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  1. Model railway interlude. I found when sorting out all my locos about a month ago that I had a couple of non runners. I am almost there resurrecting them now. Both run on DC and the one at the rear of the photo just needs a 21pin decoder and various body fittings putting back. Fortunately I have other locos to see “where that bit goes”. The chassis on that one was unrecoverable (Mazak rot round the motor gear fixings) and I managed to adapt the body to fit a supposedly “spares or repairs” Bachmann chassis. Needed a reamer and a 14BA washer to repair. The chassis at the front needed a valve gear repair and seemed ok but cooked a decoder on dcc. Yes, I did check for shorts but it was an intermittent one revealed by dismantling everything (flaky soldering from wheel pickup plate) . It works on dc now and I will fit a decoder after it has run in. I think I will have a break from loco bodging and do some scenic stuff on the layout. As they only stented my heart I am sure it is safe to waft a static grass machine about!
  2. I have never been to Spokane. I think the nearest I have been was Calgary.
  3. Would you have preferred “All afternoon”?
  4. The only time I avoid the M25 is if the live traffic advice advises not using it. Otherwise for en route problems I have learned to trust the sat nav. Aditi has cousins who live in Uxbridge and I have given up driving through Central London or using the North Circular to get there or back.
  5. Happy Birthday, Keith and enjoy your cake.
  6. I was prescribed it once as attempt to reduce nausea. It did work I suppose but only by producing severe vomiting. When I was a child I used to get motion sickness when we went on long journeys but not on the return. Tony
  7. For some reason I was convinced Headcorn was in Cheshire. Aditi said I was probably thinking of Runcorn. Ignorance of Headcorn is odd as I lived in Kent for three years in Canterbury and had friends in Maidstone that we visited. Also Aditi and I have been to loads of NT places in Kent. Wherever I did go in Kent my Dad always seemed to know about it. I think he was stationed there at various times in WW2. He did mention once being dumped in Canterbury and having to get back overnight to Lenham before some early hour in the morning. He was also in a big military hospital but I am not sure where that was.
  8. While sorting through my locos recently to put decoders in I found a few that have etched plates to attach. I noticed some advice not to glue them but to use Blu tack. I was going to use some contact adhesive like Evostik. These are plastic OO locos that live inside not garden live steam. I did look on RMWeb for advice and there was a thread 10 years ago that ended up needing the attention of a forum moderator. What would contributors to this thread suggest? Thanks Tony
  9. My GP brother in law arrived at the surgery one day to find they had a break in. Some office equipment had been taken and someone had injured themself attempting to remove a photocopier. They had left a racist/religious insult written in their blood on the wall. Th police officer commented that he didn’t think this was the work of criminal masterminds.
  10. I haven’t got a Y6B in. 1/48 scale but I do have a Baldwin 2 6 6 2. I occasionally contemplate an outdoor railway. I think the route negotiation would be more complicated than HS2 though.
  11. Some more Hornby inside bits for Douglas. I had forgotten that I had this loco. Putting a decoder in was really easy unlike a Bachmann Midland Compound I did earlier. The "how to remove the tender body" sheet was not at all accurate.
  12. I have been sorting out my locos and found a few that I never got round to putting decoders in. I have some decoders in the post but found one in jam jar with a lot of couplers for coaches. I dont remember putting it there. I think I confirmed it was dead as the loco I tried it in shot backwards, a small flame appeared and a very unpleasant smell wafted towards me. Tony
  13. I don’t think I will Google that.
  14. Last time we shopped for curtains I really thought I was being helpful making suggestions. Aditi told me to go away and look at televisions or kitchen equipment or basically anything. When I came back she had found three fabrics and asked me which one I liked most. Tony
  15. I believe my car is black under the spiderweb and Saharan sand weathering effect. . Interior is clean though.
  16. We had assorted Fords, Vauxhall’s and and a Volvo that all rusted In the late 1990s we got a Renault. That didn’t rust. Since then I don’t think any of our cars have had corrosion problems. Our Ford Fiesta is a 2012 model and is fine. Whatever they do to car bodies now seems to work.
  17. I have had about a metre of track on my computer desk which I used for quickly testing that locos I had programmed at least moved backwards and forwards. with my new PC in place on the desk there was less room and I thought about getting a rolling road . But then I recalled buying one years ago before I had a layout out in the garage i think it was something sold by the US part of Bachmann. As part of the resumption of rail services here I have fitted decoders to a couple of locos and tried them on the new "test track". Here is a nice blue engine.
  18. At least the postage wouldn’t have been excessive.
  19. One of the more common items to be confiscated at airport check ins after the no liquids or gel rules was Marmite. There is a “safe to fly” size I believe. Just so our American readers don’t get confused in the UK, jelly is usually brightly coloured, fruit flavoured cow hoof extract. Vegetarian versions are available!
  20. I got them too the day after some hippo ornaments were posted on Early Risers.
  21. I have had trains running today. Yesterday while putting tools away I thought that the turntable on the layout was in a silly place so I removed the board it was on. I will repurpose it as some sort of engine shed module to play with indoors. The turntable board was replaced with a curve joining fiddle yard sidings which were previously unconnected. I am afraid to mention that there was no precise model engineering. I just connected some flexitrack so it looked right. I haven’t made it too fixed yet as I want to check that mist thing s run. On the main layout I had a Jinty with a few brake vans and a Midland Pullman set available but the Jinty got the job over of making a few laps round the “new” circuit. When tidying the shelf the new track runs along I found a couple of locos I seem to have had hidden behind some wagons. One was a Bachmann Jubilee. I am pretty certain I bought it cheap,on eBay years ago, fitted a decoder and took it out to run and never did. It must have moved when I chipped it but it didn’t move now. I had a look at the wheels and they seemed to have a thick layer of gunge that needed a fibreglass brush. I managed to get it moving but then it started shedding valve gear. All sorted now. I managed to retain enough energy to cut the front lawn before giving up,and sitting down for a cup of tea. However I have been asked to water the new rose and the hanging basket while Aditi watches a webinar about Covid and diet from the Zoe project. Tony
  22. I had a look on their website and they suggest the Crows Lane route for coaches and another route (Hackmans Lane) for cars. I had a look on Google maps streetview and the coach route looks a bit narrow and muddy.
  23. Aditi’s colleague said just because his mother gave birth to him in Haverfordwest didn’t make him Welsh.
  24. Was that the neighbour who mowed your new hedging or the nice ones who supply cake?
  25. Apparently St Davids in Pembrokeshire was a city once, then stopped being one ( it wasn't when we visited) but had its status restored in the 1990s.
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