
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